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Yesssss feed the OCD it makes you stronger!I dread to think how much I spent on fancying up the parts that will be behind closed doors (except for when I take the panels off to show off my frisky pumps)
No - unlike other manufacturers and resellers that keep stock CaseLabs are made to order and only made when you order. I wouldn't count on anything but selling at a loss. However if you were to order from a reseller it's possible they might let you restock (usually for a fee).
Who needs an S3 or an X2: When you can put mitx in an SMH10 Don't worry it's temporary while I finish the tx10
wait jeppzer is still alive
Not yet!
I heard of btc first when someone mentioned it on ocn and then it got censored. That was back in the old days when it was against TOS lulz.
Not sure - I'd say it's too early to say - let's wait and see what the new one does I guess.
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