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All the video encoding to is happening on an Athlon II 840 system that is running Teamviewer with the 8120 on the other side, so the BD system is relatively free of conjestion but it still has to deal with what Teamviewer uses.
Well, there are a lot of background tasks going on and Teamviewer uses a bit of CPU too. Even if you minus that fact, the scores are only going to get better by a fraction.
You mean it is in dual channel mode?
I just did 11 seconds in wPrime 32 1.55 w/ 4 threads
fritz at 9k, yikes,2419.html
Something is off with the cinebench marks.
He's running the BD machine through Teamviewer, his machine is the 840.
You gotta fix the memory man, your going to be running in single channel mode.
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