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Updated OP, thanks Peter for listening to the community and giving the end user more control.
I was just coming here to report this. Yeah, good luck NiP , not sure if this was wise. Time will tell. See if they win events like IEM Oakland like they did in November 2016's most recent win. GeT_RiGhT and f0rest will have their hands full. [[SPOILER]]
Mostly because others who like the shape, who do well with it, like it for the same reasons you don't.I never gave the G403 a chance to be honest preferring smaller mice anyway, so I understand.Some like the hump because it fills their hands better, giving them control if it's not over bearing. Naturally hand size will play a factor. It's kind of how I liked the hump on my ZA12 where others despised it.Quality wise good copies do exists as we've seen from other members in...
+1 rep for sharing a well written experience with this monitor rancor.
Say no more. I'm a bit surprised that by now we've heard crickets coming from the direction of BenQ Zowie mice with 3360 sensors.Personally, I was hoping for a new savu from Roccat. Would be an insta buy to check out and suit up with a paracord.I've been really happy with my modded gpro, but you know.....
Very nice including your storage cabinet - added to member list Hands down the best I've seen to store AND view your mice at the same time.Hence this club thread for us to chat and share here. Unless your one of us on the OP member list, you just wouldn't understand anyway.
The PGL top 8 up-and-coming teams in the Americas are wrapping up this minor championship this weekend if anyone was interested. Leaving this here. Source [[SPOILER]] Immortals, Cloud 9, PaiN Gaming, CounterLogic Gaming, Complexity, Luminosity, Misfits, and NRG for $50,000 prize pool at the eSports arena in Santa Ana.Starting now on twitch. Cloud 9 vs CLG. I'm rooting for Cloud 9.
Sounds like the average 'play' because of the very reason you stated. Playing with it however, you won't feel any "play" in the wheel when scrolling.
Reminder no politics.I'm afraid for this thread it may not be possible.Please stay on the topic of internet being regulated and not about the politics of it.Reminder per Terms of Service rules to keep politics out of discussion.Thank you kindlyAny questions, feel free to PM me directly please.
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