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Blame VAT for that.
The only reason I recommended Intel is because he already has a GTX 660.
What are you talking about?You're saying the 860K is faster than the Intel dual cores which is entirely false.
It's consistently better than the 860k., your cheapest option is to keep your GPU, ram, and PSU, buy an Intel platform, and then get a case of your choice.
If you already have the GPU, you'd be better off buying an Intel system. The single threaded performance will be better for games. You can get a decent proc (G3260) for the same price as the 860K. The mobos are cheaper too. Cheap FM2/FM2+ boards look to start around $75 as opposed to $55 for an 1150 board.
It's only modular at the most technical level of the term. JonnyGuru did a review on it: Link
Where's the OS?
:O You pay for the size.
I figured since you were willing to go atom, you might be OK with using an older gen proc.
Have you thought about maybe usng one of the supermicro mITX boards with an Intel mobile chip? They're the X9SPV series.
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