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Sort of why huddler flagged it and held it for moderation to view. But if it's somehow still relevant I don't mind discussion for those who may not have commented on it originally.
Previous post was held by system was restored. Please PM a Moderator with questions rather than discuss deleted or removed posts as per terms of service. Thank you and sorry for huddler being over active.
Well deserved, he already won the first quarter's contest.
5ent your a moderating machine. Thanks for the guidance that you have provided myself other moderators in upholding the terms of service and setting example. You will be missed by staffing. However I'm glad to hear your departure from moderation is on a very positive note for your life, we will see you on steam and around the threads. Just think, now when you logon overclock you don't have to worry that you have a mountain of work first.
Congrats - added both Post a GPU-Z link with validation tab open with OCN name, will add you to the roster.Also anyone else reading, who hasn't done so yet, please do so. Congrats - added
Congrats - looks great. Updated OP updated with latest driver info.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Introducing the Catalyst™ Omega Driver Windows®AMD Catalyst™ Driver 14.12 Windows® [[SPOILER]]
I've been comparing TidalHiFi against Spotify and I can't hear the difference. Tried different songs flipping between the two. If I could tell the difference other than volume it might be worth the extra $$ but I can't justify it unless I'm missing something? Maybe I need to be a 'yuppie'. Already canceled it before I forgot, thanks skups. One thing I heard was a couple skips while listening to 'Camera Eye' by Rush, like a record being played and the needled skipped...
Got ya. Congrats added Congrats - updated
Glad to hear it and welcome to
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