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Yeah, I know what you mean. I have never got into Kickstarter like a lot of people did. Because I know that the money I spend there is gone down the drain. But I feel like this game has so much potential. I don't know... We will have to wait and see I guess. Beside I have been looking for the next Diablo 3 game. I hope this is it.
102K boys !! We are close.
of course.
This is really exciting. I can't wait to check out the final version of windows 10. I have been using windows 10 Technical preview for almost two and half months now and i'm really impressed so far. I feel like microsoft is killing it this year. They are releasing windows 10, C# 6.0, VS 2015, universal apps, DirectX 12 and a lot more. This is so cool. Good job Microsoft
Honestly companies and governments should understand that there is no way they could stop or shut down piracy. At this point companies should just embrace it. There is nothing you can do to stop it. Even if there was, your just going to piss of a ton of people. If someone is going to pirate your software, movie, game, TV show or whatever they will find a way. Just embrace it and do the best you can to make your customers happy. Whether they are paying customers or...
ooh thank god its an enterprise waterblock, because I was going to get so pissed off, because I just ordered the EK-Supremacy Evo block.
I don't think it's the Nvidia drivers since I have an AMD 6970. Not sure though.
Yeah, I miss understood how their tiers work.Anyways, I got the $40 tier. Its pretty good. I get access to the prototype and alpha and beta and I get a DRM free and steam copy. Which is cool ^_^
I just backed this game. It looks so amazing. I really can't wait to play it. What a shame all the steam copies are gone ;_;
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