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How many builds can one man do!? Might as well tag along on this one too
Very cool. Subbed to see where ypu take this already awesome desk build. There is definitely potential here
What size tubing do you need. I might have some extra 7/16" x 5/8" XSPC UV Orange left over after I get my tubing layout figured out, which hopefully is this weekend
I saw that in your log. That's an amazing gesture on his part. Your build is looking nice too, btw
I've heard Brasso does a nice job polishing up copper. Never tried it myself though
umm... the male and female plugs were $1 each, the male pins were $0.20 per 4 pack, the female pins were $0.25 per 4 pack, plus wire and sleeve, both of which I already had. All in all, probably about $10-$15 total, plus about 2 hours of labor. Worth it I'd say. Pretty much just sat in front of the TV and made them, so it's not like it was taking me away from anything else anyway. And yes, Mike(@MCCSolutions) has been nothing but a stand up guy in all my dealings with...
Actually, a lot easier than sleeving the stock modular cables. The main reason being that you don't have double wires to worry about and it's all 1:1, meaning pin 1 on the PSU side go to pin 1 on the mobo side, 2 to 2, 3 to 3, etc etc.I also have the short 1:1 adapter cable for the PSU to extension finished. I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of it yet.On thing to keep in mind with the extensions, if you plan to have a big curve to it, you want to make the...
This.With that high of an ambient temp and 240mm of radiator space, those temps really aren't that out of line. And the fact that Haswell just runs hot, also mentioned by nleksan in his first bullet point
Neither, without additional fittings. They are G1/4 threaded. The first link is a male thread, so it screws into wherever you would put a regular compression fitting or barb. The second link is female threaded so a regular compression fittings or barb screws into that.
Galvanic Corrosion Explored by Martin of Martin's Liquid Lab It's bad news. They don't even have to be touching. Just as long as they are in the same loop and contacting water
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