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Agreed. Prior to this most recent rebuild, I always used a silver coil, distilled water from the local grocery store, and some Mayhem's Orange dye without any prolems. This time I switched to PT Nuke, so we'll see if that changes anything.
I know people generally scoff at it, but I've been using XSPC High Flex since my first loop almost 5 years ago and have never had a plasticizer problem.
I would. EK is usually toward the top in terms of performance. Just make sure it fits your card before you buy. Use EK's CoolingConfigurator
hmm... I'd say larger 15/32" Seriously though, I only use 7/16" x 5/8" for soft tube. It has that perfect combination of wall thickness and bend radius.Also, I'm not sure they made a Full Coverage block for the GTX 660, and if they did they'd probably be a little hard to find since they'd be EOL by now. You do have the option of a Universal block, which only cools the core. Then you would need to add little heatsinks to the VRAM and VRM modules.
In theory it would be fine since that's the same thing Asus does/did with their motherboard with the build in mobo cooling. My only concern with it being a fitting is that they are handled a lot more and there would be a high risk of chipping or scratching through the anodized coating exposing bare aluminum leading to galvanic corrosion. IMO, not worth it. There are plenty of white fittings out there and there are even a few copper choices as well.
or the top to the right to also run in parallel.
I understand that they can't exchange for the same one, but could you exchange for something comparable? HWL Nemesis GTX maybe?
Must have just been the angle and glare. It looks fine in that pic
Looks to be a pretty bad kink on the left tube on the CPU block
Sounds like both of these cases the rad was damaged prior to being packaged by XSPC.I understand dishing out that kind of money only to get something not in pristine condition. It sounds like your supplier is going to honor a return but they are out of the same rad. Could you exchange it for something different, or does it have to be the exact same model? If so, what would be your exchange choices?
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