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Anyone know of a way to improve space flight/fighting or flying around on the planet better with a mouse other than using a gamepad?
Nope, doesn't smoke.
Thats his type of card.
The above image is of my brothers nVidia 670 GPU. He is currently having problems with the fan spinning up like a madman while playing No Man's Sky, so he took the cover off it to clean the dust away and we noticed that on the underside. Not sure what it is but it feels like a grease. Is this some kind of corrosion or something else? Any help would be appreciated.
Waiting to see how much PornHub backs it with.
It's not Bethesda that makes it a great game, it's the modding community that will make it truly shine.
After some searching I found the fix to my problem.Going into Language & Time settings and changing it all to United States then restart and run the Media Creation Tool again.
For me clicking upgrade I just get the "Something Happened" error.
When I load up the Media Creation Tool and click next when selecting upgrade all I get is a message that says "Something Happened" with an option to close the program.
I want the virus from the tv show Between; modify it a little to raise the age limit a little - self preservation and all that, then set it loose and fix ALL of Australia's problems.
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