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Well, no. For me at least the tcase temps are 7-10c less than core temps.
Yeah, I'm a little suspicious over the whole pricing deal also. Hopefully SSD manu's drop their prices and start the real evolution from spinning to solid state. They are slowly coming down in dpg so it's coming, slowly. I've personally seen way more Seagate fail on OEM machines. I don't know if it's just a coincidence but I replace them with Western Digitals and never hear from the customer again *shrug*
Have seen this since day one. On the flip side, I get called a cheater when I can wipe out a sniper from 750 yards with the tank's IR and heavy artillery.
Technically if you turn vsync off and push 120, your still going to see the responsiveness that they are talking about, even with a 60Hz monitor. Visually 60 to 120 does increase the fluidity but by a small small margin - that's what they are talking about when they say 'visuals'. There's no extra eye candy at that frame rate, just fluidity Monitors also have their own latency though... so.
Whats the monitor? If it's a LCD there is a 99.9% chance it's 60Hz.
It does lower some input lag but your never going to actually see much of a difference from 60 to 120. It's very very very minute from 60 to 120.If you monitor isn't a CRT, your probably locked to 60 anyhow.
Looks good, but that motherboard requires DDR2 533MHz ram.
Snag it.In your newspaper, someone selling it on facebook, for sale ads. People will sell old (as in 5 years old) computers cheap from what I've seen at yard sales and stuff, especially if they aren't tech educated. They figure it's worthless - I may be wrong. I mean, anything with XP and a gig or two will let you play Quake and browse the interwebs.
I meant to say previous. And if you don't care about how it looks, you can trim a few bucks off the case.My recommendation is to find someone selling an old Core 2 system with WinXP around you area and scuff it up. Throw the 5700 in it and try it out. You can run Quake 3 on cell phones now at days... so, yeah. Don't spend much on it.
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