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I think it is half and half CynicalUnicorn. The point of the old card was both to signal to the proc that SLI was going to be used and to allocate the lanes like a multiplexer. Nowadays, they are separated and the bifurcation signal is taken over by the chipset and the multiplexers built into the board just do the lane allocations. If people are interested in the Ameri-rack models, which would be the most useful? . 1) ARC1-PELY423-C3V3(w/3cm ribbon to face away the...
I didn't know that. Just looked it up and confirmed. Thanks! It might not be as simple as we think (Link).I'm not an EE/CPE major so at this point someone in that field would have to take over.From what it sounds like though, if the chipset supports bifurcation, it should be possible with the Ameri-rack splitter without anything else needed to be modified. I've also seen mention that a bridge chip is required. I messaged Ameri-rack for interest in buying the card (if you...
SG05 pretty much.
That'd require a standard between manufacturers (who remembers the early days of USB 3.0 cases?). Also PCIe is pretty finicky when it comes to signal lanes. That's why most all things that deal with x16 PCIe come in a ribbon form rather than a cable form (there are some adapters from x1 to x16 that use a USB3 cable as a transport).On top of it all, x1 is fairly niche and can already be done with the boards from ECS. There is no incentive to bring it to market and do all...
Bifurcation is the problem. Unless the BIOS can recognize two separate devices coming from the 16 lanes of PCIe, it won't work. If someone wants to try blocking the U39 pin on their 1150 cpu, we can see how the computer reacts to having it manually set. It shouldn't do anything adverse.(Insert here how I am not responsible for what you do with your own chip.)
Good luck getting one.I was in the market for a thin mITX board a while back (Gigabyte MSH61QI for reference) and they said they'd only sell in multiple order quantities.
There is bifurcation documentation in all of the Intel documentation. Some of this is from Xeon e3 stuff because I am lazy and didn't switch the pictures over to the Core documentation (it exists there too ). [[SPOILER]]
Prepare for a $1000 motherboard.
Quite a bit off topic but this "mITX mobo" popped up on my Newegg feed this morning and I just had to share it. I think someone just quit at Newegg. [[SPOILER]]
What does P95 do to that 1U passive cooler? Aren't those usually meant to be used with ultra-powered delta fans?
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