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True for sure. My work computer is pretty open case. I haven't even blown it out yet. But yeah I don't expect anyone to believe me. I wouldn't believe if someone told me that either.ThanksThanksThankstrueFunny thing is I created 2 post one for my water cooled 780 and this one at the same time. Some how I have 6 post on this one. Zero on my other apraisal thread.
Lightly used Gigabyte R9 290. Bought it to mine and ended up using it. In a work computer for awhile, then had it sitting on a shelf thinking about get a water block for it. But never did. Evidence that it has been lightly used would be its virtually has no dust in it at all. I think It had to be used less than 3 weeks or so total. Comes with original box. Warranty is by serial and transferable. What is it worth ?
What do you think its worth ? EVGA GTX 780 with EK Waterblock - Samsung memory. This card is able to unlock to 1.315 voltage with software voltage unlock. Lightly used. I haven't been gaming much this last year this think has just been in my Loop with 3 total 780's. But for most part had it disabled. I broke down my loop the other day and sold one of the 780's to a friend. So might as well sell this one to. One 780 is good enough for me for now. Will include...
Are you running Windows 10? I think it might have something to do with that. Thats the only thing I can think of because worked fine before that.
Unfortunately both are bad. So I get reboot loop on both. I know your wondering how I could do something like that its my fault. I knew one bios was bad and used the one good one for about 5 months. I have built 100 plus PC's and never seen bios corrupted. So I just didn't really thing it would ever happen again. I was meaning to flash the other bios but I just forgot about it. Now both are bad. I was hoping there was a way to force flash like you can with RIVE...
I just installed windows 10 and I believe both BIOS's are not corrupt. How can I force flash from a USB ? z77x ud3h
No its defiantly a pelican with a fish in tow.
you just have to google "pixel density calculator" and you will find plenty of sites that will help you figure out pixels per inch.2560x1600 @ 30 inchis about the same as1920x1080 @ 22 inchI don't think thats really that bad at all. But double that would be fine with me too. But I'm not buying anything at 4K or higher until the OS's have better support for them.
Yes thats for sure
Try a manual overclock. 1.32v at 4.4ghz
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