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No , just stating what I saw from my fury that was originally less performance then a 980 TI and now in 4K that I play, is matching it and in some games slightly surpassing it.I don't think anybody is going to make the argument that Nvidia doesn't own the competition. AMD can only try to compete at the performance of thier cards against Nvidia with price at this point.Also AMD's having less performance has nothing to do with being an inferior product they just haven't...
I speculate on par now and as drivers mature in a year will surpass a 1070.
Wise moves. You don't compete against yourself so this doesn't surprise me either.
I'm afraid that blower is most likely going to be loud. Like near reference 290X loud. I'm looking for a Fury upgrade but won't have $600 to play with until February. Sapphire Vega 64 Nitro would be nice on air. One thing for sure is AMD over builds their reference cards and they are great under water.
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Based on your valued feedback it gives me pause and deflates my excitement to get one since I like the shape of orginal Sensei and my current work revel. I'm not fond of larger mice so I have decided to wait till (Fry's Electronics /Best Buy) gets ones on display to put my hand on it.Too bad SS messed with the original shape. Hope another version of Sensei is planned, smaller, lighter, closer to original.So far from owners responses it seems quality control is on the...
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