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We may be getting new consoles in the next 3 years. EA: "Eh, whatever. DX9 looks super-good and this crap prints money. Did I just say that out loud? Uh... we've got Frostbite 2." The anger sharks are swimming in my head.
I hate to say it but it is true to an extent. If it's not shoved in their face, they have no clue what to do. It's why MS falls victim to the Fisher Price scheme; more crap shoved on the screen just seems to inherently look cheesy, no matter how slim lined the icons look.I just got done doing 2 1/2 years of technical support for a local ISP and it seems a lot of people just want answers to general navigation questions - they don't care to learn it, they don't care for...
I can do the same thing in my bathtub and it will only take 8 seconds
Never used any of the ribbon functions on XP. Everything in there can be done faster manually (personally) than selecting some files and constantly aiming for the shortcut icon. I'm all for functionality but it looks congestive and there are ways to do all of the shortcuts on the ribbon already. It's more like false functionality - it already exists. First thing I'll do is turn it off.
It's definently going to eat a lot of GPU. The alpha ate what I gave it and it was very core clock sensitive. There was probably a 5 to 8fps difference between my core at 715 and 800MHz. 1920x1200 was able to push 40 to 50fps and 1680x1050 was almost able to keep 60fps steadily with 2x AA. Of course that was the alpha so most likely there will be more optimizations between then and the release, not to mention driver updates. 64 player servers with jets... I'm fearful for...
Reminds me of this van
Yep. Nothing like asking random people on the street..It's interesting. The polls are shifting and stretching atm, but that doesn't even really make much sense in correlation to this.
While I do agree that could be a non-issue, why does EA have to enforce it to begin with?Google had some backlash with Chrome about information distribution at it's launch, so I don't know. It's becoming a the norm and if that information isn't used to throw ad's in my face, I'm OK with it.But yes, you should absolutely be able to opt out imo. If you give (EA especially) an inch, they will take a mile.
Sounds fun for us but the consolers are going to get frustrated so easily. I wonder if there will be PS3 only servers. The mouse and keyboard will help people on the PS3 but the thumbers are going to be purely pwned.
Reminds me of the 8 and 9 thousand series. This type of thing has been exploited for years.
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