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Nice, wonder what the special offer is?
I wait to get pop up warning regarding battery life at 20% and wait till end of night to plug it in to charge while I sleep. I try to time it so I'm never on the wire when I'm using my G900. It only takes 2 hours to full charge from 1% life, not a big deal if you have to be on the wire to charge it.
Very nice upgrade indeed. Nice collection, added. I'm sure we'll start seeing others and their 3360 iterations at the very latest before 2017 ends.Nothing wrong with liking mice over shoes. You'll get no argument here. Welcome to the club list - added
Beta firmware found on OP is most current and a peek Nixeus allowed OCN members to try if we wanted, so not official yet to be on his site. is still in beta so also not official to be on site. Just one of those things we learn here before official release in discussion. New Nixeus software will allow us to customize the current 8 DPI settings and color we'd like to assign to each setting. Starting from 50 DPI...
in my mind it is, lol.Nephew has a dell office mouse and my son I can't get off his KPO 3090 sensor. Wouldn't everyone like a new mouse in thier stocking? [[SPOILER]]
Hardest thing to do was hold off on $37.18 and not doubling up on mice for me. I did get to feel good about these sales by getting 2 G403's as Christmas gifts to kids I know sorely need mice. Only thing that kept me from getting another G pro for myself was knowing in 2017 all the new mice coming out and my fetish won't be able to hold back trying new shaped mice.
BenQ will eventually refresh their Zowie line with new 3360 sensor at some point. I'm betting we'll start seeing optical mice updates in 2017 across the board for all mice manufacturers that want in when they notice drop in their mice sales.A sensei-ish shape Revel and updated internals was refreshing. White glossy for me was a nice touch and option for black matte for others not so keen to that was a smart move.A small mouse as was hinted by Peter sounds even more fun and...
I don't have the G403 yet (for my son incoming) but I'd say the feet are too thin and scraping against the plastic mold of the feet shape. Replace with Hotline Games for G403 0.6mm competition feet and you will see a big difference. I already purchased his replacement feet that's going in as a stocking stuffer with his mouse from day one.
Ill probably get hyperglides to check'em out but it won't change the glide from hotlines. Only difference I can see is less wear on the hyperglides PTFE feet on hard pads. Glide will be same and on cloth pads and I'm betting no difference at all in wear or glide.
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