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I would like to win this because I currently only have OTA channels, and live in a rural area, so that leaves me to PBS only. Our PS3 died last month, taking away the Netflix and Hulu we were dependent on to serve as our living room entertainment. My wife has been laid up due to medical reasons for a while now, and rarely leaves the bedroom because there is no reason for her to come into the living room when she can use her Kindle from bed. We cannot afford a new PS3, much...
It just keeps getting better... When do you start on mine?
That looks awesome!
What's in the tank? Got nice plant growth.
Ultramon is decent as well. Haven't used it in a loooong time though. Did what I needed it to when I did use it though.
I use Actual Multiple monitors. It works well for me.
so you're a closet gamer, huh? *snicker*
I thought it was pretty funny. lol
Oh... well don't do that then. lolI wouldn't put it on the floor... Maybe find a little table to set it on next to your desk?
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