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thanks. I'll be working on this a lot this weekend since the fiance will be working. Tomorrow morning I'll be starting with pinning the GPU cables
Yup, been rocking the orange since day 1. I think I only saw a handful of other orange builds when I built my first loop. They're all over the place now Ps. I love your Aldri build. The paint job on that case is amazing
making some progress on my desk build
tried taking a picture with my surface pro 3. not too bad
Thanks man I put the mobo in temporarily to take some measurements and cut the tubes and I must say, it looks really nice in there. I can't get any pictures right now, but Ill try to get some tonight.I got the rest of the fan filters mounted, both pumps mounted with IN and OUT tubes run, and PSU mounted. I have both GPU power cables cut to length so tomorrow I will put the new pins on, maybe tonight if I'm feeling up to it.I've been getting frustrated with not being able...
Not true. You do run the pump when you bleed the air out. That's the point of bleeding. Without running the pump the air will stay in the loop. Now it will bleed out over time as the pump is running, but you will need to keep topping off the res until all the air is out. That's why you bleed, to get the air.But I'm also curious as you why you want to flip the case upside down? With a AIO unit, it wouldn't be an issue since it's a closed loop and has no air. Using a custom...
Thanks guys. Just bought some new 3mm LEDs off eBay since I couldn't find my other bag last night. Those should be here Monday or Tuesday. While I'm waiting I'm going to get the GPU power cables cut to length and resleeved. I will also be working on cable management as I go so it's not a huge task at the end.
I got both reservoirs, radiators, power buttons, and fan controller mounted tonight
Any updates?
Send them an email. I know you can mix Mayhem dyes with other Mayhems products without any negative consequences, but not sure about Feser.
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