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Hi guys, anyone tryed or hears the new Fiio K5 as headphone amp ? Can you give us more details about sound signature as headphone amplifier ??? Some frequency ranges are noticeably altered ( for example the bass ) or keep flat and neutral response ? It is good with HD650 ? In CES event the K5 was presented with 650, this means something ?
yes but they are unwatchable Are you know Q-Acustic ? specially 3010 model ?What kind of amp needed ?
its not only the two power cords, its also the price. I'll buy 1 speaker from am@zon to try .......
JBL is too big and Emotiva i like but in Europe there's not.
i care the speakers dimensions ( max 17cm to width of cabine ), so around 4-4.5 inch
major part of my tracks are MP3 320.
with headphone 7.1 NOT RUN, only stereo mode available.Audio quality is good but not as good as STX II. But better than ZXR for me.
this i can do it.but this do not decrease the audio quality ?
i read most reviews about Adam Ax and Artist series.These products seems to be extremelly analytics ( micro-details revealing ).
I know but power strip is not good for aesthetics for me.
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