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wow. I did not see that coming. god damn it AMD.Glad that worked out.
That is really weird.What is your Network card model and what router are you using?
installing new drives or re installing the drivers will not help you. If is saying you have 40mb/s then that's what your ISP is giving you. Your PC drivers has nothing to do with it.^
Ur LAN speed and internet speed are two totally different things. If your Internet speed is 40mb/s then u won't get more than that even if you have 10gb/s LAN speed. Your LAN speed is how fast you can transfer data from one PC to another in you local network assuming both of them are connect through Ethernet.
aaawwww ty
1/2" 3/4" Clearflex tubing from EK
My PC in comparison looks like a piece of crap.
Here, hope this helps.
^_^Honestly I find bigger tubing looks much better than skinny tubing. Skinny tubing looks cheep and out of place.
I love my 1/2ID 3/4OD Clearflex tubing from EK. So sexy
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