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Boredom strikes. I was thinking about buying a 27" 1080p monitor so I diddled the math to figure out how much less my GPU's were going to be stressed. Thought I'd post it just for S&G's As minute or insignificant as it might be, it's interesting to see what the logistics are. Code: *Specs -1200p, 3120 pixels, 1920x1200 dimension, 16:10 aspect ratio -1080p, 3000 pixels, 1920x1080 dimension, 16:9 aspect ratio *1080p is 3.85% less resolution, theoretically 3.85% higher...
Kinda in the same situation. With both of my 470's at 700MHz, I'm about 250 graphics points ahead of a stock 680 in 3DM11. Though going to 1 GPU would lessen the power consumption by about +200w and rid you of any SLI performance penalty. Plus eliminate micro-stutter... plus give you the driver maturity benefit, plus allow you to overclock the 680 further, plus... There are a lot of advantages, but if you don't have the cash don't sweat it. Your 2 480's are absolutely...
Interested about what they have in store for FXAA improvements. Hoping it's IQ improvements. At least with adaptive vsync they are touching upon addressing the the vsync problem as a whole. I will never use it because I play nothing but FPSers and any vsync is just unbearable, but I could see how this would help other types of games.
What he said.
Oh why did I opt to pay taxes first.
This is kind of my dilemma, but I figure that if the 680 scores a 9400 in graphics on 3DM11 at stock (pending that holding true) and 2 470's will do 8500 stock, the power consumption is less than a single 470 and you won't be suffering from the SLI penalty, it's pretty much worth it.Add the fact that the 680 will be able to be overclocked from it's stock clocks.
Just do like I did and tell her it will consume less power
Whats it worth if you can't spend it
Woops. My glasses need Windex.
It's not. Mine is the same as posted by the thread starter.
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