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well then in that case I say go for the monoblock if it's in the budget
You mean a universal GPU block? Chances are the mounting holes do not line up. And I doubt you'd get as good of temps since CPU blocks generally have much finer microchannels than GPU blocks
I saw go with separate blocks purely for upgrade purposes. If you ever get a new mobo then you have to buy all new blocks for that specific board as opposed to only having to buy just a new mobo block
I checked as well and agree. You should be good to go
It should, but double check Cooling Configurator to be sure.
That was my thought exactly. I figured since my cards now were 1.25GB, at least doubling would be a safe bet.R9 of some kind was my initial thought.
I don't understand why you keep bumping. It sounds like you have your mind set on what you want to do already. I have high doubts that was algae in your loop since you were running X1. I'd put money on plasticizer. Stick with the X1. You will NEVER find an identical replacement for GTs. Especially at the price you want. Coolerguys still sell Gentle Typhoons, so just bite the bullet and grab those. You know in the long run you'll be happy you did.
I recently got my desk build finished and triple monitors all set up and configured. I am still running watercooled GTX470's in SLI overclocked to 800 core and 1800 mem. For single monitor they still work great. When I switch over to triple monitor, some games start to stutter a little. For example, Borderland TPS runs great on high setting on three monitors. In Far Cry 4, however, the background mountains and trees stutter and flicker a little bit even with the lowest...
IN! (if we get preference over which prize box we receive, I'd like box 5, box 4, then box 6, in that order) First time I built a computer I was a freshman in college. I became good friends with the kid that lived across the hall and he ultimately got me real interested in computers. At the time, he had an HSPC Tech Station that I just fell in love with. I though it was so cool being able to see all the individual computer parts. I started saving up and buying one piece...
this is what I do as well. Except I use GDC's instead of the BP valve.
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