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For some reason this would not work for me, but I found the same option in the Aura software. Under the Independent tab there are options for the RGB when Powered OFF. It was set on "Color cycle" by default and I changed it to the "OFF" setting. Now every thing works like I want with the RGB's off when the system is off but still have the Start button led on like I wanted.
This worked for me, thanks. I just had to turn them back on in the Aura software after, but it works now. The only down side was that it also turned off the start button light too. I don't really plan to keep it like this, but it just bugged me that I did not know how to do it if I ever wanted to.
I know how to turn them on or off, but the problem is the when there turned on or off there always on or off. I want them to come on when the system is booted and turn off when the system is powered down.
I have one of the Hero versions of these boards and when I turn my system off the RGB's on the board stays on. Does any one know if there's a setting to have them on when the system is on and off when its off? I tried a few thing but nothing has worked.
I got to add Alien Isolation too. That game sucks me in every time I play it.
Another vote for Alan Wake.
Have you even received your card yet from Newegg? I placed my order from them as soon as they were available on the 29th and I'm still waiting for mine. It should finally get here tomorrow, but with all this going on now even before I received the card is not making me feel good about keeping it.
Try this program... It lets you change the settings with out having to boot into battlefield.
I just picked up Origins a couple of weeks ago for $5 on Gamersgate, so it has been down to $5 before, so I would wait.
My problem also started when I upgraded to an 280x, it did not happen with my older cards (6950 and 270x). Im running a stock system so I don't think overclocking is causing my problem.
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