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Sensei wireless (very heavy) and Razer Mamba 125g are your other two choices. Less responsive and battery life too. Step down IMO but if shape don't work with G900 then see if one of those shapes will work for your wireless needs.Looking back I can't believe I had a razer mamba myself for a bit but coming from deathadder it wasn't too much difference. I think I was crazy back then. I just remembered gaming I would put it back on the wire .
That would put the weight based on what he said to 90g, a good weight IMO. It's not too light for those that like at or a little bit above 100g and not too heavy for those that prefers something in the 80g area.
Ok Lucio is taking discord away because it says "you have taken away zenyatta orb of discord".
We are going to assume those two choices in the poll have something to do with the specifications of the mouse in production that can be changed to be either / or but not other variations of weights.
Newegg has some left.Other stores have already replaced it with the new version like Walmart sells the new one. Huh, I might just check that out.
So I've taken to healing with Lucio to start. He's quite the power house giving speed and healing to group. I'm healing as much as damage is being dished out almost. I do have a question, occasionally I see the orb being taken away from Zenyatta on the other team. Either Lucio keeps taking it away some how or it's being done by someone else on the team. Does anyone know who plays with Zenyatta know what's going on? On side note: Game play is great and I'm not even on the...
I'm going to take this as cryptic to a yes on 3360 sensor if your one of us. You got a good debate on weight started with the poll.
I'll have to wait till late tonight (busy) but it looks like servers are up and ready to play!
Since Dell UP3017Q OLED is not so much 'new' news and I didn't' want to lock it in news section, I moved this to 'Monitors and Displays'. No one had created a thread here and this one works.
One thing I've seen consistently on OCN is great logitech product support over the years. I felt very confident buying this expensive mouse, like I did when I purchased a G710 keyboard that I was going to be covered should something go wrong under warranty.
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