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I would get some 80mm in the back. It helped my case a lot. I also switched the side panels around so the window was on the right side and that vented panel on top. The vent sits right above the GPU which allows some extra heat dissipation. The combination of the rear fans and panel configuration, as well as a slight GPU under clock lowered max temp on my GPU from about 85c to about 70c. I think the CPU cooler is probably fine. I have a downward blowing style coooler as...
Download MSI afterburner. That'll allow you to set and save custom clock and fan speed profiles for the GPU. Also, do you have 80mm fans installed on the rear exhaust? And how are the side panels oriented(where are the venter panels and the windowed panel)? And I think the F1 is similar enough to the V1 to use the same thread. When I looked at it, the only difference I saw was the front panel. Everything else looked pretty much identical
GotchaThis is my first hands on experience with any type of automated fabricating machinery, so I'm still learning how it all works. The contract house that we were using before getting out own machine did have a guy there whose sole job was to write all the code by hand. They tried selling us that code when we bought the machine and seemed completely unaware that there was software out there that writes it for you from a given file. This was not the first time they...
We just bought a turret punch at work that runs off old g and m code. We bought a software called Radan that does exactly what pc-ill said. Takes a CAD file, auto-assigns tools to all the different parts, nests the parts as efficiently as possible, then generates the code for the machine. Granted this software was $12,000, but it makes life so much easier not having to write all the code by hand. There are cheaper alternatives to this software though.
If you are able/willing to ship, I'll take the case and cooler, and pay I'll pay shipping On second thought, I really don't need either. Others would probably get better use out of them. Good luck to all
Count me in please. We just finished getting our first child's nursery ready. I think its pretty cool
How about vertically next to the PSU under the GPU with the plugs facing the front of the case? I think there would be enough room there and it wouldn't interfere with cable management at all.
Congrats on 4 years of fighting the daily battle. I've had a family member succumb to addiction and was not able to get out of the hole. I'd put this in the Living room HTPC. My office area has been turned into temporary storage while we await the arrival of our first child, and my main rig, which was in the middle of a rebuild, has been buried in the clutter
I think your best bet is to make the hole bigger
Congrats! My first will be arriving in February
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