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I thought nvidia forces ODMs to meet temp and noise requirements on their designs?
The 5775c chip alone costs $366.The 5675c costs $276.The X4 860k with the GTX 750 costs $175.
Things like running a whole computer off of a laptop brick or having a case the size of a small lock box is why I care about this end. I just game at 1080p and running these mid ranged models means I can game decently in a more compact size.
I just love their new website address.
The only thing I am excited for in Z170 are the USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C connectors. All the boards this generation are meh and most have a laughable amount of USB ports on the back.
I like that... CrystalUnicorn. Anyone want to go out and buy the ASRock mITX X99 to be a guinea pig? I'd be willing to pitch in for science purposes!
Worst part for me is that they are including the Type C connector but it's still only on USB 2.0 What a waste of a "flagship".
In Intel documentation they state it needs to be implemented in the BIOS. It's not necessarily a hardware thing.
AFOX HD7850 Single Slot [[SPOILER]] They were crazy over-priced ($285).
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