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I only ever played the open Beta of the game, but what you say makes sense according to the movies, etc. Rep must have been confused.
I think the rep said the map was Endor from the Rogue One DLC.
I am still holding some reservations, but it's super impressive that pre-release parts (usually a nightmare for AMD) are not only running so flawlessly, but rocking solid frames at the v-sync limit. Pricing on Ryzen will be critical. Assuming it comes near what rumors have been I will certainly be building my first AMD system in a long long time.
AMD showing off 8 core Ryzen and unnamed Vega GPU last night at CES Unveiled: AMD Ryzen + Vega Shown Off At CES
See thats why I want to see actual benchmarks of all the cards. That Nvidia graph is basically arbitrary, it doesnt say anything we wouldnt expect to hear from them at a launch.I believe thats why Nvidia did their launch today. They know AMD actually has something good for once and they need to get their sales locked in fast.Simply put I would hold off on making a purchase before all the cards are on the table.Also, not an AMD fanboy, huge Nvidia fan. Would love to see...
I would hold off on that assumption until the new AMD cards are announced and we see actual benchmarks. The rumors about the price/performance ratio for the new AMD cards give the advantage to AMD.
PC is sold
Still for sale, offers please
Bump! Looking for reasonable offers please
Thanks for checking it out and commenting. Hopefully someone who is shopping for a new rig agrees.
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