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I noticed for a long time the model ZXR of Creative but i have no idea about its performance and quality compared to Essence STX II. im asking if Zxr is competitive with Essence. My primary using is gaming obviously then the SBX Pro and the needing of no power cable make the ZXR an attractive card for me.
Many people talk bad about Creative drivers, but why ? Compared to the Asus driver support, Creative is worst ? But someone says the reverse ( Asus < Creative ), then im asking myself what is better ???? ...... I want to buy ZxR but i worry about it.
E11 enough to driver Q701 ? i dont think
sounds of the games will not reproduced not so good ? Games use compressed format of their audio tracks, and HiFi products tends to evidents the tracks defects, so tends to sounds bad.
What is the less analitycs headphone between Fidelio X2 and Sennheiser 598 ????
i know ZXR can driver 598, but i want know if sounds good ZXR is not Z or ZX, you can set the amp gain.
Someone can reccomend me the couple of Sennheiser 598 and ZXR ???? Sounds good ? Volume easy to drive ?
As soon as I looked at the HiFi world with the Fidelio X2 the first thing that appeared to me than any other products I had before was the fact that defects of the audio tracks tablets or very poor quality were emphasized much more so mark each single defect. But to avoid this, what i should to use ? A less detailed headset? With the high end speakers instead type the Audioengine the situation would be exactly the same or change anything? Thank You
if i want to buy a Fiio E10K ( USB DAC / amp ) and i want to plug it to the USB port of my keyboard the signal ( that is a digital signal, not analog ) can be deteriorated ? USB of my keyboard is not an HUB, my Corsair K60 have a dedicated cable for that port, not together to input cable.
I contact Creative too and they said me the ZXR give 25mW( not 275 ) in High Gain and 70mW in Normal gain with 32ohm.i dont know where you take these values.
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