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They could make it as small as possible but then they'd be limiting options (reads: potential customers). If it is that low, even the stock Intel cooler won't fit.
This is pretty much a Thin-ITX with a full x16 slot. Good luck finding it though. Last time I tried to get a gigabyte B2B board, I was told they only sell in MOQ.
Soldering is fine. Soldering with mini-fit jr. connectors is a horrible, horrible experience. I only game at 1080p/1200p occasionally. Something like a 960 is perfect for my needs. I don't need a ton of power. If I needed more I would just get a HDplex PSU with a 330W 19V brick. I would just use a LED power brick that outputs on 12V. Those can range all the way up to 800W. Regulation is pretty bad but within ATX specifications so it won't kill equipment. I just wouldn't...
I don't actually do any splicing with soldering. I commit PSU heresy by using quite a few splitters and converters to get enough sata connectors (total of 6 from 2) and then have either a two molex to one PCIe 6 pin or single molex to one PCIe 6 pin.The brick I use outputs 192W on 12V so I can play around the 160W limit of the pico-PSU in the system. As long as I'm not trying to run a crazy amount through it, I'll be fine. The pico just passes the 12V line without...
GTX 960 released and Gigabyte is right out of the gate with a 170mm ITX model! Newegg $199.99 I still use a 1200p VGA monitor so I'm glad it has the dual DVI ports. Time to buy one and test it with my pico-PSU.
Multiple tech outlets have already had a hands on with the prototype device and they are liking it. It's still a major prototype but it isn't vaporware.The VergeGizmodo
Because that's not the ATX standard. Unless the committee makes the standard, and OEMs from all sides adopt it, there will almost never be any deviation from the norm.
I like small for the sake of small but I'm sure there are people that care a lot about performance/litre. I'd follow whatever is created for the unique builds that are sure to come out of it. [[SPOILER]]
Any other 1U you'll find will be louder by quite a bit. The EVGA chose to get it as quiet as possible without compromising thermals. Most other 1Us are designed for server racks and care about reliability above all else. You could get a 1U and mod it by either adding in new 40mm fans that are quieter (and run the system hotter) or you could add a larger 80 or 120mm fan to the side and cut a hole in the side of the new PSU. You'd void the warranty but it would keep it...
Most of the delays are in the hands of the carriers. Look how fast GPE phones get updates vs unlocked vs carrier locked.HTC made a great infographic about the process and they're good with keeping their users in the loop of where they are.Link [[SPOILER]]
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