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All this range dictation So if a card is released and costs, hypothetically, 40% less than the competitions but matches it in performance your not going to buy it because the price isn't high end? I'll have what your smoking.
It's the 'Ima make a statement and sue' complex.Not that Apple is right claiming that it does what it rarely will do, but each has it's aim.
Well, It's a little of both. EA came out just about a month ago praising Activision and talking about how they'd like to take a slice of the pie with the BF series. The publishers sure as heck aren't helping the situation.
It's hanging on by a thread.I don't mind small maps but the name of the game is Battlefield and it would be great if they focused on BF orientated elements before they feed the CODies. This game has always been large scale, we already have 10 first person shooters that mimic COD.It's mind blowing that there are so many people who will blindly support this. This game is blatantly trying to tap into the COD fan base and shoving it's history, previous fan base and everything...
The price is in line with almost every launch of the last 10 years If you thought it was going to be 10% faster than the 7970 and cost 20% less than it, you need to check your drinking water. Product placement isn't about manufacturing cost if the demand is there, it's about relative speed and just merely denting competitors prices enough to sway sales yet still make a healthy profit. AMD exists in the pricing war also, they aren't immune.
Eastern time U.S. is usually used to lift when the cuffs aren't on too tight and this launch doesn't seem to be too locked down so if all goes well 1hr. Crossing fingers.
I've never played a ME but I can understand why gamers are mad. Even if it is a well implemented cut and paste it still represents a lack of effort, originality and care. It's not something you want to see when you spend 60 bucks or if you care about gaming at all. The transvestite is going too far though. That really is purely inconsequential.
All hype. FXAA vs MSAA. If the GK104 is 20-30% faster than the 580, how is the tier above that going to be 200% faster than the 580. Bull.
$350 for a card that performs like the 7970? What are people putting in their Cheerio's now at days? Why would NV sell 550 dollars worth of card for 350? Also needing to push the 580 below $280. If the performs like the 7970, you can bet it's going to be $450 bare minimum, and that would be a feat.
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