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I can't tell you how thrilled I am that CeeSA has become an artisan with overclock.netIf your a member who is not familiar with CeeSA or spend time in the mouse section of this forum and consider yourself a hardcore or competitive gamer, you're going to want to look into this.The paracords he crafts to replace an original mouse cord are very flexible and super light. It assimilates the same weightlessness feeling when cord is on a mouse bungee only it's just laying how you...
I'd say the PRIME Titanium 850 PSU would be the PSU of Sesonic choice. Definitely brings on the competition.
I used my mice with paracord on hayate otsu and G-SRDG without snagging. It's a non issue at least on those pads. The cord is smoother than a braided cord so can't see that being an issue.
Sweet news CeeSa this is just awesome! I have your paracords on my Nixeus Revel and GPro. Thinking of getting one for my kids G403. The differencce the cord makes when flexible and light weight gives the same effect of mouse bungee for me.
Every time I read new info in this thread a little bit of me dies inside. I had high hopes for the mastermouse where they had a home run with masterkeys L and Mastercase 5. Seems they don't master it all.
That's where I feel I must have lucked out because my copy of Gpro M1 and M2 buttons sound the same. I'm one who don't care regarding sound as long as actual actuation is same. One of the things I talked about when I reviewed gpro that it was the first mouse for me that sounded exactly the same.Initially I would accidental click due to being a new shape for me but I ended up getting acclimated to it and don't have the happen ever now. Took like 2 weeks for me which was...
If that's what your experiencing I'd agree for you.Not all feel that way as you can see both a lot of happy as well as unhappy owners in this thread. That goes without saying for almost every mouse.I have zero issues with accidental clicks or cramps. I went from sharing time with my gpro and g900, to soley using gpro as main driver. I just do better with it in games.
I use a datavac Blows fine dust right out of it.
Source is gone. /thread closed.
Nice review ino. Personally any mouse passed 95g for me is a pass anymore. If it wasn't for G900 being wireless I would have passed on it too and I ended up giving that up for my modified gpro in the end anyway. EMP dosen't seem to have any major changes from XTD except with upgraded sensor really. Overall, still a worthy mouse to suggest to someone looking for this type of mouse shape, buttons, scroll wheel and where weight isn't an issue. I'll be waiting on a new...
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