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No reviews? There are several out there including my own. I won't link to it here, but you can pm me if interested.
I've been running mine for close to a month now and have zero issues. Cooler is beast.
haha first time I've seen these, I'm in the background of a few of them
I have serious doubts about this working as easily as described. But if it indeed does work as described it could be fantastic. Especially for those that are more price concious. I also feel that this is probably a feature that will just fade away and never be mentioned again after W10 releases.
Man this totally sucks. They were always slightly higher with their prices, but were above and beyond in every other aspect. very dissapointed
That is awesome! So Sci-Fi looking, amazing that its IRL.
This is some awesome stuff. SpaceX is doing so much to push space technology. Its exactly why the private sector should have been involved years ago when NASA stopped being well funded. Not a failure at all, this is testing on never before done processes. You will not get it right the first time every time. Thanks for sharing!
I like!
Still for sale!!
Looks great man!
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