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Reminds me of this van
Yep. Nothing like asking random people on the street..It's interesting. The polls are shifting and stretching atm, but that doesn't even really make much sense in correlation to this.
While I do agree that could be a non-issue, why does EA have to enforce it to begin with?Google had some backlash with Chrome about information distribution at it's launch, so I don't know. It's becoming a the norm and if that information isn't used to throw ad's in my face, I'm OK with it.But yes, you should absolutely be able to opt out imo. If you give (EA especially) an inch, they will take a mile.
Sounds fun for us but the consolers are going to get frustrated so easily. I wonder if there will be PS3 only servers. The mouse and keyboard will help people on the PS3 but the thumbers are going to be purely pwned.
Reminds me of the 8 and 9 thousand series. This type of thing has been exploited for years.
Invest 2800 a laptop? I have a hard time paying over 400 for a laptop due to their failure rate. It's just not worth it. And if your going to 'save PC gaming', why with a laptop? The 360 makes tons of money and proprietorially sits in peoples living rooms. It would have been great if this was some type media/gaming PC with some ease of use so that it could compete in the living room. If I had a disposable income, I'd be all over this. It's nice looking.
CS to CSS was a huge change. It was a new engine, new handling, new physics, new hit boxes, new this, new that - the two are very distinct. CSS feels completely different.This update is on the same engine and will most likely (from the people who have played it and videos) play 80 percent like CSS - not completely because it's on the same engine but because it's staying so close to CSS's hip.
This is also what I see. It's incremental, adds a thing or two, looks better but inevitably will probably end up competing with CSS because it will have little distinctiveness from CSS by itself. And the CS original players... phh. If that breed didn't like CSS, I really doubt they will like this.
Hopefully something new (besides molotovs), DX11 possibly, better machanics, physics, models - not to say that CSS and Source is bad, but it really is time for a complete renewal. If they are labeling this as the new CZ, so be it. I'll be happy with an updated CSS, but things will have to change at least a little bit with "CS2" or the community will most definently fade - I know that I'm not going to support another COD rework so why would I support a reskin on a 7 year...
I'm on the fence. I like the terrorists having a realistic skin but besides the molotov, it looks like CSS with tons of bloom. The offset weapon view has always irritated me... I don't know. Valve just needs to release a new engine cause this is getting old.
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