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Excuse me, someone can tell me what is this ? To me seems a power connector ( in this photo is the european plug, not usa plug ), so i think can be used to plug the power cable of the speakers ( A2 o A5 ) to got only one power plug instead two to the wall connector, is it possible ? This with the USA plug :
Audioengine A2+ and S8 are both active, but i want use only one power source. Can i use the only amplifier of the subwoofer leaving the speakers without powercord using only the RCA connection ?
if i have an headset with a sound card usb integrated, can i disable my audio chip Realtek ? The audio card USB got an its processor ? So my cpu will be not involved in the audio threads calculations ? ( usb sound card do all job ? )
Hi guys, someone have V-Moda crosshatch LP or V100 ?? Can i ask you how is it for gaming and immersivity ? Bass is overpowered or its like into a classic studio level ?
No im looking for a gaming headset, with strong emphasized bass + immersivity ( both together not only one )
I saw this review : They said at the end of the video that Audio Techinca AD700X Bass response is bland im searching a FPS headset, so bass will be strong, not extreme but strong.
Are there others real 7.1 headset besides the Tiamat ?
After reading many reviews and users feedbacks, i saw the Senheisser G4me One is absoluttly one the best stereo headset for gaming or the best one, better also than its newer model G4me Zero. So im asking you, is it true ? What is other alternative products ? Im searching a gaming stereo headset with a strong bass and good "spatiality" for a stereo but also a good balance for treble, mid and bass. Impedance around 32ohm ( prefer not over ) and budget max 200-220€
I have no audio card, i use the Realtek ROG integrated chip and i want ask you a simple question : - The 7.1 headphone if i use the integrated chip will use many resources ( cpu usage + ram ) ?
i have Realtek ALC1150 Audio Chip ( my mobo is Asus Maximus Hero )
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