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Conrats - added
Very impressive gentlemen, congrats Way too represent
/cleaned of political discussion I can see this is one of those that is going to be hard to stay clear of politics understandably. Please try or thread will have to be locked. Carry on.
Just got off a few sessions of single player and 'drop zone' multi, I thought it was fun. A bit chaotic, still trying to figure out some games map mechanics. Turned up settings to ultra, Field of view to 80. No issues no stuttering etc.....with 780Ti @1440p and latest driver. Got some things to do here but will be playing later tonight and probably be losing some sleep .
Congrats - added Congrats - added Thanks for proper submissions.
My point of view......I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. The sales Amazon miss is on themselves. Other vendors will gladly pick up on the loss of revenue Amazon will not generate. Amazon isn't a monopoly and they share a direct product they are in competition As already mentioned, We don't expect Apple to sell Amazon Firesticks or Chromecast on their site. Google can use other vendors like Newegg easily. If Amazon's stance isn't favorable to some, use consumer choice...
With my current 780Ti I'm glad I didn't bite at 980Ti for main rig, that'll be quite a performance jump.Mostly for benching, wonder if over clocking with HBM2 will be like HBM1?I am expecting this to be pricey.
Agree with embroidered edges adding to longevity to keep from fraying as long as it doesn't bother the wrist or arm part that lays on it.Agree with shipping flat in a cardboard envelope like Artisan being only solution if it doesn't lay flat right away on it's own like SR series does even though rolled up. However Artisan's "Large" compares to other country's "medium" sizes. I think it's why they've been reluctant with XL size for shipping reasons. I personally don't mind...
I was under the assumption it laid flat right out of the box like the SR series. Wonder if anyone else is experiencing this with TFX?Exactly what I do. Usually 24-48 hours of constant weight will lay it flat.Recent purchase of Taito Control which also has embroidered edges had same issue. Sort of laid flat after 3 days of weight.It took over a week for it to lay flat all around finally with massaging the edges working it in daily. It lays flat now but I don't use it anyway.
I ordered an OCN flame key-cap October 31, 2013 for $5.00 through Paypal which sent confirmation of payment for an Keyboard Key - Alps Type Item# OCNKEY1.Money was taken by TankGuys and I received order number confirmation but never received key-cap. Sent email asking what happened to my order and it was never replied to.Tried again on June 30, 2014, once again through Paypal, received both confirmation from Paypal payment sent but this time no confirmation...
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