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Have fun wiring your miniFIT-JR pins. Most horrible things ever.
Do you generally use esoteric video formats and/or watch anime (Hi10p)? If not, you can get away with pretty much anything that can hardware decode H.264 (which is almost everything). If you want some future proofing, look for some hardware that can hardware decode H.265. If it can hardware decode it, even things like Raspberry Pi and Rokus can run 1080p just fine. Then you won't need to bulk up as much on the back end. If you are running odd codecs, run the HTPC on a...
ECS isn't a reputable company? It's been around forever. I've used their products before and they are just fine.As for the ASRock specifically, I emailed them and I'll post if there is any response on it.I don't see much difference between the two except that the ASRock is all solid caps and the ECS has a few non-solid caps. Beyond that, the ECS includes HDMI on the board and the ASRock has more USB on the rear panel.I'll reserve my judgement between the two when I hear...
I love how they're moving to the "Home" system that has been in Linux forever. Now if only we could get away from the registry...
Just to clarify, there are two Bitfenix Prodigy cases. The mITX and mATX versions. Those two boards won't fit in the mITX version. They are 1 slot too wide. They are (24.4cm x 19.05cm) and the max size that will fit in the mITX Prodigy (without modding) is 20.3cm x 17cm.Here's the top of the line Supermicro board that's the mITX version of the ones you linked:
Cox is nice. There are caps but they don't do anything and they don't even slow down the speeds.
It's called the HTC M8.
What about this video? It's been going around for a week or so.
I've done fan swaps on these types of PSUs before and they seem to work fine.X2 QuantaxUnfortunately I don't think we'll see it stateside unless Jonsbo or Rosewill take it up.I sent an email to see pricing/availability for the US.
I think it is just switch the H81 chipset tells the CPU (Hey I'm cheap! Limit yourself!). Kind of in the same way H87 tells the CPU that there is no overclocking. Just Intel trying to keep the market segments from overlapping. That said, full 2.0 x16 shouldn't even be a problem for GPUs beyond ~5% performance difference for the next few years.
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