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Making a rough observation.
I didn't know there was data.
Steam has been down a lot lately but I'm sure their up-time % is still 3 times better than Origins in it's infancy.
Same here.
I'd go with another 460. It's cheaper and a bit faster than a 570.
I did tech support for a few years and you can always tell who has a an Apple and who doesn't. It's sad to say.They are either snarky and arrogant or clueless - though most of them are clueless while being arrogant (), there are some who aren't in the know and half-decent. The illiterate users aren't snarky but they are still out to lunch and hard to deal with - the stigma never ends.It's the perfect example of money over brains and the attitude that follows it when trying...
Yeah. It shows proof of concept that SLI could be opened to a bigger array of cards.What I would love to see is compatibility with different architectures, like a 470 with a 580. Of course your going to be limited to the slowest card but who cares
niceSo the hybrid drivers work well?
750/750 Stock clocks 607/607 Quite a difference in a few tests. I'm sure I could do 800 on both cards but I'm already pulling about 660w peak from the wall and my trusty TX has a few miles on it.
Well, darker minus the fuzz I smoked through a few builds and it seems that tar helps dust stick to it. So yes, if you smoke it generally becomes fuzzier and 20 times as hard to remove, not to mention gross. Temperatures also seem to rise because of the film.He should switch to vapor.
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