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Lol so much this.Saying that though, I frequent RC hobby forums and I do see rivalry when talking about different flight controllers (Mainly multi-rotor type stuff). But I have to agree, the tension between people using Intel or AMD or Nvidia is just ridiculous, it's almost as if people are will to go out all guns blazing over it some times.
There was a problem? I'm on 353.30 and have had no such issues.
Say WHAAAA?!?So, you're going to tax me for storing my own personal data that I created on a new hard drive when I inevitably have to buy one, and the proceeds are going to who exactly?In theory, I'm going to be paying some schmuck I don't even care about so I can store my own personal and professional photos, graphics media, personal documents, and whatever else I can think of storing.
Good! I'm still finding stuff on Fallout 3 and I love it
We need to actually use 64-bit to it's potential before considering anything any larger... That could be decades away, if not longer.
AMD said they were going back to their "roots" with the FX series... We all know how that turned out.
Eh? My gaming rig uses less than 360W at full load, that PSU is way more than enough for his rig.
Hmm, are you using a USB drive to install windows or from disc? If USB, maybe it's corrupt/faulty. Try putting the installation back on to the USB drive and try again. I'm starting to fire blanks now lol, everything you've tried is what I would have suggested. Just going for anything now.
How recent is the laptop? Could be UEFI settings in BIOS causing issues
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