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This is going to be worse than the $2 for horse armour that started the sale of DLC.
So long as the Aussie price is the same as American and not 3 times higher I don't mind at all.
Incoming Orbital Laser Satellites...
I was going to buy a GTX970 because one of my GTX680's died, but if this is possibly out in a month or so maybe I should wait. Is nVidia cards still better at handling higher resolutions?
To me this constitutes theft by Ubisoft and by all rights Ubisoft should be handing out refunds to the keys they are disabling.
Looking forward to my free copy of Windows 10. DirectX 12 and Xbox on PC is looking mighty nice.
You would think that the FBI or NSA would of caught these douche bags by now.
I stopped reading when I saw that they used CoD as a test model.
Welcome to another sale that is for the rich. Enjoy BIDDING on the games this time around. This has got to be THE worst sale they have every come up with.
Not many good deals yet. They really need a method to filter out games you already own. Went to the Under $5 list and aside from 3 games all on the first page where from my library >_>
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