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I have rebuilt my Arc mini R2 rig in a define mini C. Great case, it has that "tank" build quality of the define series, the arc and core series felt thin and flimsy. And inside it really feels large for a regular mATX build. Cable managment is also amazing. I also bought 2 bequiet silent wings 3 (140mm) for the front - 1600rpm versions, at 5V not audible but still push a decent amount of air. In the back i have a PWM controlled noiseblocker multiframe. I will probably be...
Interesting. I order the mini C with fans in a a week or two so i will post some opinions when it arrives. Thanks for advices
So it's not a good idea buying a corsair ML and running it at 7V?My choice will either come down to a pair of eLoop noiseblockers or bequiets silent wings 3.I found 14cm noiseblockers at Both are amazing fans.
Yes i found it. I could buy that.But if i later buy a motherboard with one PWM controll and 3 voltage controlled headers.Can i plug the 4 pin fan into it and voltage control it?
Hmm, EKWB is in Slovenia, i might order from them.Or i could just use ebay...
True but i don't know where can i buy a PWM splitter with PSU power :/
True yeah. I think i will go for the silent wings 3. I think the 1000rpm version might be okay. If i connect it to 7V it should run just right. Or maybe the 1600rpm version on 5V. In the future i will have a motherboard that can control 3 pin fans. Most modern motherboards can. But my current z87m gigabyte only has one 4 pin header that i need for my CPU and the noiseblocker. So the little Sata to 5-7-12v adapter that comes with bequiets will come in handy
Or even, considering my priorities, the bequiet silent wings 3 seem to be a really good choice. They are damn quiet and generate enough static pressure to pull trough a filter at low rpm. In some test they even beat HP noctuas when compared at the same noise levels.
Hmm it's going to be a hard decision. Right now i'm trying to find out if i can buy eLoop B14 noiseblockers at computeruniverse. From what i have read so far they are amazing. But yes the phanteks fans you advised seem to be good Bequiet has got some decent stuff. The brown noctuas i would never buy because of the color scheme. And corsair doesn't seem to be really comparable to other high end companies.
Well yes i realise they are not as restrictive as a radiator but just from this simple test today with taking the front filter off my arc mini r2, holding a hand behind a fan and then putting the filter back on... i realised how much resistance it makes. It's a massive difference. So automaticaly i tought HP fans. Yes it's very complicated and very prone to mistake. That also makes it hard to find decent measurements you can actually rely on. I don't know, i now have to...
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