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anyone ?
Hey guys, the ethernet protection (RJ45) that you can find in some UPS degrades the connection (speed and ping)? Same things about RJ11 protection ?
Only 190 patetic Watt of TDP ? CRAP GPU ! Nvidia should use all the actual TDP limits.
What kind of wave provides the Eaton Ellipse PRO ? Pure sinewave or approximate ? I search many documents and i looked for on google but nothing, and the Eaton assistance dont answer me. Its important.
I have an Edifier S330D, but now i'm looking for a good UPS but with only IEC connectors while my audio system use the european connector so ..... i need an adapter to convert this european connector to IEC connector. Using this adapter i' got a decreasing of sound quality ? I know that in hi-fi world are used very expensive power cable to have a good audio quality, and everytimes try to got a minor numbers of contacts.
can u notice buzzs from UPS when run normally ( not in battery mode ) ?
Ok but before this beep can i notice something about the UPS or current behavior ? I want to buy an Eaton Ellipse Pro or Ellipse Eco 1200VA
Hi Guys, i have some questions for the experts. - How often can i often the battery of UPS ? - And what effects can i see when need to be changed ? - How do i know when will be the moment to be changed ? ( drop tension ? current interruptions ? disturbs ? what else ? ............... )
i think will be another flop product like the last SSD
help ?
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