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That C7 looks nice for an mITX build.
Do you mean these screws?
A "U" processor and 32GB of ram? Wut.
Are you talking about the SG07/08?
Why is malwarebytes never on these charts? Their pro version does real time protection too.
Probably want to make sure that their position is as necessary as possible. Once you start removing roles from the position, you can start wondering if they're needed at all.
I don't think K12 and Skylake-E are in the exact same market segment.
It's easier to find a flat part of the wall to mod a 120mm mount than it is to accept a longer card. Also the Coolermaster Elite 110.
Disappointed. I was expecting news about a flood in Canada.
The AMD will make more heat. It should overall have better gaming performance though. I'd wait for the socketed Iris Pro chips to come around to see if they're worth it.
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