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price drop
Price drop
Should be able to find that online its Reference.
EVGA GTX 780 with EK Waterblock - Samsung memory. This card is able to unlock to 1.315 voltage with software voltage unlock. Lightly used. I haven't been gaming much this last year this think has just been in my Loop with 3 total 780's. But for most part had it disabled. I broke down my loop the other day and sold one of the 780's to a friend. So might as well sell this one to. One 780 is good enough for me for now. Will include original stock heatsink that was not...
$200 Local pickup Dropped $190 $220 Shipped $210 Lightly used Gigabyte R9 290. Bought it to mine and ended up using it. In a work computer for awhile, then had it sitting on a shelf thinking about getting a water block for it (for 6 months). But never did. Dropped it in a PC the other day to test it. Evidence that it has been lightly used would be its virtually has no dust in it at all. I think It had to be used less than 3 weeks or so total. Comes with original box....
Thanks ... open to more replies
Yeah I sold one of the 3 to a friend already. We built him his first water loop with bunch of my old parts.
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