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That's today! Today is Tuesday! The case(s) will be there today because today is Tuesday! I can't wait to see the final product
I'd definitely go face down it's it's pulling air in from outside the case. The bottom is filtered for this reason. Air flow shouldn't be an issue at all since you'll have 80mm fans installed as well
I'll throw my hat in the ring for this. I would put one in each of my two rigs, other than my main gaming rig. One is using an HD 6670 and the other is running a measly gt210
I agree with Ninhalem. You've been doing countersunk the "hole"() time, so why change now.
We have a few of those at work that I was just using a few days ago for some wooden frames I had to build and they work very well. The ones I was using were metal, but I'm sure the plastic ones would work just as well
Make a clock!
Hmm.. Interesting that a 141mm card fits but coolers over 140mm do not. Thanks for the correction though. I wonder if it might be worth it to add a list of higher end cards to the OP that are confirmed to fit as this seems to be a very common question in this thread.
Looks like it will fit length and height wise, but at 51mm, I think it might be too wide. My 290X Gaming 4G is 39mm wide and just barely fits through the front cutout. Width would be the only thing causing an issue. I can measure the width of the cutout when I get home for youBefore buying my 290X I was considering a 390, and at the time the only option was the Gigabyte G1. Not sure if that still holds true since I stopped looking at cards when I got the 290X
No worries, not a waste of time at all. We've all been in similar situations. Glad to helpI don't see any problems with the rest of the parts. And yes, the EVGA Superclocked ACX 2.0 will fit
No, it will not fit. That card is 141mm tall and the case only supports CPU coolers and GPUs under 140mm. You also have to take the added height of the power connectors into account
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