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Koolance sold
GTX980 Waterblocks for reference cards. These are LIKE NEW, barely used. Thermal pads still attached and in good condition. All accessories etc etc. Come with boxes etc. Paypal, price does not include shipping which = $11 in a medium flat rate box to US48 AquaComputer Block (Copper/Stainless steel plate) - $60 AquaComputer Active Backplate - $30 Bitspower (Plexi/Nickel) Block - $90 $80 Bitspower Chrome Backplate - $20 Koolance Block - $90 Swiftech LE Block - $90...
Radiator #29 HWLabs Nemesis GTS X-Flow 360 radiator review has been added to the site - though not to the round-up page just yet. Also - not related to the 360's but FF also reviewed the CE 240 and SR2 240 which is also up on the site- check further down the front page of the site.
Hah I want to do more videos, it's just a matter of time to be honest. It's hard to have a job, do quality testing, run the site, talk to sponsors, answer questions, do social media and make videos. Oh and maintain relationships and exercise too. I could quit my job and have more time, but then this doesn't pay well enough. You either have to have spent years building content and views by not sleeping ever or have sold your soul in order to be making enough money to do...
This review has already been updated with push data as well It's up to 28 rads now with another 3 incoming.
What I was really hoping for was a flow meter built into the water block. But of course that assumes there is still a water block. Which there may not be.
Differential pressure meter like the MPS400 would be best no moving parts to break or get stuck and high flow
If I were doing an X99 build with 1-2 GPUs and Given that you have the x99 -deluxe and you want smallish then it would make more sense to just go with the S8S. It's still on the largeish side though. Gabz has some good side by side pics of the x2m with the S5 earlier in the thread.
Ah I heard admin had retired, I didn't realize that Wikia now owned OCN. Interesting.Well thanks for all the openness and answering of questions. It's good to understand things and it's turned my cynical disquiet into excited optimism. So best of luck to OCN and the reviewers, I'm glad there will be more quality content out there. Feel free to PM me (reviewers or OCN team) if you have questions that I might be able to answer/help with
Ok so this makes more sense, by doing these reviews it enables more revenue for OCN (more companies are interested and are willing to spend more) I wasn't so worried about OCN as much as the individuals signing up. If they don't know that they may be liable for tax then it can change how it "feels" to be reviewing when they realize this. If you follow the letter of the law and pay tax then reviewing things can start to make it feel like you're paying to work.So what's...
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