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Another epic fail by AMD .... sure !
Are you sure ? I saw with 24 cars frame rate got huge drop yes 1080p
I have i5 4670K@default and GTX 770 DirectCu II and 8GB of RAM, this Rig is enough to play 60fps costant with Ultra settings in all tracks in this games ? Also in MP mode ?
i had more of one rig in this years ( 3-4 rig sully different ) and everytimes different OS ( winXp, WinVista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1 now, and all original ISO )
Boot order now is the DVD Drive for first, and the SSD for second ....... no other HDD appair in the boot section. The Sata connections is : SATA_1 - SSD SATA_2 - secondary HDD SATA_3 - Optical device NO OTHERS OS INSTALLED IN THE SECONDARY HDD
What do you means ?order in BIOS or Sata connector numbers ?
There's one problem that i think afflicts you almost once in your life. When you decide to formatt your primary HDD and to reinstall Windows, if you have one of more secondary HDD ( usually detected with letter D and up ) linked, you can have some problems after Windows installed. For example the secondary HDD can be not detected in "myPC", or if you remove it the OS cant run showing error message where you can see about files missing or enter in the BIOS continuosly...
smooth gaming = 60fps costant ! this game is far to it
with a single 780 or 780Ti how many fps make all you and what setting use ?
AMD ................. ever more fail
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