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I would go for the Pico 160XT over the HD Plex in your instance. You aren't going to be using tons of power and you want it small. The HD Plex needs room for a separate board whereas the 160XT has it built into the 24 Pin connector.
No Malwarebytes? I use the premium version and it seems to work great. It seems people supplement their AV with Malwarebytes (free) anyways.
How does the PandaBoard compare to the i.MX6 Quad MicroSOM? Link
I am pretty sure the video was meant for people who already know about the RPi. It's to show that you can simply drop this into anything that was already used by a pi and it will fit correctly.Maybe more companies will take it and the RPi will essentially be a standardized form factor.
SourceI'd say it's worth the $40 to $100 for an upgradeable system.
I hope they've fixed their driver problems.
You'll be 100% fine. The G2020T pulls around 28W typical. Max isn't going to be too much higher. The 650 is also a power sipper.
If you want to stress test some of the smaller PSUs like the Pico-PSUs, I own this kit: Link(Un)fortunately, I keep my parts selection in the low wattage area because I like to use the pico. I can grab a Kill-A-Watt and do some stress testing to see how this, semi-modern, commercial kit does.As for AC-DC converters, there are a ton that you can find on eBay (usually for signage). They easily reach into the 500W+ range. Use one of those converters and the PicoPSU-160-Xt and...
Congrats Dyson! It's been a fun ride.
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