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Both using same new rubber base. GSR top feels like plush cloth that has a tad more friction than QCK+. I can best describe the tops smooth feel to a low fiber count as opposed to higher fiber count which has more silky smooth feel with no snags, but that's what helps with control IMO.ino has both and posted a comment regarding TXR / GSR comparison. HERE
I think 2 yrs for any pad is great. Nice to know the Hien has longevity. Got 2 yrs 5 months out of Taito 3mm mid. Son had one I had another. His frayed a bit and one corner peeled up from base after the two year mark. I replaced them finally with something else. Priced under $20 I called it a win. I'd have bought another Taito but I like trying new pads so I've moved on and currently torn between Hayate Otsu and SGR-DG, both for different reasons.
Announcement Due to decreasing time available OC'ing Noob has told me he'd like to hand over the reigns to someone who could maintain this club and give it the attention it needs, when needed. I want to publicly thank OC'ing Noob for taking over this club when he did and all the hard work and time he did put into making improvements, inspiring others, freebies and creating new member awareness to to this club. Putting the club first over himself because it's just that...
Congrats Terrorbyte Generous prize and great idea for the birthday giveaway. Thank you OC'ing Noob!
Answering some or all of these questions below might help other members suggest the best mouse for you.Otherwise your only going to get answeres to what mouse member like personally best.Hand size helps to.Example.....ZA11 is a big mouse and if you said your hands are 18cm I'd say it's too big for you and either ZA12 or 13 would be better.
Nice post. I found this interesting. +REP thank you.
Congrats Fnatic...... though I don't miss my mine
It's been a fun two days watching for sure.
Can I be in for #2 and #4 only? If so.....IN.
Got mine for 32.40 GBP = 58.05 U.S. from still dosent have any for U.S. availability last checked.Steep price. Not particularly worth it so it's the price of impatience. I wanted gray over the blue after trying smaller PSR, so I forked it out.
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