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For a little bit less there's the Corsair M95. I use one myself and I have to say it's the best mouse I've ever owned. The sensor is high quality and flawless when it comes to accuracy. In my case it's amazingly comfortable and every one of the macro buttons is perfectly positioned for my grip. Comes with profile software and all that, and as far as I've experienced so far there's nothing to complain about when it comes to features. And it's cheaper than a Naga if price is...
Neat! If we get enough interest I might start one up. Good luck! And I'm totally willing to give feedback/opinions/experience where needed.
I just recently completed my first large-ish scale mod which was reverse-atx modding my Nanoxia DS6(No pictures or log yet). During the mod I was curious and checked to see if there was a thread dedicated to discussing and sharing experiences with reverse-atx modding cases. There wasn't and I'm wondering if it'd be worthwhile to start one up. I imagine it'd be useful to compile a list of compatible cases and share tips and tricks for RATX-modding our cases. I wanted to ask...
Preeeettttyy sure I'm gonna have to sub to this. And yes, make those Seidon's match!
Woo! Thank you sir.
Any chance of another link to that there SSD mount? Love the build by the way, absolutely stunning industrial look to it.
Ah yes, surface area. Probably should have considered that. Can you tell that I'm new to this? Would have liked to fit something like a Monsta 3x140 in there but that's probably not gonna happen. But I've measured and a 2x180 is about the perfect size while still leaving room for fittings and all that. So woo! Cheers.
Hey all, I'm toying with the idea of eventually upgrading my rig to full watercooling and I would love to fit a 420 radiator in the bottom of my case. I've measured it up and I have either 430mm or 450mm depending on configuration. Had a look and the shortest 420 radiator I have found available in my area is 460mm. Is there a 3x140mm radiator available that is shorter? If the ports happen to be straight out the end I can work around that maybe. Otherwise I'll possibly be...
All stuff I've customized myself. And unfortunately they've been changed so many times it looks nothing like what it was when I got them originally.If it helps, according to my skins folder it all started as parts of Dark.Eve, Soita, Illustro, and SimplyNova.
Mine right now. No fancy plugins or anything really, just Rainmeter and Display Fusion.
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