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had a bit of a delay when PPCS sent regular coolant rather than the concentrate, but now I have the right stuff. I can replace the temporary pieces of tube, and start to fill with the real dye! Then I just have to make couple of fan extensions and i'm done. Of course work sucks this week, so it may have to wait a few more days. But I'm so close now!
Yeah, I guess we know it's less that 850W, but it's hard to be exact about itNice! Yeah radiators are possibly the worst to test in terms of not only accuracy but the number of potential variables, e.g. fan make & model, fan setup (push/pull/p&p/shroud), fan size (120/140/180 etc), number of fan mounts, air flow through the radiator (fixed or variable, controlled as cfm or rpm), water flow through the radiator (fixed or variable). So yeah it's good that you're not taking...
don't judge bro
I really think orientation will matter quite a bit on most blocks. I think you want the jetplate to be aligned vertically compared to that pic. We'll have to find out though I've been wondering whether to test on 5820k or 5960x. The 5820k is a *lot* cheaper and is easier to correlate with manufacturers because they mainly used the hexes from what I've heard. The 5960x though is more interesting.
Oh lol. Yeah I would have thought that would be best, 2011 and 2011-3 are so similar. I don't think they'll bother going back to release any new jetplates for the non evo anymore.
Ah not sure I haven't tested it, I remember Niko said he tested it but I can't remember the result of what was best. Let me check.yeah latest instructions have it:
oh lol, well that's embarassing. gonna go google myself real quick so QDC3 was slightly better and QDC4 slightly worse. Could be within the noise floor or sample variance.
Watercool and AquaComputer do too - hence the very different style. Not sure about absolutely everyone else though, so I don't want to tar everyone with the same brush.
It's EK how can they not get defensive JK JKMost rads are outsourced to companies in china, so quality control isn't always as high as regular products.
Nice geggeg thanks for the pics!
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