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Having reviewed it myself, I'm really curious to see what you come up with!
Um turn off automatic update?
Well you've already got the rads on the way so you may as well try. I got the fan and rad specs from Silverstone's page and physically it just would not fit.Best of luck to you getting them in there. Really curious to see how people are going to be watercooling this one.
Nope. Couldn't fit a Silverstone TD02-Slim with the fans attached up top. Rad = 22mm + Fan = 15mm Total = 37mm and it was too tight at the top of the channel shroud by a couple of mm.
Ahh then indeed by that definition it is not SFF. I would certainly say it is in the sub mid tower category; whatever that might be called.I'm hoping that the channels in the top of the PSU shroud function as intended and properly feed air into the GPU.
It's seriously not as big as everyone is making it out to be. I agree it's on the large side of SFF, but it still falls in the category. Link to my Instagram photo comparing it to Phanteks' Enthoo Evolv ATX and ITX for my review. It's barely bigger than the Evolv ITX and quite a bit smaller than the mid tower ATX.
This or distilled and vinegar will do the trick to break stuff down and get it out. Just make sure to flush good with distilled after. I avoid tap water if I can, lot's a minerals in there I don't want staying in my loop.
GPU doesnt make sense right now. A good 4K monitor will be good for years to come, like the Dell you are replacing. 980ti on the other hand is nearing eol and will be quickly replaced by a better card with a memory configuration more suitable to 4K. If you do anything get the monitor. Edit: Don't buy 1440p right now unless you really want to save money. It's already old gen resolution and therefor a poor investment.
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