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Have to ask, are you plugging in the USB connector into the cord when you go wireless?
It does seem to wear a bit. Seems to vary based on use and how hard one presses on mouse. I felt it when I switched to my G900, a heavier mouse that I was also trying to get used to. Felt slower to where I couldn't make small adjustments aiming as well. The pad was fine with my ZA12 and I plan to break it out again when the glossy revel releases.
This. It's a ll you need, works for me.
Not sure why since I'm American but I like watching EnVyUs a lot in CSGO.
60 hours to go through it slowly and complete everything for me. Got my moneys worth IMO and I loved this game. It wouldn't matter so much for those who've already played but there were certain missions that really needed a team of three to complete and if there isn't anyone playing that would make it tougher for new players. Personally I'm done until Division 2
Up until G900 I would have never gone wireless after trying Mamba. This is the exception of a worthy wireless gaming mouse. Beats some wired mice even and the one I'm currently using.
This glossy is the 1st since I've been wanting one that I'd consider worthy, can't wait to try it and lay my hand on it either.
We'd need the thread starter @CtrlAltel1teto become involved. I did add the list to the OP thus far.
Awesome giveaway for OCN members. Sweet mouse specs and that glossy looks exceptional. Ok here I go 400: Red 800: Orange 1200: Yellow 1600: Green 2000: Blue 3200: Indigo 5000: Violet 10800: White
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