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I don't know how to confirm which bridges don't suffer the issue. But I know there are some that do suffer the issue. What bridge are you currently using?
There were SLI bridges that had problems with flickering at 1440p over 60hz. Do you have a EVGA pro bridge ? It happens with 4k too. You need a reworked bridge the new pro bridges have the rework.
I think all the failures that occured on these SSD's are controler related. So it would be just as likely the control could fail on a mechanical hard drive. But regular hard drives have more points of failure. I think the memory on SSD will out last just about everything but the CPU. But the SSD controler probably has just as likely a chance of failing as many of the other components.
Wait till you get a 120hz / 1440p.
2 Petabyes on 256GB SSD for 15months of straight writes. So a 1tb SSD can last 60 months of straight writes. I would like to see any 1tb mechanical last that long. I been building 30 computers a year for past few years. Never had to RMA a SSD, returned one due to firmware (agility 3). Mechanical drives I have seen everything failed after a week, after a month, after 2 months, seen some last 8 years. But from what I seen with mechanicals I would never expect any of...
For past few months I been making some custom color profiles some of them really look really good. I just stumbled upon the ICC profile called "native" in the op. This native profile blows away all the profiles I had prior to this. And I think I have some really good ones. Reading is much more clear. My custom profiles have very accurate color but they all fall short on light grey's to whites this is were the native profile blows the other profiles out of the water. ...
I own both Its a toss up especial since these things only do 100hz now. My catleap only does 100hz and most of the ones shipping this last 2 months have been the same. The Qnix on the other hand is much smoother at 120hz. If you want great colors I would go with Catleap if you need speed for gaming go with QNIX. I can't really decide which is better.
Snap works fine on the laptop just not the desktop. Have no idea why.
I'm doing a clean install right now on another laptop to see if its just my install or hardware causing the issues.
Most of us don't need to upgrade until we see cheaper drives that are faster than SATA 3. The reason we aren't seeing much from 830 - 840 - 850 is SATA 6. I just don't see what other standard will be popular enough to get the drives at a good price.
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