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CaseLabs have started to carry MDPC-X sleeve: is quite a surprise given that MDPC's owner, Nils, had always tried to run the business in a small "family" orientated way. Typically he had preferred to close the shop whenever he got too busy. The current MDPC website still says "I am Nil... not a 'shop'". The downside to this was that he could not keep up with demand. Now it seems Nils is giving into capitalism and...
I have a single 980 TI and a 4K screen and it's "enough" unless you really want to max out everything. Depends on the games you want to run though.
Also did a write up on the ER site for the CPU water block testing methodology and examples of how different measurements vary in accuracy. If you are interested in why some sites might not live up to their claimed accuracy then it's worth a read
5x 140 Radiator Reviews are now up on the site
I'm just glad you didn't see the old testbench after it's 3 year stint of being used before I tore it down. It was a gnarly mess.
It's actually the same S8 but with a conversion kit to S8S. It's black though. I'd prefer gunmetal, it's an awesome color. But yeah lovely little case. I hadn't thought about doing a review on it simply because it felt like the S8 review covered it. But I suppose I could. I'll have a think. Too much in the pipe for now though, maybe in the spring
Based on connector wiki pages:SATA = 1.5A x 3 pins per power = 4.5A per railMolex = 11A x 1 pin per power = 11A per railI feel like SATA's are more reliable because the molex connectors are a PITA sometimes and don't always push in well, but yeah the standards allow much more current on molex.
aquacomputer block and bp sold
Yeah, i mean some sites just don't have time, watercooling is a niche that doesn't "pay" as well in terms of clicks and ads so cutting corners is ok. So I get why they don't do it, that's why I don't want to poop, glad you guys can see the difference though and will point out the differences to others too.BTW it's not just forum users. A few sponsors get upset when the data doesn't meet their expectations and offer rebuttals by quoting results from other sites with poor...
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