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Love me some BioShock. Count me in. Thanks
This is the one I was looking at was I was considering a 390. I believe it was the only one that would fit at the time I was looking.
I doubt it would fit. My MSI 290X is advertised as 278 mm, IIRC, and it just barely fits inside the front panel
I really don't understand why Tt would use aluminum for their radiator cores. Bad idea. Aside from that, the rest of the build is coming along very nicely. This is going to be one heck of a build when it's done. Looking forward to it
II have a Bitspower distribution board that has something like 4x 12v headers, 4x 7v headers, and 3x 5v headers that I use to power all my case fans. It also has 4x molex plugs as well, one of which I use to power the light kit.
If I'm at my desk, the cat is on my lap, so I wanted to make sure none of that got into the case. And I've used Demciflex filters before when I had my 700D so don't mind spending a little extra for a quality filter. I might end up replacing the front one as well depending on how that holds up
Good eye. I have a few other pictures and posters to hang too. My office is still a work in progress after being in the house for two years lol other rooms and projects have taken priority. I should be able to get everything hung and how I want it in the next few weeks.
There is a row of hole along the top and bottom which are covered by the magnet
Here you go. Not pre-cut, but it's 3/16" 3:1 ratio for $1.12 per foot. I've bought all my heatshrink from them for all my sleeving projects. Or buy from Lutro0 at Mainframe Customs
I'll post a pic when I get home from work. And yes, all the vent holes are covered. I think there is like one row of holes all the way around that are covered by the magnet, but there aren't any holes that are completely uncovered by either filter or magnet
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