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@Lutro0 is US based. I'd maybe send him a PM on here and see if he can do anything for you. I think Ensourced might be US Based as well(at least that's my assumption because it says "free shipping on all cable orders within the US")
Not sure how to explain better than what's already there. The two most popular in the custom PC world is paracord and MDPC(and things similar to MDPC like Lutro0 Teleios, Kobra, Techflex, etc). Paracord has the same look and feel as most shoe laces. Soft, fuzzy, and very flexible. MDPC is more of a stiff plastic, like what is around most power supply 24-pin connector bundle. It's a little stiffer but holds its shape very well. I've used both MDPC and Paracord and much...
The predrilled holes are for 3mm LEDs
this. in my old build i had a EK terminal block like that but when i got a new mobo the pci slot spacing was different so i connected them with sli links instead
Keep in mind that the new HWL Nemesis is still has a somewhat high FPI at 16FPI, so medium speed fans(1000-1500RPM) would probably be a safe bet.
I like the new wrinkle style finish, but if I already had other rads with a smooth finish, be it matte or gloss, I would prefer the matte finish as well.
Personally, I would change the fittings to either XSPC, Bitspower, or EK. I haven't really heard a whole lot of good things about Alphacool fittings. Apparently the finish on them is really bad and look like they were drug through a gravel parking lot. And I've seen quite a few posts complaining about leaking. And also change the tubing to Primochill Advanced LRT. Other than those two things, it looks good. What about fans?
That is absolutely beautiful. All the orange matches so well. Great work
Any male to male threaded adapter would work. They are various ones available from different manufacturers
This. I found a really easy guide too. CLICK HEREBrian, I have heard of other having the same issue and in most cases the caps are able to be removed without effecting any performance. But I would wait for someone else, who possibly has that same PSU, to chime in with a more sure answer
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