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well obviously an i5 will score higher than an i3. The real question is do you need an i5? What's going to be the main purpose of this build? And I really wouldn't use the windows index score as a good benchmark for anything. If gaming is your main concern, just type into Google "i3 4170 vs i5 xxxx gaming" and see what comes up. But a lot of the newest games require a quad core but I've seen some people running said games on a g3258 dual core
Looks really nice @matt2950. I ditched my old watercooled build to downsize to this case and have been getting the itch to WC again. Seeing your build makes me want to scratch that itch even more. What radiator are you using in the front?Looks fine to me. Only thing I'd change is adding an SSD. 120/128GB is more than enough for OS, main programs, and a few games. And with as low as SSD's are getting now, I don't see any reason not to have one
I'm pretty sure the only difference between the EVO and non-EVO is the fan. I have the non-EVO and it works just fine.
the only thing that would hang over the slots is the fan. But that can be moved so that its on the other side, away from the RAM slots
I've used a Coolermaster TX3 and it kept my 4670k surprising cool and stayed pretty quiet
Thanks for the hint. FYI,the something happens with the forum drop down menunas well. At least with that though it takes you to a list of the forums, so not a big of an issue as the avatar menu
An update on a comment I made earlier about tablet usage. With the new style putting the PMs and Subscriptions menu in a mouseover menu on the avatar in the corner, I can't get to that menu without a tap and hold, which is essentially a right click. I then have to close the right clock menu to click on subscriptions. Or I have to tap on the avatar, which takes me to my profile page and the mouseover menu remains open, then I click subscriptions. Either way, it's still a...
I agree. It's not like they're short on space up there, so why hide it.I'm on an actual desktop now, so hovering over items with the mouse isn't a huge deal ATM, but I'm interested to see how everything behaves when I'm on my MS Surface
I'm kind of in the middle on the new layout. There are things a like and things I don't like. I do agree with other that it doesn't quite feel done. It's almost like a halfway point. There are elements of a new style combined with elements of the old style. I do like the fixed navigation pane at the top so I don't have to scroll back to the top every time I want to get back to my subscriptions. That being said, I don't like having to click on/hover over the avatar to get...
That is completely wrong. AIO water cooler like the h90i you have perform about the same as a high end air cooler like the Noctua NH-D14. I am getting the same temps on my Enermax ETD-T60 as I was on a Corsair H55 at 4GHz. So to say that "you HAVE to go liquid" to overclock is 100% wrong. There are plenty of great air coolers that will yield comparable temperatures to AIO liquid coolers for less than or equal to the same price
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