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if i want to buy a Fiio E10K ( USB DAC / amp ) and i want to plug it to the USB port of my keyboard the signal ( that is a digital signal, not analog ) can be deteriorated ? USB of my keyboard is not an HUB, my Corsair K60 have a dedicated cable for that port, not together to input cable.
I contact Creative too and they said me the ZXR give 25mW( not 275 ) in High Gain and 70mW in Normal gain with 32ohm.i dont know where you take these values.
i ask to Creative the maximum power output of the ZXR and they ask 75mW in "High gain" mode and 25mW in "normal gain" mode. Z and ZX much lower ( 50mW in High gain ) This values are not ridicolous ? A little Fiio E10 give 200mW @32ohm. How can a ZXR drive an HiFI headphone ? For Fidelio X2 or Sennheiser 598 is sufficient ?
In the specific the Fidelio X2 have a max input power 500mW @30ohm
ZXR is sufficient to drive perfectly an headphone like AKG Q701 ?
what HiFi headphone is totally driven with sound card ?
Sound card like Sound Blaster Z is sufficient to exploit correctly an AKG Q701 without any handicaps or alterations in the sound or strange behaviors ? The High output impedance ( not settable ) is a problem or you must only decrease the Windows volume ?
Excuse me but Xfi Titanium HD have 35 ohm in output, optimal for up to 250ohm hp.
i thinked a sound card have amplifier onboard.why an hifi headphone need an external amplifier ?
im using realtek ALC1150 supremeFX III. at first the bass was not so loud, now the volume during bass is high compared to treble, for example during song if you set the volume around the bass you will hear the voice too weak .............. instead if you set the volume around the voice, when bass r there your ear die ( and the end of bass effect was bad ) What amp/dac combo are u using ?
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