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If the 680 is out in the next 3 months, I'll eat my monitor. By the time it does come out it will need to beat the 7970 handily. Though progression in any form is always good.
QBU-88 AEK-971 so smooth
Sometimes messing with the network smoothing option will help. Lower for less lag, more for more lag I believe.
If you run a synthetic like 3Dmark11 and your graphics score is over 5500 or 6000, you should be fine. To me it sounds like the specific game is giving you trouble or the clock/voltage ratio is no longer stable. If 3dmark crashes, back off the clock speed. Processing degradation has been shown and does exist, but it's only by a very few fractions of a percentage at the most (not 50%+) before they usually croak. Most of the time chips need more voltage over time if they've...
I wouldn't touch it up to 1.087v but after that you may want individual VRM h-sinks to be safe. Is your board naked? You might just want to get heatsinks for them anyway. I couldn't tell you specifically though, I've only volted to 1.087.
MSI AB voltage unlock and Nvidia Inspector will do it I believe. All the details are right here Be careful because too much voltage has nothing to do with too much heat. Too much voltage can kill alone.
If you want more speed, you can mod the voltage via a few programs (can't remember which), but your going to need something other than stock cooling. You might be able to push 1.1v though that card and still have the stock cooler cool it but I wouldn't recommend it.
A 6950 is an AMD card, totally different architecture and brand so it's not relevant to the nV card.You do need some memory speed otherwise it will bottleneck and slow the card, nvidia chose 1675 as stock because at that speed it was most likely not hindering or helping the the performance.When it crashes, try to close the program or hit alt+control+del and close it.
Default is 1675.White Fire does have a point though. A lot of people have found that the core speed will overclock higher without a lot of memory overclock.I'd take it back to 1725, look for artifacts and then start taking the core speed up. Memory OC's won't gain you that much on a 470 anyhow.Otherwise, that clock to voltage ratio is about where most of the 470's fall. My ASUS 470 will hit 815 on the core at 1.037 but my Zotac takes a lot more voltage to hit 800MHz even.
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