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The Gigabyte G1 R9 390 is what I was actually looking into when I was considering a 390, but found a good deal on my 290X so went that route as well. That specific 390 is voltage locked though, but that may or may not matter to you.
I picked up an MSI 290X 4G off eBay for $250 after shipping. It just barely fits into my Thermaltake Core V1
The front audio/USB/power button thing is actually below the hole for the GPU so it won't be an issue.I also discovered that an MSI R9 290X 4G just barely fits in the case. I have a few mm to spare on length and it's damn near touching the edge of the cutout. Making every mm count
What, no pics?
My dog actually loves mine. She tries to "catch" the air that's hitting her in the face. But she also plays with the vacuum too. Only dog I've ever met that plays with the vacuum rather than running from it
Decommissioned my desk build, but I always enjoying watching a good desk build come together, and this definitely has potential. One cautionary note on the design though. The thickness of the desk(6.5") might need to increase a tad. I had to make mine about 8" to accommodate this height of the GPU and GPU power cables
IIRC, each activation code is good for 5 activations, so you should be able to use the same key for both systems
285mm. That's what it says on their website. I even took a tape measure to it myself because I didn't believe it and it measure just under 11.5", which is about 290mm, so I could definitely see a 285mm card fitting. It just might be touching the inside of the front bezel. And for the 4 drives, it has to be 2 ssd and 2 hdd. The ssd installs in the inside of the bracket facing the motherboard and the hdd gets installed on the outside facing away from the motherboard. The...
According to Tt's website, it can fit a card up to 285mm long if you make use of the cutout in the front, so you should have about 5mm to spare. My 290x should be here Friday, and that's 275mm, so we'll see how that fits.Also, very clever mounting the ssd behind the hdd like that. I'm sure they planned that when they designed it that way, but first time I'm seeing it. I'm only using an ssd internally then have an external raid box for storage, but good to know down the...
Picked up an MSI Gaming 4G 290x last night. Should be here either late this week or early next week. I'm really hoping I have it by the weekend though.
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