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Hi Guys, i have some questions for the experts. - How often can i often the battery of UPS ? - And what effects can i see when need to be changed ? - How do i know when will be the moment to be changed ? ( drop tension ? current interruptions ? disturbs ? what else ? ............... )
i think will be another flop product like the last SSD
help ?
name are all wrong ! UM94 ? what is this ? Swift ? What is this ? read before to write please
excuseme guys but this monitors if you set to 60Hz ........... how is its behavior ? Are there some problems like all others 120/144Hz models that setted to 60 cause evident lags compared to classic 60Hz native panels ?
35% than a normally 780 ? OH NO ! Too slow, need to a super clocked version.
if your thinks are true i can say that all the "surge only" connectors can be run even without battery ?
In the website i saw these UPS with models 1200 and 1600 have 2 types of power connector ( 4*backup battery behind + 4*surge only on the top ), so whats the meaning of "surge only connectors" ? It means direct power bypassing the battery ? Then no AVR in these connectors ?
In a surge case, is possible damage the PC ( motherboard specially ) if the surge pass through RJ11 ? ( Rj11 -> modem -> RJ45 -> PC ) Or the modem will be everytimes the only one damaged by RJ11 ?
when can i play ?
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