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This is certainly a small step in the right direction. If it means that you opt out of the ability to be apart of one of the class action lawsuits or any further compensation I will probably pass. I'm just glad I live in Michigan where we have no emissions testing and I can keep driving mine without fixing it. This could be a serious issue for those living in states where their cars need to be clean to drive.While I'm sure it was certainly apart of saving money these...
Ok I think I follow but to be clear, prop the front of the card off the sheet with foil and cover the back with foil as well?. What temp should I aiming for with the heat gun? Should I wave the gun back and forth heating whole GPU or focus on certain areas?Um I'm going to not use the microwave....
Hmm bad cap would be nice and easy I will check it over before I try to reflow. The oven sounds super simple but do you guys think it could make your oven dangerous to cook in after or is that just being paranoid? Zero is there a guide somewhere to this dirt cheap reflow method? I have all the stuff you listed and could probably do that pretty easily.
I was thinking of this but wanted to save it as a last resort. With limited suggestions though it looks like it may be one the only options. +1 for the link.I'll give that a shot but the card has only been slotted a handful of times. The contacts should be pretty clean. +1
So I have an EVGA GTX 690 that has been an awesome card. Got this one back from EVGA RMA and ran it on the stock cooler for about 2 years. A couple days ago I decided to add it to my loop since I have a couple blocks laying around. Unfortunately when I started the rig back up I would get an artifacted splash screen right before the animation completes. Booting into safe mode worked fine and Windows reported it as a blue screen. I updated the motherboard BIOS...
I agree it gives us the ability to do math on a scale we can't touch right now, but we are still limited by the human mind to create the equations we want to solve. Throwing a faster computer at a problem we are trying to solve incorrectly is not going to just give us a correct result.Having said that quantum computing is very exciting and this is a very cool step in the right direction.
No reviews? There are several out there including my own. I won't link to it here, but you can pm me if interested.
I've been running mine for close to a month now and have zero issues. Cooler is beast.
haha first time I've seen these, I'm in the background of a few of them
I have serious doubts about this working as easily as described. But if it indeed does work as described it could be fantastic. Especially for those that are more price concious. I also feel that this is probably a feature that will just fade away and never be mentioned again after W10 releases.
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