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I didn't know that 16.7.3 is out. As far as I can tell the only difference between 16.7.2 and 16.7.3 is that the latter driver is Microsoft WHQL certified. Try rolling back to 16.7.2. I have no problems with that driver.
Right now my dual RX480s are powering an LG 27UD88-W. I can't recommend this monitor enough. It is one hell of a monitor. You can get the LG 27UD68-W which has the same exact panel but without any USB-C 3.0 connectivity or any tilt/rotation. This monitor is $200 cheaper than the 27UD88-W.
That depends on the game you are playing. If your game is only utilizing a single core or thread then you would only see 100% utilization on that core or thread and your other cores would just be sitting doing nothing. So your 3770k is a 4 core CPU with hyper threading, which means you have 8 virtual cores or 8 threads. Out of those 8 cores one is being utilized at 100% that would put your max CPU utilization at somewhere around ~12.5%.Some games love multiple cores and...
Yes it would. But honestly you don't have too. Unless you are running at 100% CPU utilization and 50% GPU on 4k max settings and you are only getting 40 FPS then it's time to upgrade. Just bump up your graphics settings and you should be fine.The only reason you ever want to upgrade your CPU is if the CPU is holding your GPU back on max settings on some high resolution like 1440p or 4k. This is not happening in your case. So it would be pointless to upgrade your CPU....
It's your CPU. The GTX 1080 is a very powerful card, and your CPU just can't keep up. Your CPU is trying to send all those draw calls to your GPU and it just can't send anymore at a certain point. Let me put it this way. Say your CPU can't send more than 13,000 draw calls to your GPU. Now on low graphics settings you are sending those 13,000 draw calls and you are getting 130 FPS and your GPU utilization is at 50%. On the other hand, lets say you are on max settings....
Well, I have had two 480's in crossfire clocked at 1330/2200 and 1300/2100 since June 29th. No Issues at all. I have an MSI Z87-GD65 with an i3-4150 cpu and a Corsair RM 850x PSU. My longest play time was 4 hours at 4K in Dark Souls 3 at max settings. I'm getting a sold 50 - 60 FPS. Don't quote me on this but if I remember correctly, GPU-Z was reporting a peak power draw of ~209W (GPU1 - 1330/2200) and 198W (GPU2 - 1300/2100) after those 4 straight hours of gameplay.
Wow that really sucks. I'm assuming you just bought the Rampage V10. What board did you have before that? Rampage Extreme V?
man, you make me want to buy a third 480.
Ohh, did not know that. I have been on the green team side since the release of the 970. The last AMD card I owned was the 6970. Those were good times, kind of . Good to be back
Alright. Thanks Honestly no, I don't own the Witcher 3. I was going to buy it this summer sale but I was like, "I have 310 Games on my steam library and some I haven't even played yet. Lets finish those then I will get into the Witcher 3.". ^_^Yeah it is off.I assume this feature only available in Driver 16.6.2. So only for RX 480.
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