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I ultimately decided to make a Witch Doctor, and I'm reeeeeally glad that I did. The abilities are incredible, and I roll around with my own personal army consisting of four dogs, a gargantuan, occasional fetishes, my companion, and the guest character (if there is one) Not to mention, I maaaaaaaaay have a few sockets, and they maaaaay be filled with royal topazes, so I maaaaaaaaay be able to roll through T2 no problem
Actually really disappointed. Like, pokemon (for me) seem to only exist near the Googleplex. I live in a topographically diverse area (canyons, beaches, marshes, urban areas) and my area doesn't actually have anything. I think it's stupid that google released their April Fool's joke when it's still March 31 at the Googleplex, and most of the world. It was a cool idea. Thanks for messing it up, Google.
I'm going to create another character, and I'm having trouble deciding what I should do. I'm stuck between Monk, Wizard and Witch Doctor. My first 70 was a demon hunter, and now I want to try something different. I'm considering attack aesthetics, armor/character aesthetics, DPS output, survivability... it's a tough decision =/ Witch Doctor: Pros: Awesome attack styles/animations Seem to be an uncommon class Good support class I already have the plans for...
So I guess they've changed the rules a little bit? Playing on T1 in the high heavens and Nekarat the Keywarden just dropped these for me, even though I didn't have the required stacks of nephalem something-or-other...
Master was getting too easy so I've decided to up the voltage and do my bounties in T1. Are the rewards that much better? Has anyone else done the transition?
I just realized how much I paid to change that level reduction... welp, there's one Forgotten Soul and a Death's Breath down the drain. Just for 33% extra gold find
Just found a really interesting set of pants. I have two problems: 1. I don't need level reduction 2. I don't know how I feel about my character using pants-borne stench as a defense mechanism
What is it that you don't like about the campaign? I honestly thought it was pretty good =/But there was definitely a hiccup in the level design, especially with respect to the spaciousness of certain sub-dungeons. As a demon hunter I have comparatively few options for avoiding the arcane/plagued/waller/ice pulse/vortex (all at the same time) bosses, one of which is running around. I found throughout most of the game that that wasn't possible, so I just kinda spammed...
I don't think I've ever done anything so annoying. It took me about ten minutes to get all four. At the end, Kormac was like "CAN WE FIND MORE LIKE THA-" EDIT: And a few minutes later... but this guy wasn't even that difficult. I got him into his unprotected form, then hammered him with cluster arrows - couldn't have taken more than two minutes.
Soooo.... this is the reason you should loot everything in the game. Seriously just got it from some Loose Stones
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