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Imagine how I feel. I'm still above 60FPS 99% of the time on about everything though.Between the power consumption and speed, I may be missing $500 by morning.The one thing I do want to see is if there is a difference between PCIE 2.0 and 3.0. I doubt there will be but 2.0 is really getting close to saturation. I'm almost certain the 685 will absolutely saturate it if those specs are close.
Probably a 2500K past 4.5GHz or a 2600K based on the physics score. It is odd that they are blanking out the CPU. Isn't Ivy still under NDA? If it is that could be a 3570 or 3770K. The 9398 graphics score is on the money. That is a true 680 score. In comparison my x2 470's at 700MHz score 9500 in graphics, about 8500 without an overclock.
Yeah. I didn't mean to insinuate that you were pro subscription.I'm not a conspiracist but I do believe that these companies are sticking a toe or two in the pond and testing the waters. The subscription model may not allow them to make much more than they are now but it will allow them to be more flexible once they have secured a subscriber base, even if it means collecting a few extra dollars.I honestly don't think the majority of gamers are going to stand for it, but...
You aren't cranking the MSAA are you? Using a custom fan profile will help your temps.
It's a pick pocket dressed in a cake suit If the model catches on, your going to be duped into shelling out $120 a year per developer. Content or no content.
So this is actually DICE itself (not EA) proposing this idea... I'm stunned. Games that need to be connected to the internet to play didn't effect me, I'm a interweb addict. DLC doesn't effect me if the content matches the price and the base of the game was worth it's original cost. Monthly bills to a developer to play a game and keep my content updated is the wall. I've strived for years to eliminate monthly bills. I don't care if it costs 5 dollars a month, the...
This is good for tech ecosystem. NV is going to be competitive with their pricing, power consumption, heat and performance. This is a complete win when comparing it to Fermi.
My wife has a Kindle and I've got a Nook Tablet. She reads on her kindle and I play on my Nook. Both are rooted. Pads are really good laptop replacements if you just read, play lightly, watch videos or check email. With the introduction of Windows 8 on tablets, I could see the laptop sector dissipating slightly.
So now they are going to start ticking off the frat boy who likes to take his console to an internet-less camp 3 miles in out in the wilderness on the weekends or pitch a tent in the backyard and have a Guys Afternoon In *cough* It doesn't sound significant but that's one trickle down effect that will end and a sector of people you don't want to tick off, even if they are COD fanatics. It worked with Steam and certain games because PC users are somewhat sophisticated......
Still about -5w of difference compared to -2w on the TT preview.If you talking about full overall power consumption, the monitor, a GPU, and a few more components can add the difference depending on testing methods.Wasn't expecting this at all. Almost no reason to upgrade from a 2500K unless you go to a 3770K... and then the temperature
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