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Damn... watercooling. Fantastic. I have no need to upgrade my psu. This AX850 relly rocks. I saw the new digital HX series but i'm not sure are they produced by seasonic so i'm not planning to touch the psu.42C ? Damn, if i was you i'd push her to 1.4v
It's just way to loud at 100%. 85 is very high, over 3000rpm. I also havent replaced the stock thermal paste yet. So there is a few more celsius of headroom left And this is the first time my AX850 has turned the fan on in my rig. This thing uses quiet a bit of power.
yeah i haven't reinstalled the drivers. That might be the problem.But then again what's the point. If my vrm's are hitting 85 now i'd melt them at 1.3v. I'm gonna try pushing the memory now to see what's the upper limit and what i get i'll keep. I won't try going over 1.212v.
Aha. Yes i read that. I just wanted to check Thanks.Btw i unlocked the TDP limiter. I'm now running the card @ 1250mhz / 1187v. It;s the asus DCU2 gtx780. She is monitoring both GPU an VRM temperature.Vrm's hit about 85C, maximum 90. GPU hits about 71. Maximum 75. So pushing the voltage further would make no sense? The only thing i could do is fry my vrm's right? (fans at 85%)Question 2. When i unlocked the voltage limiter in afterburner i tried setting the voltage i...
A quick question. On the asus gtx780. Does the core overclock have an impact on the max memory overclock. Example. My 780 seems to hit about 1280mhz on the core stable. If i try overclocking the memory when the core is at 1280mhz i reach about 1675mhz before artifacting. If i try oc-ing only the memory with the gpu at stock clocks i reach about 1800mhz stable. TDP limiter is unlocked at 150%. Is this normal?
So i have a question. My current settup is 2x dell u2412m side by side. I am happy with the setup but for a while i want a bigger primary screen. And now i have a chance to get a 4k pannel earlier then i expected. A friend is selling an ASUS PB287Q, not even a month old. And he is selling it for a good price. I have been at his house and seen the screen. First impression. This is the best TN pannel i have ever seen. To be honest it was hard for me to believe it's a TN...
I understand. So what we bought is RAM that is stable and validated at 2400mhz. But we still need to overclock the controller to run the ram at 2400mhz. Is using XMP profiles a good option or should we overclock manually?
I have a question. My friend bought an asus Z97M-PLUS MBO. On it he is running a 4770k and 4x8GB kingston hyperX beast RAM witch is supposed to be running at 2400mhz. Or 2133 i'm not sure. However by default the motherboard has set it up at 1333mhz at 9-9-9-24. How do we set it at it's default settings. Using XMP profiles makes no sense. That's overclocking. We just want the ram to run at default settings.
I have a question. I own a samsung EVO 500GB SSD. The problem is. Since i upgraded the magician software i can't enable RAPID mode. The message i get is: Fatal error occured during last RAPID mode enable cycle. Please reboot and try again. But the reboot doesn't help. Does anyone know why is this happening? All the requirements are green.
Nothing helpes... i tried maxing out input voltage, screwing with NB clocks. Took me 4 days to do all the testings but he just won go faster then 4.1 at 1.35v. He stays at about 75C (prime 95) with a zalman performa cooler.
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