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Count me in please. Thanks TCO!
I'd be thrilled with the MODA v2 with reds or browns. Thanks for the opportunity!
That was one of the reasons I picked it up
That's a really nice looking case. I get bored quick too. I think I like building and tinkering more than having a finished build lol Hopefully this case lasts me a while though
I got a got deal on it used from a local member. Ended up paying $60 for the case and slot load DVD drive. Plus, the added fans on the top of the Styx is a plus for added airflow to keep my 290x nice and cool. And it keeps my options open for future upgrades should I ever decide to get a mATX board
Are Styx owners welcome? CPU cooler is being switched out with a Raijintek EreBoss Core Edition once that arrives next week
I'm in please. This was taped to a control board sent into our shop for repair
Ver. 5.12
I upgraded to 8gb x 2 so I really don't have any need for it
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