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It would just be an option, of course right? I wouldn't want to try and force changes on people that they don't want. Maybe that's what you mean by giving it a thought [as to making it an option]Thanks again.
Ah, I see the difference now. I remember those bars being a part of the summary window itself. Why did you separate them?Personally, I would love to see the summary and sensor window integrated, and done away with the 'main' window, so I can launch it and it will just look something like this:
No, I thought I turned an option on for it to show when I was adding things to the systray, didn't realize it was happening by it's own volition.Thanks
Thanks for this. I remember trying to re-order my list before this. Is multi-select moving still planned?Also, how do I get rid of this little popup window? I can't remember what I did to turn it on, and I reset my preferences and it comes back., stop releasing updates so often! (joking). every time I launch the program I get a notification there's an update!
Like I said, it's been over a year since I installed it, I'm sorry my memory isn't that good. The store also checked them all out and didn't seem to have any issue with what I returned.
I can't remember what the interior looked like after opening it, I just put the ring around the pump for the picture. I only ever had 1 o-ring, and when it was all installed, it looked like the completed image there.
It never fitted the way you are suggesting. the ring was far too big in diameter for that. I also think the manual that came with either suggested otherwise too, but It's been a while.
I guess that settles it then, must be the top. I got a mail from specialtech telling me they got the return, just waiting for more now.
Posted today. Also found that specialtech do stock the EK top, it was just named differently, I think this is the same one right?
Talking about tops not the pump.
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