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You forgot the data - I only see an axis JK
Also complete: EK CE 420 HWLabs SR2 420 Some 140s next then onto the 280s! Oh and we've got some more 360s slowly finding their way to Australia. FF is the radiator king. One day I want a photo of him surrounded by 50+ radiators.
Dis guy, you can always make an offer
FWIW I had a Mora 9x140 radiator. Turned the fans off. It was mounted horizontally for maximum passive airflow. After 2 hours coolants had risen 20C even with an idling CPU (overclocked 3930K). Nothing else but CPU and D5 Pumps on that loop. Watercool claim that the mora radiator is good for quite a bit of power passively but in my experience I would not try it. You're always going to need some airflow, even if it's occasional. Below 500 RPM you still get some...
Koolance sold
GTX980 Waterblocks for reference cards. These are LIKE NEW, barely used. Thermal pads still attached and in good condition. All accessories etc etc. Come with boxes etc. Paypal, price does not include shipping which = $11 in a medium flat rate box to US48 AquaComputer Block (Copper/Stainless steel plate) - $60 AquaComputer Active Backplate - $30 Bitspower (Plexi/Nickel) Block - $90 $80 Bitspower Chrome Backplate - $20 Koolance Block - $90 Swiftech LE Block - $90...
Radiator #29 HWLabs Nemesis GTS X-Flow 360 radiator review has been added to the site - though not to the round-up page just yet. Also - not related to the 360's but FF also reviewed the CE 240 and SR2 240 which is also up on the site- check further down the front page of the site.
Hah I want to do more videos, it's just a matter of time to be honest. It's hard to have a job, do quality testing, run the site, talk to sponsors, answer questions, do social media and make videos. Oh and maintain relationships and exercise too. I could quit my job and have more time, but then this doesn't pay well enough. You either have to have spent years building content and views by not sleeping ever or have sold your soul in order to be making enough money to do...
This review has already been updated with push data as well It's up to 28 rads now with another 3 incoming.
What I was really hoping for was a flow meter built into the water block. But of course that assumes there is still a water block. Which there may not be.
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