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Maybe they are taking notice of what happened with the outrage that Ubisoft got for their recent releases and have decided to show "real world" gaming footage instead of studio.
Might finally get to play this if it actually works.
Get ready to enjoy your buffering...
It's really being pushed back because they know that the public will see that it is just Battlefield 4 with a new coat of MsPaint.
Probably thinks he is some internet god while sitting in his small cell next to Bubba.
At least when you get that e-mail asking for $50k or your photo goes to facebook, you can tell that NSA agent to go jump.
Just something to think about getting when you upgrade to DDR4/GTX800/whatever else comes out soon.
At the end of the day it will still blend.
MMO's can work on console, just look at FFXiV. It has a but load of abilities yet plays exceptionally well on controller. It is certainly an avenue Blizzard could take down the track but doesn't seem to be at this time. Maybe they're waiting to see how D3 truly pans out on console.
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