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I have been running 16.7.2 for few days now. No problems at all. Anything above 16.7.2 gives me a black screen.I really sucks that AMD has this problem. I'm still waiting for their 16.8.3. You would think 16.8.3 would come out with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I guess not.
Yeah, make sense.
Well you were right. I got a higher score with 2200 than 2250. But it's still lower than 1225/2200Run 1: 5,719Run 2: 5,724Run 3: 5,628Avarage: 5,690
Here are the results. 3Dmark Fire Strike Extreme Custom Run. Graphics test 1 and 2. Driver 16.7.2 Core/Memory 1225/2000 Run 1: 5,533 Run 2: 5,458 Run 3: 5,578 Avarage: 5,523 Core/Memory 1225/2100 Run 1: 5,636 Run 2: 5,615 Run 3: 5,615 Avarage: 5,622 Core/Memory 1225/2250 Run 1: 5,709 Run 2: 5,652 Run 3: 5,762 Avarage: 5,707 Driver 16.8.2 Core/Memory 1225/2000 Run 1: 5,605 Run 2: 5,519 Run 3: 5,492 Avarage: 5,538 Core/Memory 1225/2100 Run 1:...
Nope. Screen never flicker. Although I don't think it ever did for me on 16.7.2. But don't quote me on that. I don't remember. I'm actually going to try 16.7.2 and see if there is any difference in scores.
Yeah, I think I was hitting power limit.
card 1: 1320/2250card2: 1300/2200 [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] card 1: 1320/2000card2: 1300/2000 [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Scores are all over the place with fire strike ultra. I noticed my core clock is ranging between 1250 and 1320 while running graphics test 1. I'm pretty sure I was hitting power limit. Temps were around 75C most of the time.I added Fire Strike Extream scores which had very minimal core frequency dips. Core frequency ranged from 1300 to 1320 on card 1 and on...
I have two RX480s. I'm on 16.8.2. I will test this with 3D mark and see if there is a difference in score. I will let you know. AMD drivers so far have been really crap.
I'm not an expert by any means but I don't think updating your BIOS with an OC system can cause any damage at all. I think most people say reset you everything before updating the BIOS because they are afraid that the system might crash during BIOS update due to unstable OC. Personally, I never reset my OC settings before OC, because I'm 100% sure that my OC settings are stable. Besides sometimes resetting all the settings to default might actually make the system...
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