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Already talking about it in the mouse section and preliminary info already coming in. Link below provided. Member didn’t post it in news section.
Better late than never Zowie. Thanks for the info ino.
Thanks for the insight on the mouse and sharing your experience with us.
I've renamed this thread, edited OP down to just a compilation of links. I feel it's worthy of a sticky in mouse section for easy access so it doesn't get buried. One thread for all the links in a centralized place. Thank you for the suggestion daniel0731ex. The new "Commonly Used Mouse Software/Utilities" will be replacing the sticky "MoustTester Software Reloaded" thread which is included in this list at the top. Anyone have any suggestions on other mouse software /...
That is beautiful. A paracord is like Night and Day for me.
/Editorial moved. This is not a news.
Good reviews. Awesome chance I’m In
1. Roccat Savu 2. Logitech Gpro modified with paracord. [Main] 3. Zowie ZA12
That'll do, added.
Now to round up at least 4 of them , see if they play nice together while you take their picture. Nice gpro with white modified shell. Added to OP's list.
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