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Posts by Arizonian Thought I'd get a Massdrop going. If it's locked low enough I may bite myself just to see first hand experience on it. If not I thought others would still appreciate it. If you can't wait Reflexo pre-orders up.
I'm not sure what to expect when ducky says they got a mouse coming. I didn't think any specifics are out on that yet.EDIT: I did find the Ducky Secret thread here - Ducky PBT body & D2F-01F Omrons. Can't wait, but that's for another thread.
It's amazing how much a shell means more than internals to us. I can easily see how it can be a deal breaker.The way I hold the mouse I don't have my fingers on the side lip and when I do it doesn't bother me. I really like the feel of the ZA12 in my hand, wouldn't change a thing.I recently was able to pass up the Mionix Castor in last nights Massdrop deadline for $55 because it would mean not using the ZA. I may have found my mouse for awhile. The upcoming Ducky Secret...
Added - Castor - to thread title.
Reminder all offers via PM only.
I tested back and forth fast swiping in paint and did not see any cursor spazzing out movements. Will give tracking speed and LOD tests a try later when I have some time.
Embroidered edges is more about durability. Fraying dosen't necessarily cause itching but helps life pad longevity from peeling of the top pad off the base.
This would be a deal breaker for me. Personally, I'm steering clear of embroidered pads for the foreseeable future.
Good luck exterminating that PSU, [[SPOILER]]
Re posted - original news 6/3/15
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