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Thread reopened, added GPUs, more blocks, CPUs etc
SR2 will be included and has been promised but it has not arrived yet
Haha yeah I hear you, some of this is just me thinking out loud. I sympathize our first year of engineering at school was general and thermodynamics was one of my weaker subjects lol
Yeah - I'd wanted to not overwhelm people in the reviews with too much info and too many plots, but maybe we could create a separate write up just based on that. Certainly the tuning tables show the data non graphically. Part of the problem is that curves generated from 3 data points aren't that reliable (though we still do that vs RPM). Maybe at some point we can expand the flow rates on 1 or 2 rads and take more data.I tried the average water in method and to be...
No the domain expired - replace .org with
Well the differences in the benches and the way we measured things may mean that Martin's numbers may not be 100% comparable. I'll be updating that write up once we get some push numbers from fast_fate
Yeah Sorry Gabriel - I wasn't intentionally ignoring you, hadn't read your post thoroughly
Agreed those have to be there, just that the top makes a centered design suddenly off center Yeah if it lines up with the edges of the IO I do think that the pattern rotation will look a lot better because you get a vertical line that then merges into the end of the IO plate. Maybe it's just me though I know CL is all about function first, but I'd like to see as much detailed work go into the aesthetics too. We know you can do it, just look at the changes you made to...
Yeha I'm sensative to making it weak, but if you rotated the existing pattern it would still be strong enough. If you spread the "dashed" lines apart it would make it even stronger and have less bleed through.I agree that you want to hide the chassis, but you also want to maximize the attractiveness are some paint drawings of my thoughts based on not changing it much, but fixing the awkwardness of the front planel:to fix:
Ah fair enough, I was just really hoping for a different look on this newest gen. The functionality and design are great, but I keep thinking it's time to change up the aesthetic. Bleed through is ok if the fans are pretty (and screws too). For LED fans it may even be an advantage. I came up with some crappy designs in five mins with paint. Most of these I don't likeThis first one doesn't solve the proportion problem, just a switch to hex:better:still better:Let's...
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