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Holy VRM temps !!! You should add a fan to cool them down. I know VRMs can take upto 110C+ but still.My VRM on full load never go above 50C.
Yeah, I ran it for eight hours, everything is stable. I was hoping to get at least 3200MHz. But I guess my IMC is not that great. Maybe a new BIOS update would allow me to get to 3200? Idk. will see.VDDSOC is the IMC voltage, right?
Alright, I'm running my b-die (Corsair CMR64GX4M4C3333C16) 64GB RAM @ 3033 @ 13-13-13-30-40-2T @ 1.44V stable. No matter what I do, I can't seem to run it at 3200MHz stable. As for my 1950X I'm running it at 4.0GHz @ 1.33750V with level 4 LLC. Max voltage I have seen it get to is 1.380V. My VDDSOC is @ 1.20V. All this is being cooled by the Noctua NH U14S TR4-SP3. Max temps is around 70C.
Is VDDSOC the memory controller?
yeah, it is insane how much AI suite affected my particular setup. ooh well.
No, I'm running my old Intel 330 180GB SSD from 2011.I'm planning on getting a 1TB 960 pro nvme next month. Anyways, read my post above. All my problems were caused by Asus AI suite 3.
Ok, after formatting my PC for the sixth time in the past two days, I have finally traced where all my problems are coming from. I thought all my problems were only coming from windows 10 build 1703 (which is still garbage btw). While that is still true there is another culprit, Asus AI Suite 3. This worthless excuse of a software is the cause of all my problems. Even if I uninstall it, it wouldn't matter. it's like a virus that takes over my PC. So beware everyone, if...
Read below or read tldr.TLDR install windows 10 build 1511.
hahahaha ok. Here is I have done today. geez, this is going to be a long one.So the Windows 10 creator update (Build 1703) is absolutely garabge. My CPU usage was 20% at idle with all 32 threads running. My PC was lagging like hell in the desktop and things took ages to open. I then moved to windows 8.1 and holy moly everything was perfect except for the fact that AMD does not support 8.1 for their chipset driver. When I try to install the chipset drivers on 8.1 I would...
You know how when you have been missing something's for so long that you don't really know that you are missing it until you go back to it and be like, Jesus Christ. how have I been living like this all along. This is me right now. My cpu usage went from 20% to 1%.DUDE, MY INTERNET IS FASTER....well its not really but my web pages load so much faster. jesus...... MICROSOFT
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