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As long as it's not pink.....
I would consider this. Looks nice.
With release in US I'm expecting a surge in " I just ordered mine " or members giving info on their tracking, I'm hoping this is the thread you guys will use to do that. Ino's review thread should really be just about members talking about the mouse, sharing personal experience and not 100 pages of tracking info. So this bump is to remind you guys this thread is still here where it would be more on topic than a review thread to share your incoming mouse excitement.
Ah now I know what you guys were talking about. Lol
It wasn't but I just linked Peter's post on OP to firmware Ver 9.15.2016 and since I have it copied I linked below.
I thought new in the sense you can pre-order now. I'll take the new out of title.
New Mionix QG (Quantified Gaming) mouse RATE SENSORMonitoring of Heart Rate, GSR and activity12,000 NATIVE DPI12000 native DPI optical sensor (PMW-3360)Icon Naos qrGSR SENSORIn-game visualization overlayThought I would start a thread on this.
Yeah that would be a bit much to stack and the bottom Corepad foot wasn't flush when I placed it. The glue was so thick I couldn't get it readjusted after that perfectly. These hotlines are spot on and satisfyingly do well with G900 gliding on otsu.
They did and it's considered tailored and by direct sales only. "Direct sales" only must mean in their store, no delivery at all. Based on XL isn't listed on their site at all on any of their pads.I'm sure the size and the way they ship mouse pads flat would be too costly and / or have chance of bending.
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