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Did he use thermal paste or a new spread flavor from Nutella?
I'd also give Recuva a shot also. It looks pretty good. Ccleaner doesn't let me down so I'd trust Recuva.
There is software that will get some of it back. If you haven't put anything else on the drive besides the OS, there is a good chance you can get most of it back. Just don't put anything else on the drive because it will write over more existing data. IF you had done a full reformat, it would be completely gone. goog search I haven't done it my self but it looks like you have quite a few options.
Did you do a quick reformat or a full reformat?
.Ok so they are both monitors coming out of one video card and you've flashed a shot of them on your iphone... right?
I don't see that. The game industry is bigger than Hollywood. The only reason smaller companies (let only any other company) isn't trying to compete is because there is no room and there is already too much fragmentation. Nin, Sony and MS have it wrapped up.If the current consoles were to somehow disappear, you would see other companies rushing to get a piece of the massive pie, developing their own consoles and possibly even striking a cross platform deal with MS.
Yes, consoles in a sense of proprietary-ism are doomed. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft's gaming models are going to go the way-side. I think what will likely happen is hardware will become uniform across all platforms, developers will develop for less of a fragmentated market and we will see many types of 'consoles' from a large array of distributors. Sony, Nintendo and MS will sell their exclusives and focus on games instead of hardware. It's coming Nintendo - Sega wasn't...
Seagate HDD diag Western Digital diag If you know which hdd you have, you should use the corresponding tool, though I'm pretty sure the WD tool will test all vendors HDD's. One of them does anyhow. You should also use Malwarebytes Antimalware. It's free. I can usually give an infected computer the 1 - 2 punch with MBAM and Eset Online Scanner to kill...
Yeah but the marketing team doesn't change, lol.
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