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I really wanted to play this game. Glad I didn't preorder
My point is I had AMD for a year and drivers are a nightmare. Crossfire doesn't work on new games with AMD majority of the time. Older games are a nightmare as well. I agree I had two 570's two years ago and 90% of the games worked in SLI on day on, I thought the 10% was something to complain about before. But now owning AMD for this period I can pretty much say I would not recommend AMD for a few generations until something changes in the driver department.
I have 3 7970's I would take two 670's over two 7970's any day. Not because of FPS as much as drive support for newer games, If you like playing games with your GPU's go with NVidia. If you like FPS numbers and running benchmarks and don't play games get AMD.
Its measurable just like fps I'm not sure what your point is. It is something that can be measured on any GPU including very old hardware, it didn't appear out of no where (magically). If you have 200 frames in a second and those frames are drawn a average of 30ms between each frame. And then you have another GPU 75 fps and the frametime is 8ms on average. Your going to have a much smoother frame rate overall with 75fps because they are evenly displayed to your eye...
You can wait another year and these problems will never be fixed, you might as well find a new hobby if your counting on AMD fixing these issues. The past year has proven to me this will never happen.
Did you not read the same review I just read. The frame times for AMD are horrible. Framerate means nothing. I have 3 7970's. I will take 12ms frame times at 60fps, over 25ms frame times at 120fps all day long.People are really reading these reviews wrong FPS doesn't mean much when you have really high average frametimes. My 7970's can push high frames but that doesn't mean its smoother than at one Titan or one 680.
I'm really glad to see frame times in reviews lately. This is good information.
I spent the last 10 months trouble shooting. I really don't have time for it any more. I'm just waiting for first opportunity to sell my GPU's at this point when I get a weekend free to drain my loop. Its not my job. I think I spent about 100 hours trouble shooting this year, until they pay me for my wasted time I'm not doing any more.Sorry good luck
I get random scrambled screens as well. I disabled everything that was cyberlink from starting and I don't see it as much. I have no idea if it has anything to do with cyberlink but the first few times I saw it was with that program so I disabled all the services to start with windows. I still get scrabbled screen though. But its no longer daily more like weekly. If that didn't fix it I don't know what else did.
This ^ so much this....But my problem is I can't push 120 fps in many games with three GPU's, and I have really low GPU usage often. Most the time I push better frame rates with a single GPU.
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