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I'm not sure. They sent me free samples
It must have because the In-Win D Frame, D-Frame Mini, and S Frame are like that as well
OOOOHH! My mistake. Like the Silverstone FT02. I agree, there should be more cases like that.
Nice bends. Are those press-in threaded inserts? Nice touch. Better choice than rivets IMO
I recognized a few builds, Loramentum and Orange Horizon being others
You mean horizontal motherboard? There have been more popping up recently. Bitfenix has their Prodigy case. CaseLabs has a few. Coolermaster HAF XB. And of course MountainMods, which I believe was one of the first to offer horizontal motherboard trays. Not to mention all the Test Benches too.
If you want to keep price down, don't watercool the RAM, HDD, or Mobo. It's not really needed and is mostly for aesthetic purposes. And if you really want to keep price down, do a custom loop for just the GPUs and throw the CPU in the loop later if you decide to ditch the AIOAlso, this:
Congrats! I guarantee the custom res and mounted screen had a lot to do with that. Nonetheless, a very nice build worthy of recognition. I think I'd prefer to have Lumo for myself though. Dat case and dat paint job
I've been using IC Diamond on my CPU for a while and haven't had any problems(probably about ten or so mounts and removals over the course of ~3 years). Yes, there is the potential to scratch mildly scratch the IHS and copper case of the waterblock if you twist a lot while installing or removing the waterblock/heatsink, but I've noticed no negative side effects from such minor scratches and such. Now if you were planning on running naked(no IHS), then I'd advise against it.
It could be one of those fancy standing desks lol These would probably work beter
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