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oh lol, well that's embarassing. gonna go google myself real quick so QDC3 was slightly better and QDC4 slightly worse. Could be within the noise floor or sample variance.
Watercool and AquaComputer do too - hence the very different style. Not sure about absolutely everyone else though, so I don't want to tar everyone with the same brush.
It's EK how can they not get defensive JK JKMost rads are outsourced to companies in china, so quality control isn't always as high as regular products.
Nice geggeg thanks for the pics!
orly? I thought I found them similar, I'll have to dig out my data the cores should be the same.Certainly not the highest, nor higher than the old block. The 5Noz was the highest flow, followed closely by the IceForce. Both of those are discontinued though. I measured the regular Supremacy and the Summit as the highest flow block still for sale. But it does depend what jetplate you use also.Dem curves
Derick was using Jeppz while using a personal pleasure machine.SIGN ME UP
Now that you have advanced modding skills I think you've gone and got a limited edition dremel.
+1FF did a ton of work trying to get a system to work, and it was hard to get it to be repeatable and accurate which is why I was PMing you about your setup. Luckily FF is a stubborn sort and persevering and now has an awesome setup just for this. I think the isolated chamber to control ambient (and shielding from external air currents) really helps, particularly if your temperature sensors aren't calibrated, but you'd be surprised still how much using a full system as a...
50 is such a strange number. Not enough for a economy of scale, but quite large for a prototype run. Also who got number one?
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