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congrats on the northbridge as I haven't heard of anyone getting higher than around 28xx as that is the highest I could ever post at so keep up the good work and yes the Vdrop is the Achilles heel of this board otherwise it is an Awesome board
Well count me out then as when I first started o/c ing steath was what I put in as my comp name and cpuz always put that and since I didnt change it before submitting it count me out, unless you want to take this one in place and sign me up as an Intel owner 4.7 955 BE on an Asus Vdrop Evo
Were's the proof as it was hell for me to get 4.7 even tho I was on a BAD vDROP Asus evo
Got 6.4 GHz yea where's the validation? lol
I'm already a member but sign me up with a couple of new chips as I went to the "darkside" x3450, I3 560
sign me up with a x3450
LOL Well I hated to do it but all I did was go under the setup tab and tell it to download FAH clients and then clicked yes when it asked if I wanted to delete the old ones as they wasn't doing me any good anyway. And that's harsh about the pump
Never mind figured it out lol
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