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It would be nice if they could give you the option between legacy/tablet.
I really doubt you'l need Steam + Origin + Firefox running but I'm going to wait to figure out exactly how this is going to work. Very glad it's (most likely) coming to Steam.
The only difference is that MS doesn't charge for service packs and tends to make large changes from OS to OS. No sense even evaluating this claim because you know Apple has pulled all the strings, tied them back together and made it reality in their audiences and own heads.
This. Instantaneously this. The frame rate is horrible and it's probably pointing to a weak GPU with a lack of VRam.There are people who claim none of that happens on their system in the comments.
Well it did it again as soon as I got into a BF3 beta game. Split the ram a1/a2 but it's only running in single channel mode and there is quite a drop in performance. I think I'm going to up the NB voltage a smidge.
I'll try that if it happens again. I have read that separating the channels helps stability. Looks like I've got the dimms in their recommended slots according to Asus. I have a2 and b2 filled and have tried it with a1/b1 which was far worse.
Hi, Just got this kit. Before I had 2x2 G.Skill 1333 and it was always kind of flaky - seems like certain slots are acting odd. After installing the Ballistix it's remained a bit unstable and froze every 5 to 15 minutes after boot. I took the ram out of slot 1 and 2 and stuck it in 3 and 4. It freezes now once every hour to three hours. I can play games without a problem; it most often locks up on the desktop. Have run memtest for about an hour (didn't fully finish). I've...
HD Tune also works well.
What Sarge said if you want an easy fix, my card is being restrained this way. Tie the 6 pin cables to the top of the case, plug them in and make sure that it doesn't have too much strain on the card but just enough to straighten it.
Yeah, for music and movies not so much unless you can back them up. For games I would definently want to keep them in Raid-0.
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