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Excuse me, i have the Creative ZXR but i dont find the settings of playback quality. Where can i set the Playback Quality in the sound card software ?
Excuse me a sound card like Creative ZXR can give a frames drop in game or microstuttering or decrease quality of motion ?
Creative E5 is enough to drive the the Sennheiser HD600 ? Reviews sais is not too amo picky
Anyone can post 2 screens of Equalizer page where is selected "country" and "vocal" profile ? This is the page : I need to view the values configuration.
after 7 months i still dont see this model. someone knows when it comes out ?
Is true that Sound Blaster series specially ZXR tends to enphasize the bass, so have a not neutral equalization ?
Between two what are the difference as musical timbre ? ( only with bundle components, not consider any aftermarket products to adding ) Im looking for a tightest bass possible and controlled but also a tolerant sound that tends to hide a possible audio tracks imperfections. I seem to understand that ZXR tends to enphasize too much the bass and make it bloated, this is true ? If yes is possible fix it using equalizer ?
your 598 sound great with E10K ? U said that with it the 598 is not totally exploit, its right ?
For exploit the Sennheiser 598 what is the best choise ? A Sound Blaster ZXR can give a noticeable improvement compared with Fiio E10K ?
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