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+1 on long cards sagging regardless of CL. +1 on bridges helping also.My single 7990 is quite saggy right now.
fast_fate is a baws!
I believe the cal gets written to the microprocessor on the MPS400 itself.
This guy - not content with testing 26 rads in push and push/pull each with many many runs he wants to test more with thicker fans If ever there was a masochist
I imagine a quality 850W would be fine. Maybe if you're running a 5960x you might want to push a bit higher though.
Bigger ain't always better. Slim rads can still fit, or if you want to do a top window it's better positioned to actually see stuff without wasted space
Yeah your paint job was a good move, plain black is just too dark for something this big IMO
Now to answer questions 1) Obviously I want cool exterior air blown through the radiators, but do I want to suck fresh air into the case from the front/rear vents and then out through the radiators or fresh air pulled into the case via the rads exhausting through the front/rear vents? I'm thinking pulling cool air from the front and rear and pushing it out of the case through the radiators will keep heat from accumulating in the basement. - I made my side mount rads and...
Well you know my opinion Be prepared to dig out that wallet often if you want it to be easier and better looking. The MSRP on my build ended up at 17K or so. That's not including parts that I bought along the way that didn't work out. Here's some other builds to look at - I'm going to be vain and assumed you read my build log and not bother to link...
All PM's responded to. EK 290 blocks sold. Aquacomputer GTX 980 block and active backplate added.
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