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I don't see you on the list bond32. I'll have to apologize if I missed your submission. I can't find it. Link me to it, or by all means submit validation, I'll get you added. Sure did. Congrats again - added
Heh, sorry about that I'm using lingo you're not familiar with being new . OP = original post to this thread.A GPU-Z validation link with your OCN name showing or a pic of the GPU with you OCN name on a paper or something. Congrats - updated
Nice work. Welcome to OCN with your first post. Nice temps . Read OP and submit proof and I'll add you to the club roster, Love to have you aboard,
Congrats - added
Congrats - added Hope you iron out your issues with your tri-fire. Afterward make sure to join us.Tip: List your rig when you get a chance. When asking questions it helps other members help you to know your system. - How to put your Rig in your Sig
This is already a thread. Please continue discussion in below link already in progress.
Discussion that followed regarding REP was removed. Indirectly it was not you, but it opened the door for response. Sorry for the confusion.
REP discussion here please in here.
Metal is my main genre of listening. When your list of items gets closer and your ready for a new set of open cans, HD650 IMO fits what you just said. I was steered to them by members and they were spot on.@40% off I can see why your entertaining the possibility to get them. EDIT: After my Broadwell build at the beginning of the year, I'll be looking at a step up from my current DAC and see how I can elevate my HD650's even further.
G3420 priced around $80 would make for a good budget chip, basic needs.
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