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Same here.I hardly go to General Forums anymore... Plenty of nice threads to follow inside the Sub forum.We did get a few new arrivals recently, some misbehaved, but actually assimilated in the span of a week or so.We like our civility there, and we try our best to enforce it. Think CIG will hand out tiny cosmetic present for Xmast ?If anything a long ocean blue dress with traces of sky-blue in it would be awesome for my female character. As for my male, seeing he's the...
I never thought about it like that... but a Luxury yacht doing exploring ?That sounds really good. Might have to look into that once we know what is required to be a good explorer.
I think that should also be togettable, kinda like difficulty modes.Easy = PvP slider all the way down.Normal = PvP from middle - to - fullHard = Un-chek the "Balanced Encounters" button (with a pop-up that you do so at your own risks)
Damn... I knew it was too good to be true. Going to keep my current Hornet's look then. It started growing on me anyways.
This is the second time I hear this today... Paint me intrigued, and will be paying attention to SC a bit more this week-end.
I must admit it is tempting. Too bad I'm starved for free time and I already committed in the 127th Angry Angels.But we'll see. Might be worth a join (as secret identity thing) later down the road. Especially if I manage to get a "Spy-Plane" out of my Freelancer
I am personally hoping for a SR71 variant for the Freelancer somewhere down the road. That'll be something glorious to upgrade to... If not, I shall endeavor to make that happen in-game sometime. Other than that, everytime a variant showed it's head out, I upgraded my base ship to it. Aurora LN, 315p, Super-Hornet... Looking forward for more. It's great super-specializing the ships like that !
As soon as we have persistence, I will move them back to the wings.( And put the wing lasers back to the turret... Or change them to mass drivers anyways. )I agree those chaingun dont belong on that turret... yuk.
What I wonder with LTI is this : Supposed we have passed the Cut-off point and no new ships get LTI anymore. Then say the offer Starfarer / Constellation variants, with upgrade possibilities... Do the upgraded ship lose LTI or not ?
That's what I keep telling myself everytime something new comes around... Oh well, it's for a good cause
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