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both my mom and dad have the g3 and they love it. One played around with it a bit and it's a very nice phone. I like it much more then my old galaxsy s4 and my wife's s5
I see nothing wrong with those temps at all. I wouldn't bother with 3000rpm fans.
Nice I haven't updated the build log in a while, as you can see. But like I said, all I have left to do is decide how to mount the monitors. And get some good pictures of course, which can be difficult when all you have is a cell phone as your main camera.
Thanks. I'm using two 480mm radiators in push+pull. I need to run load tests to see how the temps compare to idle, but I have high hopes. I'll try to remember to shoot you a message when I get mine complete. The link to the buildlog is in my sig(Project ShadowDesk) if you want to scan through it and subscribe for future updates.
Desk looks amazing. That green really pops. Are you using UV cathodes or LEDs? I'm almost finished with my desk build. Just need to figure out how I'm going to mount the monitor stand. I did fire it up over the weekend and I was very pleased with the temps. CPU and GPUs are both idling about 2-3C over ambient temps.
I could put this in the bedroom media PC(C2D E6700, msi G41TM-E43, 2GB RAM). It currently has a cheap GT210 which struggles with 1080p streaming at times.
I'm definitely close enough to make the drive worth it. Count me IN! PS. Extremely generous giveaway. Kudos to you good sir
So how does anything get power if you there are no visible wires? Windowless side panel? That would defeat the purpose of building an aesthetically pleasing rig.I too would like to see your build if that's how you see things.And I really hope you joined OCN for a reason other than to tell lowfat that you don't like his build.
Just reverse the gravity in the case. Problem solved
Set it on top of a sponge. No screws needed.
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