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So has anyone tried modding this (RIVE) bios with "NVMeExpressDxE.ffs"? I believe if you just simple added the file to the latest bios it should work fine, scared to try it though. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this?
Ran the test paying for 200/20 all the uploads were in the range of 22.75 and 24.05 over what I'm paying for but the downloads were 48, 10, 48, 40, 14. Not even a quarter of what I'm paying for.
If only there was a PC manufacture that had the build quality and warranty support that apple tends to have. Mac Mini is not really a good example though.
Still running my RIVE Sand-E with 6c/12t @ 4.8ghz overclock. Board and CPU on water blocks. Best thing I have purchased in last 4 years. I really wish there was something worth upgrading to.
Sold to Sodalink
Sorry for the delay. Its is not really a easy straight forward question to answer. I'm the original owner of the card yes. Issues no. Mining is a Yes. However it was waterblocked immediately upon purchase. I live in California so power is expensive. So all mining for most part was undervolted. I ran all 3 cards I had at the time at 875mv (0.875v) at around 900mhz, when mining. That only brought the power consumption from idle to load up about 200 to 250 watts...
price dropped
Sold to zerogauge
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Sold to nanoscale
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