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Yeah kinda need to do that! I'll try today
Yeah I'll be doing one, and yeah I have a box from Koolance
Vacation time - back in a week and then it will be the finishing!
Closing the thread as I'll be gone for the week on vacation. Then I'll start a new one with a big garage sale hopefully!
Saw this on the EK FB page: I'm wondering if the regular trays would still be removable with this chunk sticking out? Certainly the S8 would probably be the best bet because the tray lifts out vertically. What do you guys think? @derickwm - got any numbers for the CL team on how big this is?
Thanks Nate - I appreciate it's harder for you to do all the work we've come to expect from the mainstream companies. I wouldn't bother sending standoffs, I'm hoping to not touch that install ever again On your next design though it would be a really good idea. Personally I'd charge a bit more and include thermal pads too so that people know what thickness is safe to use etc.
I've still come to the opinion that two rigs in the same box is a PITA, I would definitely do two back to back SMA8s instead, and maybe use a tx10 platform to mount them together if you want them together.
I did power then tube. It's only cause I'm stupid and did 4 loops and brought the tube out where I thought it would look best not where would be most efficient for use of tube lol.
Ah yeah... pets forgot about them
Soft, I only needed 12 of hard.
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