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/Editorial moved. This is not a news.
Good reviews. Awesome chance Iā€™m In
1. Roccat Savu 2. Logitech Gpro modified with paracord. [Main] 3. Zowie ZA12
That'll do, added.
Now to round up at least 4 of them , see if they play nice together while you take their picture. Nice gpro with white modified shell. Added to OP's list.
Dude, that's a beautiful way to neatly display your mice. I'm impressed, to not only store and protect but you get to appreciate your mice while adding a personal touch to your room.
This pic is after 48hrs of trying to flatten. 24 hrs on one side and another 24 hrs on the other with a lot of weight on top wasn't enough.It's flat all around now but took slight massaging the tightly embroidered edged to straighten and I ended up leaving it alone for one week. It wasn't enough, so I turned it over and about a week later it was relaxed finally.You can kind is see two of the sides were wavy along most of the pad in this Ariel comparison of old taito and...
Good list so far and accurate. Also add DG (Dark Gray) version to Zowie GS-R (Original Dark Blue). Also discontinued and on my desk right now. Shame on the new black G-SR being stitched. I'm sure we'll find that those pads with edged stitching are going to be the most problematic and most unreliable pads to lay flat right out of box. Yet there is some sort of confusion in the market that people want 'sturdy' mouse pads and stitching keeps edges from fraying. Yet how...
Moved out of News section to the Benchmarks. Have fun at it.
This reminded me of an old post I'll refer you to that might help. Datacolor Spyder can do both tv's and monitors. I'm not sure if things are same from version 4 to 5. Looks like displays, laptops, and projectors. From Datacolor: Spyder5EXPRESS ā€“ Easy and fast calibration for your screens. Spyder5PRO...
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