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Hiya! I have both an MSI GTX 670 and an XFX Radeon 6670, and I use an HP x2301 monitor. I've been having a problem where I'll be using the computer and then the display signal suddenly cuts out (the monitor goes into signal search mode, and finds nothing). I find that this problem is common to the DVI ports on both cards (even after switching cable ends), but nonexistent when I use the 6670's VGA. I'm wondering whether the problem I'm having is with the monitor, the...
I'm not nearly as disturbed about the games as I am about the novels. There are so many good books which expand upon the Star Wars canon, and now they're nothing
Has anybody else had any success farming Chiltara for the Gibbering Gemstone? I've done about ten runs, seen Chiltara twice, and had no drops. Apparently her drop rate is broken, and Blizzard knows about it... but isn't doing anything.
I ultimately decided to make a Witch Doctor, and I'm reeeeeally glad that I did. The abilities are incredible, and I roll around with my own personal army consisting of four dogs, a gargantuan, occasional fetishes, my companion, and the guest character (if there is one) Not to mention, I maaaaaaaaay have a few sockets, and they maaaaay be filled with royal topazes, so I maaaaaaaaay be able to roll through T2 no problem
Actually really disappointed. Like, pokemon (for me) seem to only exist near the Googleplex. I live in a topographically diverse area (canyons, beaches, marshes, urban areas) and my area doesn't actually have anything. I think it's stupid that google released their April Fool's joke when it's still March 31 at the Googleplex, and most of the world. It was a cool idea. Thanks for messing it up, Google.
I'm going to create another character, and I'm having trouble deciding what I should do. I'm stuck between Monk, Wizard and Witch Doctor. My first 70 was a demon hunter, and now I want to try something different. I'm considering attack aesthetics, armor/character aesthetics, DPS output, survivability... it's a tough decision =/ Witch Doctor: Pros: Awesome attack styles/animations Seem to be an uncommon class Good support class I already have the plans for...
So I guess they've changed the rules a little bit? Playing on T1 in the high heavens and Nekarat the Keywarden just dropped these for me, even though I didn't have the required stacks of nephalem something-or-other...
Master was getting too easy so I've decided to up the voltage and do my bounties in T1. Are the rewards that much better? Has anyone else done the transition?
I just realized how much I paid to change that level reduction... welp, there's one Forgotten Soul and a Death's Breath down the drain. Just for 33% extra gold find
Just found a really interesting set of pants. I have two problems: 1. I don't need level reduction 2. I don't know how I feel about my character using pants-borne stench as a defense mechanism
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