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/thread lock This is already in software news, please continue discussion there. These benchmarks and source already added to the OP by thread starter in below link.
Congrats, nice build. I see your new to OCN, don't forget to add your rig to your signature and welcome.
I was going to post it's own thread but it's a review and can be discussed here.Source By Nathan Grayson on November 21, 2015Personally I think Battleftont game play is fun and has great graphics. I understand it's not the best game right now but it sure is the most exciting game I'm playing. I'm sure I'm going to put in enough hours to get my $60 worth out of it and that's all that really matters.I bet there's enough Star Wars fanatics to keep servers alive a little...
@Agent Smith1984 Sorry if I missed it in the thread, have you tried the new Trixx which now supports over voltage on Fury cards? Curious if you tried this and if it helped bump your OC? I know you weren't satisfied with your card, wondering if this helped any?
Glad to hear it's working out for you.
After some time gaming now, I think Battlefront proves a game can be released polished out the door. Looks like it runs smooth on both Nvidia and AMD cards from what I've read with smooth game play. Kudos for brilliant visuals, everything looks great. I think all the different game play styles gives it some depth too. FRAPS confirmed for me I'm getting 70 FPS average on my 780Ti in Ultra mode FOV 90 while playing "Blast" & 20 players.
I don't know the actual reasoning but I'm guessing since Overclock can be reached at .net or .com now. So that might have something to do with it.
Nice move EVGA with Best Buy and that sweet back plate.
Just got it myself today. Had an 356.50 driver and game froze in a 'training session'. Updated to 358.91 all is smooth sailing again running a 1440 60 Hz IPS monitor. Video settings set to Ultra with 780ti getting a steady line with 99% GPU usage, 1189 Mhz Core, 84C, 2963 Memory usage. Don't quote me, I wasn't logging FPS but I did have FRAPS up and while gaming was eyeing it. In "Drop" seems I was averaging 76-85 FPS and in "Blast" looks like I got lower 65-74 FPS...
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