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This sort of feels dejavu when 1080 1st reached 120 Hz (I got one still 3rd rig) over 1440 60 Hz panel. You had a lot of members that didn't mind 60 Hz for the better resolution that they received and were even willing to turn down game settings in order to achieve 60 FPS for 1440. Only your hard-core gamer stuck with 1080 @ 120 Hz because they couldn't handle the motion blur. Now were looking at 1440 finally reaching 120 Hz but also resolution reaching four times that of... 0.6mmThe mouse cable connects to USB and at the end of that cable goes the wireless receiver. To charge, remove wireless receiver and connect cable back to mouse. You can use while it charges. Mouse goes into sleep mode when inactive in wireless mode to conserve battery power. I set my mouse cable next to my black speakers off my desk. You can't see the cable and though it doesn't need to be, the wireless reciever is in LOS.
60Hz @ 3840x2160 UHD
I wonder how much of your experience when it first released was addressed by ACER or f it was just poor QC. For quite sometime I haven't seen really anyone else who owns them come here or have complained. I looked online for actual use of the monitor and did not see anything wrong, I've also read other owners who do not have issues too. So not sure if this is still an issue.
Took me a few seconds to notice it. Winner worthy. If that was made to hold a G900 when wired it would make a sick docking station.
I use G-SR DG (Dark gray) and love it. A black version with logo would have been nice but IMO BenQ messed it up with stitching embroidered edge. Some members have had issues with it like curling or creases. I passed even on trying it. I'm really debating getting another S-GR DG but it's only found on which shouldn't be an issue for you where you live. Its where I bought my first one too. It's discontinued so the ones that are out there are the only one left....
Think of it as putting on aftermarket tires that Allow you to drift better on your brand-new Dodge Viper that came with the stock tires. Exactly. I like the faster glide and lower LOD with higher feet. Stock on these peeled off more like thin curled electrical tape than it did hard Teflon. I prefer 0.7mm but ok with these Hotlines at 0.6mm. Being 107g, this mouse especially, I wanted a bit more off the pad, less resistance.
Congrats @Maximillion.
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