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Yeap. it's a pain but it is fun as hell and it looks so sexy Yeah. I wish I got quick disconnects. But at the time I did not know about them. Next build I will set that up.
Your right. The block cost $125 + $35 for the back plate + $40 Shipping = $200Block is EK-FC970 GTX WF3 - Acetal+Nickel back plat is EK-FC970 GTX WF3 Backplate - Black
Thanks ^_^"It is surprisingly stable all the time.I want to add another 970 but that is going to be very expansive and my PC will be down for at least three days just to disassemble everything, clean my loop and assembling everything back.Running a custom loop is a pain in the ass....GTX 970 = $380Water block + backplat = $200Tubing + fittings + new liquid + etc... = $150So it would cost me $730 just to add another 970 ;_;
Are you guys benchmarking without me. RUDE !Here is mine:^_^"+REP
I will try it later tonight. For now I need to understand why my DirectX 12 code is not working.I can't wait to get my hands on a 1440p 144hz monitor. But they are so expansive. $800. ;_;
You know. I'm starting not to like this forum anymore I'm dead last. I have the worst score I was happy. I was happy with my card before I came here. I want to be alone for a moment please. ;_;I'm kidding btw. Love u guys Btw how is the 144hz monitor. is it worth it? Can you feel the difference between 60hz and 144hz? Is it that big of a deal?
hmmm.. I see.
hm... Out of curiosity is your OC settings 100% stable or is it just benchmark? Because I mean I can get my gpu to do 1601/4104 stable for only benchamrks. But I doubt its stable for games.1601/4104
Ohh my god....... ooh I hate you too. Man.... I can't push my card past 1596/4059 :/
I'm actually trying
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