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I'd like to enter for my 25 year old special needs brother. He just moved into his own place for the first time and is having a hard time adjusting to being on his own. He needs a decent rig that he can use to Skype with family when he's feeling lonely and loves playing simple puzzle games. I'd sneak into his place while at work and hook this up to his TV in the living room while he's at work and surprise him with a Skype video call my me and my patents. He'd be absolutely...
I'll have him let sit overnight before powering up. There was a very small amount under the backplate and when I stuck the paper towel between the block and board it didn't come out wet at all. Better safe than sorry though
I was helping my brother in law add a second GPU into his loop and used an EK terminal bridge. Upon doing the leak test we found a small leak on the top card. We removed the cards and bridge and fixed the leak. We checked and it looked like the top card may have gotten slightly wet. We're setting it sit to dry out before powering it up. My question though is if we can power the computer up with both GPUs installed, but without the power cords plugged into the one that got...
Agreed. Just found time a few months ago to finally play through Infinite after starting multiple times and having to stop for various reasons. It's been years since I played the first two. Played through both of those shortly after their release. I'll probably go back and replay the first two once this is released, but doubt I'll play through infinite again
My wife has been wanting to get into some gaming with me recently and this would be a great rig for her. Count me in please!
all without spoilers nonetheless. Damn near wore out my thumb scrolling so much
Figures the one night I try to listen live there are problems
In please. This would be my first headset if I win
Is that what axipher was referring to with TeamSpeak?I'm nearing the end of previous episodes, currently have about 10 left, and I'm getting depressed that I'll have to wait a week in between episodes. You guys are an absolute riot.
Suppose I would be able to listen to the pre- and post-show. Are those on twitch as well directly before and after the live podcast?
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