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With image quality on Extra (otherwise it's blurry) and the texture settings on high with 2x MSAA, I hit 2GB VRAM. Which seems kind of sad since the game is not the best looking
If you are a student with a .edu email, you can get it for $70 from microsoft
I knew i forgot something
Seems like a decent headset for the price
Using a lepai T amp and Dayton B652 speakers. Get really terrible popping/static when turning the volume down. As you can hear, it's really loud. Plugged into onboard audio.
There are some apps that need root or work better with root
are there any free media players or codecs that can play blu-ray?
Started getting graphical glitches in BF3 with new drivers, rolling back to 314.22
The cost of shipping kind of sucks
try playing a game to be sure. I remember being fine in heaven and crashing in BF3
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