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Black Phanteks Enthoo Primo for sale only. I used the case for about half a year. Single installation, no modding. Comes with all factory parts in original packaging. The case was damaged slightly when it was shipped to me. You can only see the bend when looking for it, I wasn't even sure it was actually damaged at first. Great case, tons of watercooling support, etc, I just don't need something this big anymore. ~PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING~ ~PAYPAL...
Haha glad you found it! Been awhile since I've looked, but I believe that the hard drive cage mount guide is actually listed on the main page for the Phantom Club.
Good God wermad love all them circles!
I agree completely. This is what drove me from surround. You can't rely on what you are seeing in the side monitors which makes them next to worthless imo. If it's ever changed/fixed I will be right back on board.
That looks really good. Makes me want to do mine with white now...
For now I've decided to keep this. I will start a new classified when I decide to sell.
Um thanks for the replies guys but this is long gone...
Sorry guys haven't been on OCN for awhile. This was traded to another member but somehow it died in the process. I now have a new one fresh from RMA and I am still deciding what I want to do with it. Still the fastest single slot card on the market even after 780ti so I might just keep it. I will update when I've reached a decision.
I've got one of these cases, let's see what you do with it. sub'd
This is correct just put it at your highest point and be patient. Wont bleed fast or easy but it will eventually.
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