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Thanks to both of you and quick response. Figured that might work but wasn't sure.
Quick question regarding the FiiO E06 Portable Headphone Amplifier I have an i5S phone. The connector looks like the old larger connection to the iPhone 4S. If so, then I wouldn't be able to use the FiiO E06H. Am I correct on this? if so, is there a smaller connector I can buy do I can use the Filo E06H?
For anyone interested in the HD600 I came across another member selling on OCN his for $260 and thought I'd share this with the club.
Congrats - added Thanks for sharing your RMA with VisionTek, keep us posted when you receive it. We just don't hear the good things enough. Seems people voice themselves louder when it's something goes wrong or bad more often.
/Thread cleaned Okay, this is a reminder: unlike an "owners / club thread" others who may not have purchased this product are allowed to provide their own opinions / thoughts be it positive or negative. We are still to respect each other and disagree with each other. If a member says something negative about a product it doesn't mean that they are just out right bias. Warning others sometimes helps us make the right decision on how we spend our hard earned money which is...
Congrats - added Nicely priced. If you would pop a GPU-Z validation link in there with OCN name in validation link showing would be appreciated.
Night and day difference. Congrats man. After a Ducky it will be hard for you to even consider any other board IMO.
Just did. Time to update your rig in sig.
Sweet - congrats - added Saw your 1000W P2 in the EVGA club. Looks like your set. Welcome back.
Congrats bud. Sweet PSU - enjoy.
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