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Turn motion blur off and think about taking HBAO back to SSAO or off. Take FXAA (post processing AA) back to medium. There's really no difference between medium and max besides more blur. That should net you a few frames. I take it the CPU is a four core?
Give WOW a try with the 7900GTX, it shouldn't do terrible. That was a top of the line GPU back in the day.
Like someone mentioned, you might want to get a dirt cheap 8000 GeForce or 4000 Radeon. Flash content will be accelerated by anything past the 8000 series GF and 4000 series Radeon I believe unless the newer versions of Flash changed that. If he's got anything past a single core, it shouldn't really matter though.
Depends on what you want to do with it. It's rather old but will get him through most games at low.As a backup, absolutely. Of course I have trouble selling components at all.
It's very comparable and then you OC. Look through this review. went through the whole contemplation also.
Are you looking for an upgrade in performance or heat/power consumption?2 570's would step it up over 2 470's but not by an amazing amount.1 680 is just about the same as 2 470's.I'd try to go to 2 580's. 2 570's from 470's is more of a side grade. No difference in vram either.
So your usage is 98% on both cards?
If your going to RAID 0 or 1 all of those drives, I'd worry about it a bit more but if your just going to have a drive or two bootable I wouldn't. They don't take much when idling.Anyway you cut it a TX650 will supply that system well. If you ever wanted to SLi those 448's, then you'd want to step it up to 750 or 850.
If I had to choose I'd take the 2500K and 560 448, especially since you play BF3 online. The 560ti 448 isn't at all a 560 class GPU either, it's got a lot more punch than I think a lot of people realize. Just a percentage or two slower than a 570 and 1.3GB of vram instead of 1GB.
It does pay off but you want to ensure that you can stay above 60FPS. It will lessen the prevalence of microstutter. You really want to consider something like two 5850's minimum - of course some of your result depends on what resolution your monitor is, what your prestige for graphics are and what CPU you have. A weak CPU can also keep your frame rate low. It does pay off and can net you 75-95% performance over one card, but you also want to keep your frame rate over...
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