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I wonder if Intel realizes they are loosing sales by offering no real reason to upgrade. Why have a new chipset or even some of the new sockets even if your not even trying to offer any performance gains. I think they are clueless on what would really drive more sales.
Sorry yes out of box. I don't know what CSM means actually just that it is a setting for UEFI bios's. That every efi bios I have seen has it.
I'm running a old bios on my x79 RIVE and works fine with NVME drive 950 pro for months now. I just had to disable CSM to get it to show up. But you can also inject a driver into older bios and would work as well. I seen people doing it in mac forms on z68 and x58. But on my rive it worked OOB. I never updated my bios to Ivy bios cause my overclock was great and stable as is at 4.7ghz for few years now. I was willing to upgrade my bios when NVME came out but it...
What is 32 audio channels needed for ?
Bump what do we need to get this sold ?
EK-FC Titan Coper Acetal Block and Black backplate works with GTX 780 refrence or Titan. All screws and thermal pads included. I want to sell them together, unless I get a good offer for the backplate first. Price includes shipping Edit : Price drop to $60
I would prefer two 5TB drives for $200 each. I don't know what I would do with 15TB. And might as well make it PCIe 3.0 x4 or x8.
This adapter has firmware update?
I'm just throwing it out there in case didn't read the whole thread.
My Samsung 4K TV does 4:4:4 at 30hz 4K and 4:2:2 at 60hz 4K. Read up on your TV's specs before doing these test. The lower end samsung 4k tvs don't do 4:4:4 at 60hz 4K so just know what to expect first. You can't really judge this adapter unless someone also shares the TV model they are using to test 4:4:4 with the adapter. Also to get 4:4:4 at 30hz 4K there is a setting that you have to change on TV to put it in PC mode or something like that, can't remember.
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