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If you can, I'd go with the FC 8 Evo for full silence. It can handle either the 54W or the 35W just fine (up to95W standard parts). If you want to look at the difference between a 35W and a higher amount (65W in this review) check the link: Link
You can use any proc with a 150W psu provided the brick is also up to snuff (and no discrete GPU is in use). That bundled brick should be good. I know you said it may be able to handle more, I would just like to definitively confirm that. That said, an i3 will be plenty for your needs but if you want to save any money, you can use a non-T just fine. Link for a semi-old review comparing a T to a normal chip. Most of the time they power usage just scales with the clock...
Just avoid any ambiguities relating to the "matx" in the tread title I'll just quote the OP. Nothing against you. You're still welcome to discuss SFF here but that case is in no way SFF regardless of what's in it.
So you want something to the effect of this? I don't think there is a way to do it with off the shelf parts without seriously hampering your field of view of the road. Good luck fitting it into a street legal helmet too. Don't want to sound like a total downer but this doesn't seem like something you can just do without some serious engineering involved.
You might possible be able to find one, but then you'd be paying a load of money for a specialized server board with onboard graphics. It'd probably be cheaper to sell the E3 and get a 12x5 model with a standard thin-itx board.
(To start out, a 240Hz TV will still only take in 60Hz through the cable so a really powerful GPU isn't needed). What's your gaming/HTPC split? If you only plan on doing simple, controller based, games on it and use it more as an HTPC, I'd say to get the HDDs. What case are you using?
So Pagan Min is the good guy? I think it's a great alternate ending that's more than "who gets to live and who dies" type endings. It'd be nice if the story expanded from there where you fight on Min's side against the Golden Path.
That's a really broad range of cases. It really depends on what you really want to do with it and what you want to pay. I'd need more information before giving a solid recommendation.
SG08 comes with a PSU (600W). As to coolers, I'd recommend any top down cooler.
Are you buying from the US market? Because even moving north to CA changes your options on what's available. Watch about some of those GPUs because they are quite tall and can interfere with some of these cases. I would get the SG08 because I really like Silverstone's cases although the Node 304 feels really nice. It ultimately boils down to whether you need a DVD/BD drive (SG08) or more HDDs (Node 304). NH-D14 will not fit in pretty much any SFF case (emphasis on SFF...
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