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Can I just say, I love in those shots that there is nothing around the motherboard and that it's floating. I love it. Can you keep it like that? Maybe make the divider out of acrylic and put a window on the back too, give it a full see through kinda look? damn I should have finished reading though Not a huge fan of the radiator sticker, but it's not bad I still think the floating motherboard is better than the white back
So I have 4 reference 290s (one flashed to a 290x) all running stilt's old bioses from the mining days. However those bioses seemed to remove LLC so stable volts were quite high. Now that I'm done repurposing them in my build, it's time to tweak. So all I'd like is a stable non throttling bios to run. Is there anything new since those days? I was never a fan of the pt1/pt1t bioses, they seemed to really make the cards less stable. Any new bioses? Are we still...
Hey - did you ever post a pic of the case after it arrived? You gots to post a pic so we can live vicariously Nice - but which one did you get?Congrats to new members and repeat offenders:@vlps5122@Pheozero@navynuke499@CasP3r@SortOfGrim@nyk20z3@macoi251@Xclsyr@StuttgartRob@sociopath@XNine@MadHatter5045@IT Diva@psycho84@iBored@ALT F4@crazysurfanz@Posidon67@smicha@GrimDoctorLet me know if I missed anyone
This is what happens when you don't have enough drive bays....I mean 21 is just not enough...
So this happened: And Kevin@CL made me an awesome bracket to mount my aquaeros in the window of the case: So soon I'll be tearing out those ascendacys and adding these and some MPS400 flow rates sensors Also one of the 7990s seems to have died and needs RMAing /sigh
Haha if anyone wants to buy Project Thief I would buy two like this and rebuild I suppose you don't need a pedestal, you could also run something like a mora externally. though the tubing grommets are removed on the short version so you'd have to mod it...
Just remember everyone - the main reason to get this is to do a top window as well, but then you have no space for rads (well maybe a side mounted 240 and a flexbay 240), so you need a pedestal. Just saying that's how uncle stren (how creepy does that sound) would roll if he was building something right now
damn yeah I found when creating the combs in my panels for the 24 pins I really had to spread them out more than they are in the connector, with flexible wire that's easier, but it'll be a lot more obvious with straight wires. Looks lovely tho - no more sponsored builds from CL tho as Kev can just do them all
Ah I hadn't considered the reversability of it and that the back panel would of course need to change. Oh well, another time. Or not.
Yeah I mean the real joy of XL-ATX to me is being able to run quad dual slot GPUs plus a raid/ssd pcie card. But no xl-atx boards actually let you use 10 slots If I were asrock and looking to do another extreme 11 with a pcie lane splitter. That's what I would do - just make 9 or 10 x16 slots.
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