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Andrew checking in
what are your plans for the cables? Leave them bare or sleeve them? I say leave them bare. They already look good and I think sleeving them would distract you from the case itself too much
Hot sauce is the only thing I use anymore. I've used ketchup before, but I think it's too thick. Hot sauce is a lot easier to clean off. And I think hot sauce cleans better too. I generally fill the entire water channel with hot sauce and let it soak for about an hour then scrub with a toothbrush and the blocks come out very clean.
Now that would have been ridiculous lol
Plasticizer maybe?
Loop order doesn't make a difference in performance as water temperature equalizes throughout the entire loop over time. The only thing that matters is that the pump is directly after the reservoir
In other news, my fiance and I exchanged gifts tonight. She got me something for the desk area
Thanks mAs81
Pretty much on hold until after my wedding this weekend. The loop is all installed and successfully leak tested. Last thing to do is mount the monitors and power it on. But that probably won't happen until after we get back from the honeymoon.
i have an extra one laying around that i can try with if you can wait until tomorrow evening
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