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/thread re-opened. Please refrain from off topic discussion that has nothing to do with a 980TI GPU-Z appearing. Thank you, carry on.
True, but he couldn't say if it was anyway under NDA. Wishful thinking out loud.
A new driver in time to support a new GPU release perhaps
Nice. Post pics when you get it. If you can take an all RED led on pic would be nice. I'm curious.I went from Logitech G710 to Ducky Shine Zero. Just a tad better all around IMO. I think your going to feel the same way when you get your Ducky 4. I put O-rings on mine (somewhere in this thread) since I liked them on my previous board.On a side note jokingly: It's so sturdy if someone attacked me while sitting at my desk it would be a no brainer to pick up the Ducky and...
I see no gains for my 780TI except possible desktop crashes others have experienced. It's rare but I'm going to skip this WHQL driver release.
Congrats - added Congrats - added
I recently purchased a Zowie G-CM pad and wanted to report to other members who might be considering this pad to strongly re-consider. My pad will not lay flat without me having to constantly spray down (wet) bottom of the plastic base which keeps peeling off the desktop. I've had weight on pad for three days to hopefully depress the base with no luck. The bottom right hand corner keeps peeling off rather than laying flat. I just can't see damaging my wood desk by wetting...
Congrats - added
Congrats - added I have to apologize for missing this one until now. If I've missed anyone else in the past week plz PM me. It's been a busy week
Toy looking stand, glossy black bezel, and horrible QC issues. Not my cup of tea in a display when paying $800. Waiting on someone else's version of Gsync.Not to get off topic, just not interested with a cut down card and when the monitors playing field are still up for desision.
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