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I don't see why that's such a absurd idea. They have brand recognition, a lot of people will just buy NV blindly over AMD and holding back a arsenal makes sense - it can buy them time to refine it and allow them to R&D ahead of schedule. They can also claim the win with their mid range product and marketing can wave the 'fastest' flag stigma.Show your competitor that you've got good cards but don't lay them all on the table.
^Yep.This is what the 660TI was rumored to be very early, on par or a little faster than AMD's flagship. The 660 turned into the 670 which turned into the 680 just recently. NV is probably just holding on to the overhead as long as it's needed. It's not needed if you can trump the competitor by a few percentage and claim a win.
690 or the 685And then they can take one from the past and label the dual GPU (if there is one) as the GX2, or go straight to the 700 series.It's NV , they aren't immune to scheme changes like ATI/AMD is or was.
If the contrast between 3DM11 and BF3 is true, it will most likely be -5% slower to 10% faster than the 7970 across the board. Just enough to nip the 7970 in the butt. Liking the highly dynamic clock speed and hoping voltage has some kind of stepping. It could help keep the temperature down drastically.
I'm not against DLC if it's priced right. As far as I'm concerned if the money matches the content, I don't care how I get it. The one thing I'm worried about is that fall needs to come before we possibly get a map that's larger than what we have now. And the video of Close Quarters... it's very close to 'you know what'. Uncannily close. Anyone who wants BF to represent the ideals which BF had needs to focus on Arma 3 because this series is travelling down the 'wam bam'...
Going to wait a few months. Will be sitting back and watching threads about IB. Will be going with the 3770K. I can't justify going from a 2500K to a 3570K to get 10% IPC, so the 3770K HT and +2mb of cache will give me the incentive.
So they are going to pair a GT430 with an i7 and 8gigs of ram? If the first article was right about the specs, I don't believe this article at all. Valve if anyone knows that they could go with a static i5 2400 and get the same job done for less, especially when considering the board and baked GPU. There is no PCIE on the board so upgrading the GPU is out - why extend the processors life span? It's fake.
+1Is the 3770K the only IB i7 that has been papered so far?
Hopefully they make a budget build. A 24/2500, 4GB of ram and something like a 560 would work well. Going to be interesting. Maybe Valve will build a stable bridge for consolites and make it easy to transition. Streamlining is going to be essential.
Yep. That works like a charm on a phone with feedback, at least on me. I end up speaking really slowly and sounding stupid.Though you could always just plug your ears.
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