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Before people start decrying WCCF, Anandtech also made an article on this:
I don't think he is talking about a specific heatsink. He chose them because they're the lowest profile, performance ram. Why buy taller ram that might not work with something in the future?
What? You don't like seeing the same pictures 5 times in a row?
It's 36L with handles. I guess they changed the measurements on their website. I'll correct the original list.If you can afford a custom res, you can afford a SX600-G.
For actual numbers:Corsair 350D: 41.58Caselabs S3: 40.73LFractal Design Define Mini: 40.66LBitfenix Prodigy M (with handles): 36LSilverstone FT03: 32.5LSilverstone TJ08-e: 30.2LBitfenix Prodigy M: 26.35LSilverstone SG10: 23LI was actually expecting it to be the largest. This makes me really question some of the other cases in this thread.
I think they should make computer science (in some form or another) a core requirement for all students. With the way everything is computerized nowadays, at the very least learning scripting in excel would do wonders for people to understand basic logic and reasoning skills. More important than social studies classes like sociology or their like.
I'd probably use tape with less tack than duct tape. I don't want residue on my shiny SSDs.
Do you have room for larger fans? Usually small fans are used because that's the only size that fits.
I used to use but they're dead now. Probably best to make the dimensions of the cube in sketchup and compare that way.You can try this: Link
Can you do mods? Because for what you're asking, it'd be a mATX case with ATX case dimensions. 3.5in external bays are already way outdated on most SFF cases.The easiest way for you to find what you're looking for is to compromise somewhere. Where? That's up to you. You'd probably do best removing your external bay requirements.
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