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Well if gigabyte predicted a cooler that big to be okay, i guess i shouldn't worry then. My sata ports work fine
I am an owner of a gigabyte z87m-d3h motherboard. While i had an open cooler gtx660ti my PCH temp used to be around 42-43 celsius at idle because the card was cooling it. We are talking about the small northbridge cooler. Now it is around 52-53 celsius because i now have a stock cooler gtx680 witch does now blow air over the PCH. The cooler on it is really small. Is this temp dangerous or normal?
I have just taken a look at the smart status of the wd blue 500GB on my mothers laptop. It has done 1 750 565 load/unload cycles and it is running perfect... Maybe this is not a dangerous parameter xd. But still i'd like to turn it off
So i really want to disable head parking on my western digital mypassport slim 2TB hard drive. I used WDIDLE3 tool for my wd green drives. Will it work on the mypassport?
So, short and simple, RAID 0 or RAPID won"t make a real life difference. Also, TRIM does not work in raid 0? Well seems like one big 500gbsamsungpro is the best choice. Iit should be faster then my kington HyperX 120 right?
Yes i was afraid of that. But then raid 0 should properly incease speeds of those drives? So it turns out raid is a much faster option in real life?
Well yes that's true but still they are hitting amazing speeds. Also my kongston has acces time of about 0.3xx miliseconds. Whereas the samung runs at 0.016, that is a lot lower. And yes, if i run two in raid 0 i get almost two times higher speeds. You should be able to feel the diffeerence between an ssd and two ssd's in raid 0. But then there is almost no difference between two samings in raid 0 and one samsing running in RAPID mode. i'm confused.
Yes but have you compared yours samsung in RAPID mode with the kingston? I mean, i'm not buying this ssd because of performanse, i need more ssd storage, but i' curious will i feel the difference. An 840 EVO with no RAPID mode turned on is not much faster then the HyperX. However when you run it in rapid mode the difference is huge... at least in benchmarks
So i have 2 questions. First one. I was looking at some reviews. And if i'm right. A samsung 840 pro 256GB in RAPID mode is two times faster then my current kingston hyperX. It also has lower access time. Soould i feel the difference in real life usage? Second question. If i want 500GB of SSD storage is it a better idea to buy 2x 256GB samsung 840 pro's and run them in raid 0 or should i buy a single 500GB ssd and run it in rapid mode. Since samsungs do not support RAPID...
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