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So a 100L case not using 1L of space inside of it is better than a 13L case not using .5L of it?
I think I'll hold onto my M7 for a little longer. Either wait for the rest of this year's flagships to show up or just wait until the M10 next year. I really want to support you HTC but you're making it difficult to stay with you. I think I'll wait for the first company to make a USB Type-C phone with an SD card and decent specs.
5 slots don't count. Sorry.
Either it means no one is interested in it and nothing will happen, or it means that most of the company is really excited about it and Newell is just messing with us.
Subbed. I'm definitely interested in this.
Especially for one line responses.
Driving a car is something really enjoyable for some people. I love the ability to take a back canyon road and just let loose on it. That said, I like the idea of self driving cars for commutes and road trips.It's not that a lot of people think that machines are somehow inferior (geez everyone knows how bad some drivers are during rush hour) it's just that there are people that enjoy the drive and not just for getting from point A to B.
Jonnyguru has a better review
Yanderes are best -deres~
Here I was expecting an article about how Aerocool is in the custom orders business now. I'm not mad. Just disappointed...
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