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[Slippery slope fallacy incoming] Where do we end with measuring external components? You need a power cord to run a system. When discussing with friends and other people, we usually kept it to just the external walls of the case to simplify the measurements and calculations. Counting internal volume brings up questions about whether a frame piece counts or not. Does the thickness of the panels count if we measure internally? If I were to create regulations for a...
I'd say no. Because the limitation of the power brick is that you are stuck to sub-300W systems. Now it has gotten better recently but the limit in power is what keeps it "balanced" Although I could just cheat and use one of these if we don't count it. Info
Correcto!It's my main PC I needed for school and work so I couldn't just spend hours with it off letting it cool down. Also for different times of the day can change the ambient temp a little. That's why I took the max over a 24 run of prime95. I'm sorry it's not fully scientific but it's what I cobbled together during a busy week. I'll redo it this month in a more controlled way if you'd like. Tbh most of the numbers in the pictures are irrelevant but I didn't want it to...
Quite late on this but you know... finals and all that fun stuff... [[SPOILER]]
Posting from phone so I can't link dump it have you looked at any streacom cases? I think the one you'd be interested in is the FC7 evo.
Xeons would be way overkill for a device unless you're doing real time transcoding on the NAS side. I personally love Synology products and the software stack is great. It does have the ability to use UseNet and torrents. If you were interested in them, I'd recommend the DS415+ (not the DS415play). Compact, all-in-one, and has a great support structure behind it.
I'm pretty sure we've accepted cases like that in the past... even if they are massive (disregarding the 4 + 1 config). Just be sure to fill it up with at least 600mm of rads.
He could always use XP with the different software stacks. That won't have any weird instruction sets.
Win 8 will run better on lesser hardware. Tablets are running fine with 1GB. The biggest problem for you will probably be any video that can't be GPU accelerated.
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