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Hello everyone Today I went out and I bought a PC as my backup server. I need help setting it up. As find the best solution to backup my data from my main PC over gigabit Ethernet to this server. Here is my hardware:- Gigabyte G97-D3H Intel Core I3 4150 @ 3.5GHz Corsair Dominators DDR3 1600MHz CL9 WD Caviar Blue 500GB. 3x Seagate Barracuda 3TB hard drives. Corsair VS450W power supply. The WD blue 500GB drive is a really old drive I have lying around. I made it as my...
SourceFallout Shelter Google Play Link
From a programmer perspective, I'm very interested to know how this work exactly. Research time...
SourceGame websiteBecause why the hell not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
oops, I posted it in the wrong section. I should have posted in the news section. My bad. Here it is
There is no reason honestly. Its just cheaper to get a copy of an older OS and upgrade. MS still need to copy your hardware ID to their servers so your copy is activated.Here windows 8.1 OEM for $16 and retail for $37
SourceSo it seems even insider preview guys get a free OS even if you opt to stop getting insider updates.Here are few useful links for you guys to read.PSA: YOU MUST UPGRADE YOUR EXISTING WINDOWS OS TO GET A VALID WINDOWS 10 KEY BEFORE DOING A CLEAN INSTALL HOW TO CLEAN INSTALL 100% EXPLAINED NO MORE SECRETS OR VAGUENESS:
Ok so apparently Microsoft are giving everyone the same generic key and Windows 10 is tied to your hardware ID (probably motherboard ID).
hmm.. interesting. So Microsoft are actually giving their OS for free.oops. I'm dumb. I forgot ISO and BIN are different. oops. Then no. bin don't work with me either.
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