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1xGTX470 @ 800 core PII 955 @ 3.6 1920x1200 Ultra textures, everything else High AA Off, Post Processing AA High AF x16 Motion Blur Off HBAO On Min 40 Avg 50-55 Max 65-70 Better than what I was expecting. It dips to 40 on a very rare occasion. It bottoms most often around 45fps. And this is on a packed 64 man server. I'm making sure that Origin is minimized and Firefox is also to get the full potential. The newer versions of FF utilize the GPU quite well and will always...
Yeah, it does. There is one map that had my vram around pretty much maxed at 1220mb and ram usage at 6GB's. Can't remember what map it was but usually it's sitting around 3.5-4GB's on normal maps with textures on Ultra.Bought 8GB's for some reason, though it doesn't seem as though the game has enough non repetitive textures to soak that up.
It's pretty polished. Nothing like BC2 when it was released... absolutely nothing. It's functionally solid and not too buggy at all.I thought the worst but DICE apparently put their workforce into finishing the game in such little time - not to say there aren't bugs or things that could use work.
I think there is an option or a separate keybind for run, like 'Run (hold)' or something like that. I might be wrong.
The beta did that to me. I had to unplug my Logitech Momo wheel.If you have a joystick or wheel you may need to calibrate it. Or just unplug it.
Textures at Ultra and everything else at High, motion blur off, 1920x1200 and 4x the "preframe/rendering" (can't remember what it's called) AA, I'm keeping it above 45FPS minimum. Very close to 60FPS average. Caspian is comparatively running almost 10FPS better from the beta on the same settings. I had to keep the resolution at 1050P during the beta to keep it above 40FPS. Between DICE optimizing and nvidia working on performance gains, the game is looking good and playing...
Ah, so that's what is going on.
Performance is not that bad. Be advised.
Proxy works. Get through the release date check and then switch off the VPN.
Got the same email. I just tried on Origin but it said that the release date check failed... I guess it would technically be released today if they released it at 11:59pm. This must be for the add-on, the physical warfare pack... damn. Border line trolling EA, border line.
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