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Good trailer... baaaad music. Metal would have gotten me psyched but this just ... sucks.
The 'Can You Run It' sites are generic. They don't take clock speed into consideration, they just poll to see what proc and card you have and give you 1 of 6 possible graphics. Can't wait. Looks like BF3 is living up to it's brother as far as being a system crippler.
Shows just how bad it was. Besides the massive amount of driving area which is impressive, day to night transitions, better graphics and great car detail, 2 islands (all the things that just scream "sandbox driving heaven"), the physics and handling mock Mario Kart (1991) and I'm NOT joking. The story and acting just made me cringe but the story was and is an afterthought in TDU also; it's supposed to be about the driving. This game could have been TDU2 but it turned out...
Looks like I'll be using my video card instead of the furnace this winter. *Increases voltage
Check your fan speed and then I'd re-seat 212 if the temp is still high.
I dunno about you but this is how Super PI mod 1.5 XS "out of the box" looks on my machine. It's definently single threaded. My machine did 20s on the 1m, also.
Wow this looks awesome. The LFD style looks addicting and it definently looks like it uses DX11.
Rather have them in the hands of Google than another company who shall remain nameless. It really is a shame though. Google and other companies shouldn't have to and shouldn't be allowed to patent hoard.
I would assume it would be on NASA TV. I thought it was supposed to happen at 2pm EST? --- It is. They are doing the briefing now.
Stop: Fluffybunny 0x30000001 thisisasoundlibrarydll.dll - address Wonka's Factory, Bubble Gum Room, Far right corner by the toxic waste, 3 inches to the left
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