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I dont ever go for alien theories, but after listening to the recording it makes you wonder if there is something going on with that comet.
Almost there!
Thanks for sharing, this is really cool!
I second this motion. Great build btw, how is the performance?
So I still have this. Anybody want to make an offer? Real offers plus shipping please.
I thought it was well built and could easily support a whole system. I think that you would be fine to leave the Tt unit as is. The fan setup is pretty good, I would leave it as is. For that loop I would add a 360 rad in push pull and call it good, unless you can't fit one then you could try with a 240. Order won't matter as the pump is connected to and fed by the built in reservoir. Oh and I would skip the xspc tubing and get primo chill advanced lrt. Let me know...
Yup I still have this. To add to it. You would probably have to do some tricky modding to replace the stock one. But adding any additional rad would be quite easy and beneficial.
Someone's got to need a good starter kit, make me an offer!
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