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I pulled my ZA13 out of the box I'm selling locally and just placed the hyperglides on top.The bottom fits snug as a bug but the top seems a fraction off. Almost a bit over a bit. Here is a close up. Sorry it's dusty when you get close. I can't say 100% it fits but it's definitely doable.
Hyperglides arrived.
Nice congrats - added
Congrats added Congrats - added
No I haven't tried any other mice from Zowie. So cannot give comparison between ZA and FK2. I do like the rear on the ZA where it is, as it's holding up bottom of palm in my hybrid claw / plam grip.
Please visit thread linked below for this discussion. We do not need multiple threads on same discussion. Feel free to add this news and source to original post in previous thread. [Eteknix]All is not Well With the AMD Fury X (High Pitch/Pump noise)
Have always wanted to try a Ben-Q display. I like trying new products. Wanted to see their offering too is all. If their not ready, the PG279Q will be it.
I have 18cm and tried both 13 & 12. Prefer 12 where the butt end fills my hand better.Noticed your new, welcome to OCN.
Curious, hand size?
Q3 Starts today and Asus has until Sept 30th to put it out to be on time. Countdown begins.... After waiting for the GPU sector to play out patiently, and based on having two other systems with Nvidia GPU's to hand gear down to (one 120 Hz 3D), I'm 100% sure I'm going G-sync. Only 70% sure about this monitor since I was hoping Ben-Q would have teased us with an 144 Hz IPS panel with G-sync of their own, guess not. I'm sure it has to do with locked proprietary hardware....
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