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Shannon had his chance and posted his "defence" on fb - clearly thinks he can get away with it and bluff his way out. I think because they didn't get sued over the Core X, and then the F51 that they are getting more ballsy in just how lazy they will be with their copying.Remember what companies are like and vote with your wallets. Support those who take risk and innovate, don't support those who steal and copy. Spread the word - there are plenty of people who will see...
XE review is up in the usual place
SR2 review is up
R3BE plus motherboard block. Still the best looking board evah.
sorry that actualliy sold, hadn't updated the thread deets
$700 of parts lost in transit to Derick - they leave him notes for delivery but have no idea where it is when he tries to pick it up. I can't claim insurance because "it's not lost", but yet no one knows where it is. This is still going on four months later. USPS is the worst.
If any of you are interested in EK's XE radiator - fast_fate posted some pics of his review sample that arrived today he beat me to it...
Funny you should say that. But at higher RPMs a performance difference of 30% in performance is pretty significant - far more for example than we see in a CPU block for example where it might be 2-3C difference out of a 40C delta. The nice thing about radiators though is that you can add more to compensate (if you have a big enough case) and you can dial up performance vs noise at any point in time as needed. CPU blocks are fixed and can not be expanded to improve their...
subby subby for a dream machine
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