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This weekend was matched well. No real blow outs and even a triple OT yesterday. [[SPOILER]] Personally I wasn't rooting for anyone after FaZe and then even NIP got out.
Teams left competing for the $450,000 prize purse [[SPOILER]] I'm looking forward to Nikko next time we see him with Faze.
OK so tomorrow starts the big weekend. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] I guess at this point looks like SK is the team to beat.
Your sure may, Nice - added I see about 4 of those with paracords.
Reminder all Offers via PM only.
Heads up for those interested in eliminatiions , VP vs Fnatic just got done playing - Cloud9 vs NIP next and FaZe vs NaVi later today. I'm sorry but GL to FaZe
/Moved to Intel CPU
Starts now and is LIVE, let the weekend begin. NIP vs TyLoo right now GROUP STAGES FEBRUARY 15-17TH ON THE MGM GRAND FLOOR PLAYOFFS FEBRUARY 18-19TH IN THE MGM GRAND ARENA
No issue with the god like clicks on the G900 myself either. Just a little to big for me personally in FPS or it'd be still on my desk as main.Love my modified Gpro though it's great gaming.
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