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Excuse me guys. I found recently a new model of Dell, the UP2516D. What i want to know is ..... what is this model in comparison with the older U2515H 1) UP2516 is an evolution or superior level product compared to the U2515 ? 2) Or it is a parallel product for different purpose ? 3) I read something about U2516 to have less input lag of U2515H, is it true ? Anyone here have one or both these products ? Can you give me a feedback ? Specially their defects. Thank you
anyone ?
help ?
Excuse me guysI have some question for you about these products.Anyone have one of these model to give me a personal feedback ?Thank you
have u coil whine with Strix Advance A8G ?
Anyone can say me if the EVGA product ( SC or FTW ) suffers to a particular coil whine problem ? More than other brands ? Control quality issue or simply a diffusion questions ? You can recommend me an EVGA product or better choose another brand ? FTW more problems than ACX and SC ?
yes but my question is if EVGA is coil effected much more other products. speaking about quality control of evga. Using youtube or google there are many coil whine cases but about EVGA is full , so this depends only by diffusion or because EVGA is bad ?
Hi guys I want to buy a GTX 1080 but i must choose between : EVGA ACX 3.0 EVGA FTW Asus Strix A8G But i read about a specific problem of coil whine with the EVGA product card. Much more than other brands. This is true ? Do you recommend me EVGA ?
Anyone can help me ? Possible the VGA card insertion cause increasing of voltage lines of MOBO ( i means the 3.3 - 5 and 12V ) ?
OMG Hi Guys ! I bought a 1080 Founders Edition, and now i notice also it have coin whine !!! How can be possible all Pascal family Founders and Custom have this problem ? Customs should have completelly different circuit and components !!!! What cause this problem ? the GPU ? If i want to change my card, what is the model thant not suffer this problem ?
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