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I assume he means just fans and no radiator since he didn't mention radiator with his question. I do agree though, that neither size radiator would fit up front. If it's just fans, I think it might work. I no longer have this case so I can't check for certain though
I did a test fit just by holding 2 120mm fan on the front of the case and it looked like it might be possible but might need some slight modding. 2 140mm fans on the other hand, not a chance. Lol, "terror byte" I like that.
Yeah, that PSU was bought before we knew this build was going down this road. It was originally a budget build with a 750ti to be used for moderate gaming. I've used EVGA units in other builds without problems so was leaning toward that should he decide on a new unit. We'll have to see what kind of budget he has in mind for a replacement, but we'll definitely consider the G2. Thanks Duality
Hello again guys. I'm helping my brother-in-law(@cub3man) add a second GTX 970 to his water cooled build and am a little worried about his PSU being under powered. Right now he thinks he has a 600W PSU, but is going to double check and the make/model when he gets home from work this evening. As it stands PCPP is calculating 583W, not including the 18W DDC pump, for the build after the GPU upgrade. I think that's cutting it a little close but want to check with you fine...
Yup, I did this as well. No issues at all. You have to remove the 200mm fan to install the radiator, but there weren't any fitment issues. You can see the 200mm fan behind the radiator in this picture. I had a 120mm fan installed on the radiator as well for some push-pull action and it worked well. A little tight running the 24-pin cable, but I made it workThe warning may be more for card length and width fitting in the case since I don't see how an AIO would affect the...
I had two slim Silverstone fans installed on the side panel near the HDD brackets and they fit fine. I think I may have had to use washers to keep the screws from sliding through but I can't remember for certain. If you remove the brackets completely I think you could probably fit a standard 25mm thick 120mm fan there without a problem. I no longer have this case though so I can't test that theory or help with your other questions though
I have a Silverstone strider platinum 550w in my Styx build. Perfect size that doesn't interfere with the GPU at all and plenty of power
Woo! Styx bro! I love this case. If there was a full cover water block made for my GPU I'd absolutely water cool as well. Great looking build you have there BTW
On thing you could try is taking the window off and replacing it with some kind of mesh panel.
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