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It's going to be a long time before I can justify a single card upgrade. I'm barely overclocked and will need at least 1.5x performance to gather the will. As long as you stay above 60FPS, your not going to see MS. I refuse to play at anything but 60 even if it means dropping graphical options, but that's why I got a second card to begin with
Right. NV is most likely going to have a safe voltage thresh hold like every other component does unless these 1006MHz and 1050/1100 (or whatnot) speed steps aren't obtainable 100% of the time. Then you may actually be looking at a not so stellar OC.I wonder if they are conveniently basing the 195w TDP on 700MHz. I don't know if they'd be so brash though.
Eh, of course it's not thread dependent.If it does depend on load and your CPU isn't bottlenecking the GPU to hell and back, I'd imagine you'd see 1GHz 24/7. 700=70% of 1000. So the GPU is most likely going to have to dip well below 70% usage to clock down to 700MHz.If all that works out to be true and I didn't just mutter crap, I would genuinely consider 1006MHz to be stock (or whatever the mean frequency is when the GPU is 100% utilized).There's no reason to clock the...
Good god, this guy has been on the Tubes forever.He's a troll.If your talking about this AppleSoldier kid, no, he's dead serious. It's disturbing.Fanboyism ruins lives.
The problem is that I've got first hand experience going from a 955 to a 2500K.I had a slight bottleneck with one 470 overclocked to 800MHz core. The usage would often slump into the 60's(%).Went to a 2500K and even at 3.3GHz, my usage never came down from 99%.Went SLI and the ratio is very much GPU 1.1:0.9 CPU at 4.3GHz, usage rarely ever slumps past 90% - if that were the 955, I'd be into the 50's. Granted my 955 was only clocked to 3.7, even quick death runs (C2) at 3.9...
That would be a down right stupid business decision. You want it to perform well on paper, and by paper I mean stock. The general public who doesn't know a thing about OCing is going to make a decision based on out-of-box performance.Are you going to use your full arsenal to take an enemy down when one bullet will do the job? It's why the GK100 is still in NV's arsenal.
Yep. All the current info has shown the 680 at 1006MHz stock clock. There is a repeated rumor about a GK104 at 700MHz also, so there is your GTX670.
The 7970 is going to have to drop in price, which is good. If this is true, NV actually is being competitive with it's price/performance. Looks like a direct replacement for anyone with 2 470's also. I just wonder how the turbo and overclocking is going to mesh.
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