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another owners ?
Ok but with 1.1 now is good ? Without problems ? What kind of issues have you found with 1.2 bios ?
the project is the cables removing in my desk.
ok but if my router's signal is strong and the receiver is good ..... the classic interferences should not be unfluent ?My thought is to accumulate high positive gap to get the connection immune to interference effects.
no, it was only and example over my signal quality situation
Excuse me what are you meaning ?what means dont have p-state overclocking ?
Ok but i never can be any warranty about ? Actually in the room the my notebook connected in wifi mode is always with 5 notches, and my router is not at max signal power and the wifi module of the notebook i think cant be soo good.
"no other interference" what means ?
Hi guys i want to buy the top of the wifi card in the market .... the Asus PCE AC88, to use together my Netgear D7000 in the same room ( no walls behind ) with 5Ghz connection and AC protocol. I want to know if this solution can give me the same connection quality compared to the cable, a solid granitic and stable connection with the SAME PING. This is possible ? Or the ping will be highter ?
ok but im looking for a mATX card and i have a sound card Asus STX II ( the best of the market ). My concern is the Realtek LAN adapter, can i have performance problem with it ? Before i had Intel LAN with Z87 Maximus hero.
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