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Now I'm getting radom BSODs when I open something that uses GPU aceleration. With my old HD4850 everything runs fine, gonna send it to warranty tomorrow.
But Sony Vegas 11 crashes the same way.
Yeah, tried a fresh install of windows with 12.4 drivers and CS6 and still crashes.
No overclock at all, stock clock 1250mhz.
Yup, 12.3,12.4 and 12.5 all do the same thing.
Sometimes the video driver randomly crashes, but OCCT fine, and 2hours of skyrim fine too
Here, I made a video showing my problem with CS6, just edited some random stuff to show the problem:
This artifacts show, then the video drivers crashes, I was using CS6 without AB, stock clocks, everything stock:
Same Things happens without AB, the after sometime the screen goes all corrupt with little red dots and black, the "the video driver stopped working".
Anyone can help? Fresh install of Windows 7 with fresh drivers and still have the problem.
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