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Look at that, that is great. It's almost like BF3 with the almost no limits terrain.Sandbox heaven.The scale looks much larger for V though.
Did anyone notice the mountains in the far background. I didn't see one island or ocean. I think GTA is finally evolving past the island thing. Lot's of color. It's definently a stepped up Rage engine. This should be a brilliant game.
As much as I dislike Origin, I don't think EA is going to be stupid enough to void 100% of it's customers trust by sniffing through tax docs or other private things opening up hundreds if not thousands of private and large lawsuits. Most games add a configuration folder to c:/users/you/mydocuments. If Origin is trying to register EA or other Origin games, it's going to prod and poke there first. Consequently, BF2 and BC2 lies in the documents folder also and I have a BC2...
IMO I really doubt it's been in development for 3 years. More like in thoughts, talks and illustrations for the last 2 and then full cycle around late last year or January of this year.EA gave them the green light, they decided to do BF3 or something because it was like a switch flipped around the first of the year. I doubt the actual map/modelling/artistic development took more than 1 year, tbh. They were probably even building the FB2 engine precursor for whatever they...
They definently could have used another few months. It turned out great but it could have been refined, and it will be lightly through patches. It's DICE's biggest game yet, they will either take care of it spontaneously or through pressure from the expanding community.
You definently want to have at least a Phenom II over 3.0GHz if you want to do heavy multiplayer, there are a few CPU intensive maps I've noticed but my CPU at 3.7 is pretty much 1.25/1 with my GPU. I wouldn't think about the Athlon II x4 unless your going to run the lowest settings possible.
Just a few more bags of Doritos and bottles of Mountain Dew till I unlock my skill.
I would give you +5 rep if I could . Thank you Sir!I've been looking for something like this for so long - it will be perfect for BFBC2 also.
Does that actually lock your in-game FPS? Say to like 62 or 58.I don't need to record.
Does anyone know if there is a console command to lock frame rate (non vsync)? It's not on the 'list' but I'm wondering if there are any other dev commands anyone knows about.
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