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Good enough for me. Congrats - added
Nice work for a first build. Welcome to OCN on your third post. Only thing I can think of IMO to tie it all together nicely would be red PSU extensions on the ATX and the PCI-e cables.Connect the PCI-e cable behind the board and come out all red to GPU. In all honesty it's fine but I hope that helped if your looking for further tweaking suggestions. If your a fanatic about asthecitcs as I am a bit you can always get a red customized Corsair CX 750 sticker to place over...
Gentle reminder offers need to be via PM only.
Congrats - added Welcome to OCN with your first post. How to list your rig in Rig Builder
Announcement Shilka, the current OP and creator of this thread, will be handing over thread starter to LuckyPenny. Great job Shiilka for starting a very informational thread and place for member discussion on Thermaltake PSU's. Thank you LuckPenny for taking over the reigns of OP and if any updates need be.
Senn has a page up. New CX and Urbanite line. XL version.
Re-installed latest motherboard BIOS and yes just the Realtek HD audio driver. Not sure what / why - just happy it's working.I had taken the DAC / AMP up to second rig and it worked perfectly. It's how I knew you were on the right path with it being mother board USB, maybe power delivery, along those lines. If something goes wrong again like this out of the blue I'm going to be looking at mother board issues possibly. For now, knock on wood, all is good.First thing I did...
Congrats - added Just drop a GPU-Z validation link with OCN name showing in your original link underneath. illustration on what you did. I've added this to OP Helpful Info section as an informational source if anyone else is interested.
Sorry, to clarify what I meant.It's up to Sennheiser to put up some heavy advertising dollars and do it in a way to make the new Urbanite and CX line a household name as Beats successfully did. Sometimes it's not just the product that sells itself. I feel, to beat them you need to be recognized by the same target audence. Commercials everywhere Beats does will be key to set your sights at Beats. It's sad, but true. Beats did this extremely well.True audiophiles know how to...
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