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Probably gonna use this case for my server.
Awesome machine dude.
Awesome! Thank you. Apparently there's also a way for Time Machine (Mac) to backup to WHS too. Thought that might be worth noting for anyone who might read this that wants to know.
Fantastic! Thanks. I currently have: Zotac 9300 ITX Intel Core 2 Duo Processor (forgot specs) 8gb Corsair RAM 2tb HDD, 1tb HDD I'm assuming there should be no issue with them running on this, right?
I am totally willing to do that, but the whole mac and windows thing confuses me. Do you know if macs can save to it? I know that they use different file systems. Either way, thanks for replying.
Hey guys, I am hoping to create a home server to store files, music, media, etc and be able to access it remotely. Not even sure where to start. I've been reading about FreeNAS as a great home server solution. My biggest problem I think is that it needs to support Mac and Windows files. Any suggestions or help is welcome. I already have the hard drive and I'd prefer an ITX motherboard for a smaller footprint computer. I also prefer Intel if it matters.
Looks fantastic man. Too much work though! Just kidding.
It's amazing.
As much as I love hackintoshes, discussion is agaisnt the rules here.
Ahh, thought it wasn't being updated.I have an Antec New 650.
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