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On the G900 the hotlines feet are tapered edges. I had Corepads for the G900 and they are not tapered. The hotlines should be tapered.
In case you arent subbed to the G403 thread. Hotline games replacement feet are out for G Pro.
I had a feeling Hotlines would beat hyperglides. Just ordered these on G Pro but will still get hyperglides when they release to compare.
Updated to OP.
I kind of waited for the hype to die down myself. What I learned is that this is a love it or hate it type mouse based on what I'm hearing from members. I finally decided to pick up one myself and see what the hub hub is all about. Timed it to BF1 release tonight in my hand. Holding off on thoughts as they'd be premature.
Picked up a G Pro from Newegg arrived 2days ago S/N 1628 mint copy. Braided cable and mice feet are exactly the same as G900. Downloading Battlefield 1 tonight but saving all my impressions on G Pro for at least a week. Getting hyperglides as soon as they are available no doubt.
So awesome having Battlefield 1 Games day ready driver! I download it at midnight. Perfect timing.
Updated OP with reviews and test videos of revel.
I know you had or have a G900. How would you compare the cable between the G Pro and G900 ?The G900 is a tad heavy but very flexible and no kinks. Im hearing mixed feelings about the cord and I'm seeking just an FPS mouse small like a savu.
I'm reporting with good news. Replaced the revel stock feet with the new (3M) feet provided by Nixeus and I noticed a difference on the top foot that scratched before now glides nicely. The new 0.5mm replacement feet are better than stock feet that come on some of your more expensive mice.If revel starts shipping with these feet, it'll be a mouse you can actually keep the feet on. Not to mention it already has a cord you don't have to replace with a paracord or...
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