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Congrats to new members: @samtheman @vhsownsbeta @SDMODNoob @ShadowBroker Let me know if I missed you!
Yeah ram blocks are pretty silly, but give builds that extra oomph lol. I wasn't planning on adding them on the dark board because lazy/cheap and only 4 sticks of ram lol.And quad 290s for the other side of the TX10 :Need to add the motherboard block and redo the tubing on that side though.
GET ALL THE PORTS! Get 9 of these and fill the front bays. Only hook up one feature of each one and do not label which one is which. Make sure to paint the front panels to match
Yeah I was tempted to jump on the BE, but managed to get the tricky last bend done
So I never covered the measuring sticks that you get with the full monsoon kit: Initially when I saw them I was like really... they seem kinda lame. Then I used them and honestly for a simple idea they work very well. Here you can see a pretty complex 3/4 bend setup that you can measure easily. The harder part is then bending it. With compound bends like this you're never going to be able to setup quite as you'd like with the mandrels. I did the 45 degree bend...
That does make things easier, maybe for X99 lulz
Yeah I'm struggling with that right now - nearly done tho:Do you still need em? If you can afford to blow $180 on the platform with the XXL wheels then I would go that route - even the larger HD wheels struggle with that much weight if you have any carpet. you - but yes that would be awesome!
No I mean I can still put it back together if I want the 180 effect and I drilled replacement holes so it can still be mounted vertically on a board with the 90 degree mounts Monsoon include. Personally I think it should come likes this - I suggested it to Gene but haven't heard back yet. Who knows maybe there's an easier way to do what I'm trying to do Funny you should say that - went to the beach on the fifth and did a poor job applying SPF and missed part of my chest....
2 minutes in socal sun and it was most definitely done Probably only needed 30 seconds if that!Also some how the post didn't include the last photo:
So I did try and make a custom bend curve for tighter 180's: As you can see it worked - though I found that 180s are just harder to get perfect than 2 separate 90s. The hard part is getting the sizing right. I was stupid and measured center to centre as you should for the monsoon kit, while my custom one needed to be measured inside to inside. So in the end it was a waste of tube. So I figured out a new strategy that used less tight bends and started with the...
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