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Heres mine with a stock FX8350 and a 270X. == Hardware Configuration ================================= GPU: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series CPU: AuthenticAMD AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor Physical Cores: 4 Logical Cores: 8 Physical Memory: 8533757952 Allocatable Memory: 8796092891136 =========================================================== == Configuration ========================================== API: DirectX Scenario: ScenarioAttract.csv User...
Yeah, Ive had my eye on that one too for awhile now.Since it seems like we both like the same type of games...Do you know about any more interesting dark, thriller, horror type games coming out this year?Another one I just heard about that is sounding pretty good is Alien:Isolation
Wow, The Evil Within looks killer... Never even heard of it until now. Thank you, I just found my most anticipated game for this year. really looking forward to Murdered: Soul Suspect pretty cool.
You were right, my balance is now starting to fill up.
Is it normal for my balance on netcode pool to still say 0.000 even after mining for about 24 hours?
I'll give it a try... count me in. Thanks.
Check the fan and make sure its not making the noise.
Can anybody please post some pics of the different HUD size settings?
I agree, this is not going to happen. Once the preorder is out, they will be priced.
Apparently, The confirmed $600 price is false. Don't believe any sources. Originally Posted by Kyle_Bennet "No one here at the event will confirm price." Originally Posted by Kyle_Bennet "I am sitting next to Raja K. right now and showed him the price that is "confirmed" above and he shook his head no."
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