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Agreed, you're making the right choices to pull everything back in. I think my comment came across as harsher than I meant.
It's not about the fact that it takes a while, afterall, the date that was promised was already 6ish weeks after ordering. It's that it was promised by a certain date, and that even days after there has been no update about it. Good customer service = "under promise, over deliver". Now when you do slip on a date, then you should give the customer an update and make sure to meet that.
Your'e saying you have grommets but no holes on the case to use them?
Nope that went
Being busy is good - I'm glad you guys are addressing this though as I think it was a genuine concern for customers getting frustrated and jumping to the knockoff alternative.With white and grey being temporarily stopped - is it worth recommending an alternative nearby powder shop that customers could use for grey/white/custom stuff? Once white/grey is back on the menu it could still be used for custom stuff which is always in high demand but is almost impossible for you...
And when the only companies left are those that copy, what will your options be then?Yes there is inspiration - ideas that get taken and modified and twisted and turned. It's just the sheer audacity, scale of it and lazyness that bugs me. This isn't inspiration - they are so lazy that when they copy they don't not even change basic things - even the look of the case. It' like you photocopied your buddies homework and just crossed his name out and put yours underneath...
Shannon had his chance and posted his "defence" on fb - clearly thinks he can get away with it and bluff his way out. I think because they didn't get sued over the Core X, and then the F51 that they are getting more ballsy in just how lazy they will be with their copying.Remember what companies are like and vote with your wallets. Support those who take risk and innovate, don't support those who steal and copy. Spread the word - there are plenty of people who will see...
XE review is up in the usual place
SR2 review is up
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