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This is Fiio x3 with newest firmware installed sounds great. This can be used as external sound card (DAC) on your computer or as a portable music player. This will be $85 I will pay shipping and paypal fees. Shipping will be in Small flat rate to lower 48 only. No charging cable or SD card included. 64GB Samsung EVO SD card is available for $20 more.
What are they worth. All very clean (like new) and under warranty with exception to 7970 which is about 3 years old and I believe not under warranty unless it was a lifetime (don't remember). Corsair AX760i AMD XFX 7970 Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H Intel i7 3770K Corsair H80i
does anyone else know if there are any more of these expansions like this on steam for Portal ?
LSR310S only has XLR out.
Um no...unless its 320kb/s or higher its garbage. 24bit loseless recordings should be a standard by now. 90s had better sources with 16bit CDs than any of the online streaming sources currently with only very expensive exceptions. 25 years later we have worse quality.Youtube as a source of music will be as short lived as the 8 track which came out after vinyl and has long been forgotten except for some occasional reminiscing chuckles.
I been on call like that for both Att verse and Time Warner. Those are the only to available here and there customer service is identical probably only slight better than Comcast. Funny thing with ATT is I signed up with my Cellular account and the Customer service is completely different.For example I asked for a bill credit on my ATT cellular account called in and took about 8 min total. Att uverse takes about 90 min no matter how what I'm trying to do. I been on for...
Good move, I was reading this yesterday and didn't realize the frames were skipping until I was already considering buying one.
Yeah I have seen this on several chips in the past. Intel test the chips.
Sold to Samurai707
Sold to the_xpert
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