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I'd like to know to whom this seriously appeals? (Las Vegas hotel counters) I mean come on, RGB on a mouse pad? How well did thier last one do? Set aside the pad itself (even if amazing) and just based on lights this is an easy pass for me.
I'm actually curious on this one, waiting on what you think for sure.Reason being is I recently purchased CM Masterkeys Pro and the quality for a mech board surprisingly painted me slightly impressed. I'd say comparable IMO (with some difference) to my favorite Duckies One and Shine. CM did a really good job making their best mech keyboard to date.I have a good feeling this mouse might actually be worthy and one we might be able to suggest for those with certain shape...
No other wireless can compete currently with G900 short answer with a period. Good luck Razer with another version of mamba perhaps but they are absent yet with one that can compete along with SS. It will take another wireless mouse from Logi to meet this type of performance / mouse build and specs again. Even if Logi comes out with other wireless mice, they won't be better, just different shaped.
Congrats. Not to mention the builds placement of awesome clicks along with a great scroll wheel. The 3366 sensor like you mentioned is icing on the cake. It's going to take one helluv of mouse to win this out of my hand.Looking at G Pro but that may actually be too small for me if it's approximately same size a ZA13. Other rumored mice from logi that might just be other variations of wireless shapes around same 107g weight won't sway me. G900 shape grew on me like mold...
This is good news Peter and 0.6mm is perfect IMO. Thanks for keeping us up to date.
Fixed the glaring space bar LED's. Dang things were so bright you could guide an aircraft onto a runway between them on a foggy day.Easy fix was Scotch Indoor mounting tape. I cut 2 small box strips that fit right on top of the LED, which lay just below the board and doesn't interfere with the space bar actuation. The tape allows for some light to shine through which lights up the space bar nicely. I no longer have the left and right LED's pierceing me when approaching the...
Should have kept it a secret. 93.5g for a small mouse a bit to heavy IMO and 3310..... ducky timing
have all that turned off. TY So we have looked inside.Boy how did i miss that....+1 REP Dahvi and linked on OP now.
Pardon me if I missed it. I've been reading the thread but very busy and would appreciate if someone would know..... Has anyone opened thier DM1 Pro S yet and posted pics of internals?
SteelSeries asked if it is possible to remove that thread kindly since those are only concepts and they don't want to confuse the consumers in case it never gets released or features are changed. Now that you guys know. Hang tight I'm sure more to come.
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