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Correction 92.1 grams = sensei
Don't worry, your luck will be you'll love the sensei but have some defect. It's just Murphy's law.
Thank you both for sharing. Seems QC for SS is no different to Logitech hit or miss. I'm not surprised though it is what it is. I'm still looking at a new sensei.Keep the thoughts coming on them.
Congrats - added Congrats - added .....and yes.....I won't be able to resist trying the new Sensei 310 myself. I'll be back up to 7 mice somehow, I sold all but 4 not too long ago.
Congrats, now give us the low down. All this wait and speculation. I enjoyed the Fnatic version a long time ago. I'm not going to be able to resist this one, I'll try to wait for some members input. Sensei 310 might be a tad to heavy for me, we'll see.Not fond of Rival right handed ergo, looks like a G403...meh. Also what's with the naming scheme doesn't make sense? Sensei 360 would have made more sense.Updated OP with some specs and pics.
Thanks for clearing that up. Yeah it's modified 3360 then. All I can say is ......... Whew
Oh snap I just realized the 310 naming scheme on these new mice means it's probably a modified PMW 3310 inside. Bet they got a lot of those laying around. Hope I'm wrong
Updated OP Interesting. 85 grams or less is my preference, however can be over looked if shape is great. However anything past 90 grams is a bit much IMO. I laughed when I past this interview that lists 'not' having a braided cable a CON. Won't matter, I'll replace it with a paracord anyway. I'm going to wait till some of OCN's " mouse elites " get thier hands on this and test SS's engineered sensor they...
Congrats, that's huge. How's the free-sync on games that's hittting between 60 - 120 FPS?
Nice review. I haven't made any comments yet on this line up, until now. Ryzen has impressed me to consider an AMD CPU in my next rig when the time comes. I see a strong future for at least a little while off this architecture. Way to go AMD with a come back bringing a competitive CPU in a sorely needed market.
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