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I'd like to see a base like the Zowie SR series with an all black talent top and smaller logo in lower right.
I have a Puretrak 'stealth' which is a smaller size than of 'talent'. I would run out of real estate gaming on it from time to time being a bit too small.
I had email correspondence with Puretrak regarding a possible all black talent in the future. The response I got.If true, getting it just to have.
Willing to trade my ZA 13 for a ZA 12 even exchange shipped in original box and both mouse feet have been double stacked on the ZA13. You can keep your extra mouse feet if you like. Shipping within the United States. If you have a ZA12 and think it's too big for your hands and would like to trade for my ZA13 please PM me
Thank you.This made me laugh.Thank you.If you do get Otsu, your welcome to leave thoughts on it coming from Hien mid.
Thanks for all your hard work moderating. It's been an immeasurable amount of help. Can't thank you enough. Good luck all around. The mod team will miss you. Enjoy OCN without having to moderate it. See you around the threads.
I know of only 6 custom prints Artisan will do on any of their pads. When ordering Otsu you can choose customization. Are you not ordering directly from their website?Not so comforting they aren't replying to email correspondence - you.
Let me first start out by saying I'm not a professional and there is no technical testing done on this over view of my experience with Artisan Hien Soft to Hayate Otsu Soft. I did separate 'over views' but thought it would be nice to see both in one place to show the transition from Hien to Otsu which also compliments Otsu in what I found. Never ordering from Artisan I thought I'd share with members. If your new to Artisan you may find this enlightening.Artisan Hien...
Not sure why that is either, I don't think it's something lost in translation since it's a fighter plane named Otsu It's most likely a mass type O cause it's on mine too
I bit the bullet ordering from Watercooling UK, they deliver to North America. Not so much worth it for $51.00 US for pad & shipping. The cost to play with the rare new to market items I guess when it's not available in your region. I liked my P-SR I tried and it's married to my ZA13 at the office. Liking the Gray aesthetically for main rig.Checked Amazon since S-GR DG came out but no US third party retailer ever had or has it yet in stock.On topic, it's a good pad with...
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