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Intake is generally prefered for best performance, but I like to run my radiators as exhaust to limit dust build up.
I don't order from Amazon enough to make buying Prime worth it. And if I really need too, I can use my brother's Prime
1. You are correct about the pump connector, it plugs into the cpu header. The two radiator fans can go on any motherboard headers as well. Those two could even go on the y-splitter if that makes it easier. 2. Yes, using an y-splitter off one of the motherboard headers should be fine. Or, also like you said, you could run one or multiple fans off molex to fan header adapters if you don't mind that fan running at full speed.
That's why you lose so much weight, you can't keep anything in you lol
The only experience with Primochill coolant is seeing a bottle where the dye and completely separated out and looked like blue curdled milk sitting on the bottom of the bottleOnly makes sense if you have the money to buy a new card. That's the reason I've still stuck with SLI GTX 470's
Have the fans however you want. That's just my suggestion
Very much so! Thanks for the response. I'll have to give it a shot once I get everything up and running again.
I am stuck in the stone age running SLI GTX470's cooled with EK full cover blocks. I'd really like to upgrade, but it just isn't in the budget right now. I currently have three monitors available for use, 2x Asus 24" 1920x1080 and 1x Samsung 25" 1920x1200. My idea was to put the Samsung in the center and have the two Asus monitors on either side of it. Haven't decided if I will put the two Asus in portrait or landscape yet, but I'm leaning toward landscape. So I am...
Build a case? Like from scratch? Make sure you check out the Scratch Case club link in my sig
The air from the radiator will not be hot, it will be warm, but not enough to cause any problems. The majority of people use their radiators as intakes because then you are supplying the radiator with the cool air from outside the case. And the rear exhaust will help remove the warm radiator air. You'd probably see about a 2C difference between radiator as intake vs exhaust. So if that slight increase in temps using exhaust doesn't bother you, then that works too. If you...
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