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G-pro.Not to get off topic, I know your not fond of it if I remember correctly. I just prefer smaller mice gaming.
May I join? Finally replaced stock fans with two NF-F14's & three NF-A12's. Overpriced a bit for assured quality and long warranty I didn't mind. White chroma customization, aesthetically priceless.
Way to show it off. I enjoy the white glossy every day and customized mine with a CeeSA cable.
Thanks for sharing and for the detailed write up. I ended up taking my revel to work only be because I found another mouse I personally prefer the shape in gaming over it. The M1 & 2 buttons didn't effect my clicking accept acoustically. I think based on the price for 39.99 usd (if this is your shape) it's a solid high end sensor gaming mouse with a good price performance ratio which includes software to control DPI and LED lights. Look foward to future Nixeus products...
/thread cleaned and I'm trying to keep this from being locked. Moderators have had to clean this thread a few times now. Let's try to focus on the effects of advertisers getting our info rather than the "how's" or "why's" on the political vote or government. We'll try this again. Please do not discuss my post, PM me directly if you have questions. Just wanted everyone to know.
Show us pics when it's done.
Easily spotted 4 mice of $30 or more - added I have a habit of keeping original boxes and store them back in box when done with the mice as back up or for re-sale. Nothing fancy.
Good review on this ncck
Not sure how they drag more being as hotlines are .1mm thicker than the gpro OEM's. Unless you left the protective plastic film on. When you have a choice I'd go for hyperglides if available.However when hyperglides don't make feet for certain mice or not available, Hotlines are better than OEM feet IMO and experiences I've had.In order of my preference : Hyperglides > Hotline Games > Corepad > Tiger Gaming > OEM
/MovedSource, OP and title updated. Other dupe thread locked on same subject.
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