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Two G1's no whine. Google "coil whine" and add a different GPU and you'll be surprised. One vote in the poll that's missing is those who "had whine but after some stress like gaming lessened or completely went away".
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That was AMD that no longer requires the crossfire bridge. Nvidia still does. A lot of mother boards come with a SLI connector. They are like $10.As needing another 970 for a 3 monitor set up is up to you. If your gaming fine and happy with perfomance then waiting isn't going to effect you. Doubt pricing will go down until next Gen comes. So if your waiting on that it'll be a while.A second GPU is going to bring slightly higher temps and may / more than likely effect your...
That is sweet man. Nice work. Congrats - updated
Going to be away traveling for a few days so just setting myself a marker so I don't miss anyone. This way I can pick up from here. Have a good weekend everyone, play nice.
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Congrats! Good feeling to score one finally after refreshing for days on end. I chose 4-7 business days free shipping and got here in 3.Post pics when you get it set up.
Nice to see GPU-Z officially supports 970's with version 0.8.0Source
Too add to what you said:It's sad to say that monitor quality control issues seem to be across the board. I've seen Samsung, Asus, ViewSonic and Dell. Backlight bleed, Dead pixels, White dot, and even shipped damaged.Some companies have more quality control issues than others. Keep in mind some companies are also better to deal with when it comes to defective monitors and differ eg levels of customer service.All these companies are selling high-priced monitors what you...
Sorry to hear that.Technically to fulfill RMA they would only need a refurbished 290 laying around to replace yours.However if they didn't have one Im not sure if they would side grade you. They may upgrade you to a 290X for not being able to provide you with the exact model. Which makes for good customer service. You'll also probably receive some sort of correspondence to get your approval before they just sent something else out.
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