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help ?
Excuse me guys .... What is better between a semple Creative Z and the last ROG integrated Asus sound ( the SupremeFX S1220 ) ?
Hi guys What is better between these two as multimedia purpose ? Now i have an Asus Essence STX II, but an Apogee should be great for me to remove a card from my PC case and able me to switch motherboard format. But i dont want loss audio quality, better if i gain. The Apogee is good as STX II as sound quality ? What is more unforgive as track defects revealing ?
Hi guys What is actually the quitest AIO in the market as 240mm solution ? Specially as pump noise but also the fans included. Fractal and Be Quiet! ? Or other ?
hi guys i dont like to see the front dust filter of my 650D, on the light i can see always the halos of the dust filter trought the front mesh. Is possible to replace the front panel with others ?
Hi guys what is the best low profile cooler ? Possibly with max height to 130mm I saw only Thermalright AXP200, Cryorig C1 and Noctua U9S as possible solution, whats you reccomend me ?
I have still not bought the item I see the restrictions of O10, so I'm evaluating.
anyone ?
I saw12° difference with a mid-end CPU.And actual CPU are still warmer
With my i5 4670K previusly i had H60 and the temp was high over 90° ( radiator and tubes was very hot ) with Prime95 and fans setted to max rpm, in August.Switching with U14S few days after instead the temp was around 70° or just little more ever with Prime95 with the fan at less than 400rpm. So ... also with high Tamb is possible to keep cold the CPU.My case is Corsair 650D with stock fans.
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