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Are there any problems picking up background noise? Or keyboard/mouse clicks, since it'll be on my desk?
i have a keyboard with MX Reds and I barely have to press the key for it to be recognized. and definitely not a significant amount of force.
Well if he means this one: it's only ~55 bucks
Currently I use a pair of Samson SR-850 headphones and a very cheap/generic desktop mic, mostly for gaming (CSGO, BF4, COD). Would the Cloud headset be a worthwhile upgrade or should I just stick a modmic on my current headphones?
With image quality on Extra (otherwise it's blurry) and the texture settings on high with 2x MSAA, I hit 2GB VRAM. Which seems kind of sad since the game is not the best looking
If you are a student with a .edu email, you can get it for $70 from microsoft
I knew i forgot something
Seems like a decent headset for the price
Using a lepai T amp and Dayton B652 speakers. Get really terrible popping/static when turning the volume down. As you can hear, it's really loud. Plugged into onboard audio.
There are some apps that need root or work better with root
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