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As for power consumption, I run a 100W A8-3850 and a HD 7790 off of a 160W/192W power brick. The 750Ti uses even less than the 7790 so I would say that you'd be fine with any processor that can fit in mITX anyways. That said, I'd recommend a T or S model for heat properties. As long as you are not overclocking and have the fans of the components directly facing the open air, you'll be fine on cooling even with smaller than 120mm fans. You're going to need to pay attention...
Are you playing 10 bit 1080p? (essentially just anime) If not, you'll be fine. I've tested the proc at work and it handles normal 1080p great. How resource intensive is the fan art stuff? Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
Most SFF cases don't have windows because that is a waste of space and defeats the purpose of SFF in the first place. I'd really say that the ncase M1 is really your best bet for what you want. And they ship internationally. I'd also say to spend some time looking for the EVGA Hadron hydro as that actually has a window.
You could try an Antec Mini Skeleton. I don't know where you'd find one nowadays though. You can also just use a piece of 3mm acrylic if you want to cut it yourself. Aluminium works as well. It depends on what you want it to do. If it is just a base, any slab of anything works well. Attach the motherboard standoffs and some feet and you are good to go.
If you're just doing the streaming, I would say to get a NUC. You can get a completely passive case for it and not have to worry about any sound. An i3 or i5 NUC will be powerful enough for streaming and encoding video files if it can't natively accelerate it by the GPU. The only issue is that you'll have to buy some SO-DIMMs.
That's extreme overkill for an internet machine.
*Looks at username*PS2 generation had the best set of AC games. I'm interested to see how it will play.
You'd probably need those Hydra display adapters for Display port.
How big is your backpack?
I am not sure 100% how to do it on Debian. Try "sudo amdcccle" from the terminal?
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