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Watching this also. BTW, there are some alpha CPU/GPU benchmarks I haven't seen before. It gives a very good estimate of performance (ofcourse it's for the alpha but I doubt the CPU marks are going to change much). Sorry if this has already been posted. thought I'd toss that out.
Well don't get down just yet. The beta is going to be Op Metro with 32 players, the full game will be larger scale maps with 64 players and jets. It will turn that 80FPS into 50
It eats it when recording. It also can cause those stutters because it's writing to the hard drive (most likely) uncompressed.There are other programs that can use different codecs but they all eat CPU and degrade frame rates. The only way that I know to record without drops is to use a capture card.Fraps itself, the fps OSD, doesn't cause frame rate drops. It technically does but only by about 0.1% because of the OSD and polling itself.
Odd. Something must be happening there. The only thing I can think that would lead to that is closed quarters requiring short vision (like staring at a monitor) or something to do with lack of or less blood flow through the eyes?
Most likely legit. The alpha didn't have the kill cam if I remember. I thought the beta was just going to be one large conquest map? Isn't this the alpha map? It's a stutter... not an fps drop. Don't make my OCD act up, it has anger issues. And low fps isn't lag... it's low frame rate! Definently turning the motion blur off if I can.
Wow am I in. Thank you sir
I can't see why DICE/EA would do a unlockable beta and allow people to download the full game unless they are 100% sure that it won't be cracked. Rockstar was pretty sure they had solid encryption with GTA4 and then it was cracked 2 weeks later.
Good trailer... baaaad music. Metal would have gotten me psyched but this just ... sucks.
The 'Can You Run It' sites are generic. They don't take clock speed into consideration, they just poll to see what proc and card you have and give you 1 of 6 possible graphics. Can't wait. Looks like BF3 is living up to it's brother as far as being a system crippler.
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