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r/hardwareswap would be a good place to check too. Usually some pretty good deals to be had there. But it has a pretty quick turnaround, so you have to be ready to buy
I've since sold this case and filters, but I found my order from Performance-PCs. These are the ones I ordered. According to the product page they're 9.5" x 5"
I'd assume it's the same, buy my Styx has a white LED that flashes red on half for HDD activity
The Rosewill Neutron is kind of similar. Had the horizontal motherboard mount and a lot of fan mounting options. And it had a window on the GPU side to show it off. It looks to be a bit larger than the Phenom and Prodigy though
I really like the Raijintek Metis. I have the big brother mATX version of that case, the Styx, only reason being my GPU is like 10mm too long for the Metis.
Heck of a deal there. I just sold my black 32gb for $220 about a month ago
Thanks. I think I'm just going to grab a G1840 from MicroCenter for $35. Unless I can get something cheaper on eBay, which from what I'm seeing is unlikely
I have a motherboard with some bent pins that i want to try and repair but don't want to put my 4670k in it and risk damage. The cheaper the better.
I have a bunch. I think they're big enough to fit a full size ATX motherboard. I'll check today. What's your zip code so I can check shipping cost.
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