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/locked due to dupe
Yes it sure looks that way. It's an all black talent, which they already sell, but with m0e logo in center. I never was an EchoFox fan, the team is done too.I have both, the all black version laying around and the smaller sized stealth which I use at works for many years now.
This thread is about just the sensors. We have a specific thread for getting a gaming mouse.
Is it me? But seems there is no space for an AIO CPU rad up top?
Again thanks for everyone leaving their more comprehensive thoughts and experiences with their 310's. Good or bad for each of us can be subjectively different but it's still helpful to the curiosity of others.
I guess for MMO's, not my kind of mouse, so I'll just move on.... new savu please
I lost respect for this guy when he had an unprofessional temper tantrum for not getting a free 290x from AMD
Based on what's being said , I think will check out old blood too, thanks.
What kind of paint? Aren't you bothered by different texture? I'm assuming less than the ridge in order to put up with a difference in feeling under palm.
Noice! Congrats.Post back with thoughts / results after you've had some time with it.
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