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So which is the either the current or latest previous version that works fine with an R9 290 card?
V4.8.6, program just crashes when going to settings tab, the previous one (or the one before, can't remember) was fine. Anyone else? Doesn't matter what catalyst drivers i'm using.
Thanks, but I noticed another graphical glitch today (they have been more frequent today, which is what prompted my post), on the graphic of the windows 8 volume slider that appears in the top left corner of the screen, when using a macro key to control the volume, so it's not limited to just appearing in firefox.Game I was playing today also (Star Trek Online), had a few minutes where a lot of textures were strewn across the screen, you know how I mean, everyone's seen...
Is it even possible to damage a card overclocking/volting, if the temperature does not get very hot? I've not had any overclocks set for a couple weeks now since I started noticing webpages in firefox getting very corrupt and messed up, going away when I close/reopen it, and also corrupt textures in a game. It isn't often that it happens, maybe once a day or once every 2 days. I watercool and have fujipoly thermal pads on the cards VRMs, when overclocked/volted using...
I tried removing and reinstalling multiple times and cleaning it up first - do we really still have to make sure to scrub graphics card drivers for new installations these days? you'd think the installers should be able to take care of all that by now.Can you tell me what DDU is?Thanks again.
No I haven't, I'm relatively ignorant of all the different cards personally - I just assumed because they were more expensive they had higher clocks (among other things like more RAM, shaders(?) etc)Could you give the name of what my overclocked Tri-X OC 290 would be the equivelant of had I bought something more expensive?
So I have the CoolLaboratory Liquid Ultra for my i7 3770k now, but I was thinking of using it on the card in place of the MX-4 I used on it - the core only gets to 59c max now during benching, so it doesn't NEED to be done, but would taking the waterblock off effect the Fujipoly pads in any way? Will I ruin the nice little 'connection' they've made with the block and chips? Oh and also, can I actually use the CLLU on the core, is it safe? I mean, as safe as applying it to...
In the list you could change me from Stock to Watercooling (EK-FC R9-290X Block) and it's not the R9 290X, just the 290 - my high overclock might have made it look like one though?
I installed RC3 but it kept crashing and the CCC wouldn't run. Had to roll back to 14.4. The previous beta release was fine for me.
Can I be added to the list?
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