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Another vote for the S Frame. Although I would like to see what you could do with something like the 904
I use black EK-PSC angle adapters, which look very similar to the EK-AF adapters. Only difference I see is the rotary part on the new ones have only vertical knurles whereas the PSC have the crisscross. The finish on the PSC fittings match my BP black fittings almost perfect and disregarding the BP logo, it's hard to tell them apart without close inspection
I wonder when that happened? I just went to place an order and there was no checkout button. Has something happened to them? /s
For two cards, there is marginal difference between series and parallel. It's only when you get into three and four cards that it makes a difference. I can't remember for certain, but I think parallel is better for three cards, and for four, semi-parallel is the go to method(cards 1 and 2, 3 and 4 in parallel, the series between 2 and 3, I believe). I'd wait for confirmation from someone that runs more than two cards though. I also run parallel for two cards purely out of...
This would really be your only option other than having the pump and radiator fans on a separate PSU that you manually turn on and off as you see fit. Although, I really don't see the point of continuing to run the cooling loop after shutting down. The PC is no longer producing heat at that point and shouldn't be any risk of damaging anything as long as temps are in check prior to shutdown.
If you plan on going with a full custom loop down the road why not go with something expandable like the Swiftech H220X?
I think you can set it up in the BIOS to shut down the computer if CPU_FAN RPM gets to low or completely stops, or if the CPU temp gets too high. If not then I've even more sure you can do that with SpeedFan. But if you still want a physical controller to do that, I think an Aquero is probably your only option.
This. Should have added that in there.
AFAIK, there are no major watercooling gear manufacturer that makes Aluminum radiators for CUSTOM loops. Most, if not all, AIO/CLC units use aluminum radiators. Thermaltake uses an aluminum radiator in their H220X-esque kit
Nooo! Rads need to NOT be aluminum. You want copper/brass radiators. Pretty much any radiator from a well known manufacturer(EK, XSPC, Alphacool, HardwareLabs, etc). For pump, go with either a D5(MCP655) or DDC(MCP35x, MCP50x)
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