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if u have no experience why ur continuing to ask ?
another help ?
Between two which give the most unforgiving sound ? So which shows more defects with low quality audio tracks ? ( mp3 )
I find out that an high Playback Quality ( setted by control panel -> audio devices ) cause me headache when i play with race games or i listen engines sounds. ( high freq sounds ) also with low volume and after only 20-30 minutes. Decreasing it from 24bit 48Khz to 16bit 48Khz my headache improve very much. What can be ?
Do you know if exist a more relaxing ( less tire ) headphone than HD600 for high freq sound reproductions ? ( but also a little and fast bass )
update, the volume now is OK but it make me headache also with extremelly low volume. With other kind of games if stunning and ok, but with racing games .......... disaster if i use high rpm cars.
anyone use Project Cars with headphone ?
Excuse me someone ever had headache problems with this games ? Specially with headphone ? This is the only games that cause headache to me.
before high, now its normal.
no, im thinking to only A2+ or only A5+.i dont looking for HiFi, but a good forgiving over-all solution, specially for gaming.
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