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Both EK blocks and backplates spoken for, 980 blocks and a 980 SC arriving soon
All relevant PM's replied to. As in the last post, all 290s are spoken for.
All 290s spoken for right now, 2x 290/290x EK waterblocks + BPs remain as does 1 xspc waterblock Both 7990s and blocks available - price drop to 400.
Ah yeah that's probably better. I've got mine to work with the version I linked, but it's tough to squeeze in.
Aquaeros have non standard mount points. CL made a special accessory for them:
xspc blocks sold, someone must want some awesome 7990s
Funny you should mention that, I'd already created an average performance vs price plot and had been meaning to redo it with push data and modifying the cost to include fans too. I suspect that cost variance is larger than the performance variance, i.e. cheapest (and therefore slimmest with push only) rads will generally do best I suspect.
1 290 with block/bp sold 1 air cooled 290 sold 4770K taken off market
95% sure I will and hopefully soon as I'm trying to build up a permanent gpu test bench in addition to a cpu test bench, but I need someone to buy my 7990s first to fund it:Either that or someone needs to hook me up with a buddy at NVidia Hey Martin, we were hoping to review some Swiftech rads too. I've enquired a bunch of times with Swiftech over the past 6 months and nothing ever came of it. Maybe @BramSLI1 can answer.Yes agreed on value - this roundup also has really...
Also fwiw the Titan X page on aqua computer's website makes no mention of the same mini backplate, nor are there pictures of it, so that one may not be relevant for the Titan X
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