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Is the image being resized from 5k to 4K? or does my display actually has 5K pixels?
Hi everyone, Can someone explain how a monitor that is advertised as a 4K IPS panel can support 5K resolution? Right now I'm running it at 5K, 60FPS. I thought I might see bad colors or things might look not as good. But for me they look fine. I think. I don't know. So i don't get it, why a 4k monitor can support 5k resolution and is there a down side to running at 5k instead of 4k? Color and picture quality wise? Because I don't seem to see any.
Well I agree, it is the OEM fault for not providing some kind of software to tweek things in linux. But that is not the only issue. My issue is that I would love for linux to me more user friendly for people who don't have the time to tinker with it to get things working. I honestly don't have the time to spend a full day trying out different packages and changing config files. I work eight hours a days and the free time I have I spend working on my own game engine.I...
I give up. I'm not wasting any more time on this. Spent the entire day trying to fix this.
Didn't help.When I do Xinput list I get ETPS/2 Elantch Touchpad.I have found this I don't know where to get synclient or how to do anything he is doing.
Updating the kernal to 4.6.4 did not help. I still have the same problem
I totally agree. Somethings are easier to do in a terminal, but mapping a pixel coordinates of the touchpad in a terminal is not one of them. At least not to me.Another example I would give is visual studio. Visual studio is a god send. Don't get me wrong. lately visual studio has been getting slower and slower. There are a lot of problems in VS. It is actually horrible some times. But it makes my life so much easier. The fact that I can compile and build by pressing a...
But why? why the dislike for GUI. I don't get it. It like saying ooh look this house can support a front door. It will make my life easier if I install a door there. But nah, I'm just going to put a whole there instead and crawl through it. Why?
Hi everyone, Yesterday I decided to port my game engine to linux. So I install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my laptop and install code blocks and moved my source code to my laptop. After few hours of trying to figure out how linux works (because I have never in my life used it) I compiled everything in gcc, I wrote some X11 and OpenGL code and ran it. Woohoo ! Things were great. I actually started to love linux, that is until I tried to use my laptop touchpad. I have an Asus...
I believe it does.
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