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Dropping it at a bar consecutively in two iterations? The iPhone 4 was also (receiving huge publicity). It's a bit too much of a coincidence to just throw away imo.
Not really trying to make a point, besides stating that I think Apple is at a creative plateau.I get what you are trying to say (I think). It's not 'illegal' for Apple to do these things, but my only thought it that in doing these things, Apple thinks they are being sly, coy and smart - add in the number of fanboys grovelling over it, it makes me puke a little in my mouth (which is why I posted to begin with).I'll relent from here on out, I'm out of my religion.
Errr... we're talking about the effect it has on the public?Who the, what the.. where did I loose you?I know you like Apple but this is a publicity stunt bro
You can't be serious... you believe that this wasn't done on purpose?I can see it as a sign. If they think they are being coy, it's completely not.
Isn't it though, but how do I prove something like that? It seems to me it takes logic in the first place.
Release an updated phone every year, "drop" it in a bar consecutively for an unsuspecting to find and your looking at a plateau. No need to worry however, they've got narcissism on their side.
Sold for 200 dollars. The phones don't even hold any value anymore lol. Rightfully, the guy probably is out of the loop but I doubt this phone holds the weight the previous that was left at a bar (quite original) does.
We may be getting new consoles in the next 3 years. EA: "Eh, whatever. DX9 looks super-good and this crap prints money. Did I just say that out loud? Uh... we've got Frostbite 2." The anger sharks are swimming in my head.
I hate to say it but it is true to an extent. If it's not shoved in their face, they have no clue what to do. It's why MS falls victim to the Fisher Price scheme; more crap shoved on the screen just seems to inherently look cheesy, no matter how slim lined the icons look.I just got done doing 2 1/2 years of technical support for a local ISP and it seems a lot of people just want answers to general navigation questions - they don't care to learn it, they don't care for...
I can do the same thing in my bathtub and it will only take 8 seconds
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