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This rumor makes me feel as if June will come and all we will hear is "we have a 390X in our hand, wait longer for it to be on shelves". I hope by June the 390X will be in full retail sales and not some announcement about it coming soon. I've been patiently waiting to see both sides of sync being offered before making a decision. I fall into the boat of others who don't want to lock themselves into one manufacturer for graphics cards. I like freesync option better because...
Congrats - added Congrats - added IMO too.Sorry to hear about your Tri-X. Nice to hear you got a Vapor-X replacement. WTG Sapphire.Congrats - added
ooops....fixed.Congrats - added
Matt finish doesn't effect everybody the same and is subjectional vs glossy panels in a room with back lighting and reflections against it. Doesn't make one inferior over the other.
MAXIMUS VII FORMULA BIOS 2601 1. Implement 5th-Generation Intel Core Processors code *Full support of the new CPU requires necessary driver updates. 2. Support ASUS USB 3.1 PCIE add-on card 3. Support NVMe I'm scared to give it a go. Everything is working flawlessly with ver 2012 right now. You know how that can be rare and I'm loving the board. The audio has been stepped up. My simple SP2500 speakers have more punch and volume. I feel the on board audio amp can drive...
I'm scared to think what they mean by partially Display in first shipment and a few days later they'll send the stand.
You're right.I got excited this morning thinking somehow this was possible and I almost pulled the trigger because it was actually available. At least for 30-60 seconds that I was staring at it.Sorry to hear that, bummer.
Actually they are really good about defective merchandise you just have to talk to someone and they will supply a free return shipping label if it's truly defective merchandise. I've done it many times not being a premier member.Recently I built a rig and all my components were shipped with free three day shipping and I had to return two of them. The paid itself off. Especially with an $800 monitor an extra $20 makes it that even if you're just not satisfied and you have...
When I saw that there was availability this morning, I almost put it into cart based on 3D Vision. Even if it's just 3D movies. Hope no one buys it based on that.Has anyone physically tried playing blu-Ray 3D vision yet? If you have the glasses please check in 120Hz mode not 144Hz.Cybermedia lets you play 3D vision. I'm already set up on third rig with 3D but getting a kid off his computer is easier said than done.
So Newgg showing specs now.Has anyone tried watching 3D movies or gaming yet? I like watching 3D movies and thus just made this monitor harder to pass up now for me. Still undecided on becoming 'locked' into GPU feeling.As newegg premier, returns or refunds are with no questions asked like Amazon. Free return shipping labels no restocking fee. If you want peace of mind it's $20 for three months at time of purchase for membership.
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