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I used the red PCB adapter with B key and M key and SATA that is $9 on ebay or $22 on Amazon. There is plenty of choices under $30 I wouldn't buy that other pricy adapter.
I'm using 950 m.2 as boot drive and I'm on older bios 4205 original Rive with 3930K.
I don't have LED there that is active possible disabled in bios? I have EK block on sound bridge.
That interesting I have a RIVE and see no lights in that area at all. Could it be under the Chipset block? Only two LED's I see on my board is one yellow LED by bios chip and one LED by the PCIE switches. Then I guess the post codes and power/reset switch have lights too. But my 950 pro certainly has LED indicating usage one the adapter, both adapters.
I have two PCIe adapters and both have different colors LED indicator lights one of them is a bright annoying green LED. I use the other adapter just because the green light looks terrible with the window case. If your talking about the front case LED then its not going to work with these drives. The hard drive indicator should be on the PCB of the adapter itself. If you don't have one I would say your blessed. I rather have a adapter with no LED myself.
7% increase in speed for mainstream per year was never suppose to happen. Intel is either greedy or lazy.
I really can not believe the quad core has been mainstream this long. Know one be still considering holding on to there 2500K if quad core only lasted 4 years as the mainstream. So not sure how well its working for them. I'm rocking a 2700K and 3930K. Been looking to build something worth while for some years now. Been spending my extra money on audio gear. Intel has lost my business due to not releasing anything worthy to upgrade to.
Why a older bios? Did they intentionally drop support? I'm actually booting my 950 pro with 4205 bios. Because I didn't want to redo my overclock that I been running for 2.5 years. But just wondering why you think older bios would be more likely to detect the drive.
I'm booting mine with a different boot loader with a adapter on first RIVE. I believe the modded bios would be best for windows though if you don't want another boot loader. Modding the bios with "NVMeExpressDxE.ffs" is pretty straight forward. I don't think anyone had done it on this thread yet but that would get 99% of the boards x68 and later to boot. But bios modding on your own is scary if your not sure what your doing I can mod a few to get the ball rolling if...
I don't have a NVMe SSD yet, so I can't test. But I believe I have a modded bios that should add support. Any extremely brave souls want to try a modded bios? Or if you would like to mod you own, I can give you some direction. Good news is this bios mod method should work for lots of old boards.
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