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Looking forward to my free copy of Windows 10. DirectX 12 and Xbox on PC is looking mighty nice.
You would think that the FBI or NSA would of caught these douche bags by now.
I stopped reading when I saw that they used CoD as a test model.
Welcome to another sale that is for the rich. Enjoy BIDDING on the games this time around. This has got to be THE worst sale they have every come up with.
Not many good deals yet. They really need a method to filter out games you already own. Went to the Under $5 list and aside from 3 games all on the first page where from my library >_>
Anyone else notice that at the top for it's game version it states "Retail, Steam" Would of thought that would be "Retail, Origin".
That has to be wrong, everyone knows the American government doesn't have any balls...
If they were painted over, what would the monkeys look at?
Wonder if they'll be doing any deals for those with an old XP install. Would love to dig up my old XP key and give it to MS to ban if it means a free copy of Windows 9.
And in Australia those prices would roughly be:16GB - $600 | 64GB - $900 | 128GB - $1200
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