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Yeah, it doesn't really explain anything. I've read about 4 reports from AMD reps, most of them do emphasize t-case but some of them focus on core. To make it even worse, some people (like me) have a t-case temperature that is less than the core estimate while other people claim their core temps are lower than t-case . I've always kept an eye on the t-case temps. My 955 seemed to become unstable after 62-64c. The core temps are also non physical, they are algorithm based...
Ah nice
Do you use speedfan for the alarm?
Very cool of MountainDew to offer that for you.Fermi has a shut off point of either 98c or 102c (can't remember which). I've never had a it happen so I'm not sure if you computer shuts off or whatnot.It's not good to get the GPU that hot which is why NV implemented the thermal shut off before it goes any higher. Did you notice your temps before the computer shut off?
I don't agree that the game is blatantly broken but the lack of work that has gone into fixing it is what disturbs me. Not even an attempt. If not for DICE, I agree with the blackout because of EA. Attention needs to be made before this series steps over the proverbial COD line.
The patent trolls have met the bridge owner. This is most likely one of those companies that have a back room just for hoarding patents.
Do we know what the stock voltage is? 1.1 can't be much over stock but we also don't know what the safe threshold is going to be either.
Reaching and reaching so hard it's borderline dilution. thumbs vs. mouse fluidity vs. a lack of it/power detachment vs. involvement Nothing more than that needs to be said. The PC is the farther of competitive play. They are not on the same page let alone the same book or in the same library.
Heh. Interesting complex.So if your house is taken by a tsunami and they claim that it was an act of god, just tell them your an atheist
It is pretty funny wording but: I'm sure meteors, low orbit space junk, dead satellites, radiation flares and speeding poop from the lavatory of an airplane all fit within Space Invasion also. Seems legit to me.
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