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Thanks guys, really means a lot. Still not heard anything about the Biopsy date yet. Also, no 980 just yet Gonna have another crack at getting it on black friday tho.
May or may not have a GTX 980 ACX 2.0 on the way... Still waiting for things to process Will probably find out tomorrow after work. Also gonna be a complete bummer now, my mum has the cancer, found out last wednesday. She's got to go back for a biopsy when they can be arsed to send a letter out (don't see why they couldn't do it there and then like). They think it's the type that doesn't spread but not sure yet.
That's exactly how I meant.Also yeah I know Just been so busy at work, not had much time to play with the camera. Day off tomorrow so we shall see what comes of that (or not). hah
I give it a 7/10 as I think I know what you were trying to do... Would have been better if your camera was a bit higher and the angle pointing more downward, that way you see the crowd in the bokeh while focussed on the phone. Well that's what I would have done anyways
Please learn how to use proper English... (or at least use it, you gave me a brain fart)As for intake, I personally prefer a positive air pressure environment, usually means less dust, but that would also mean more than one intake fan. If you're so sure on one intake then I would probably go for the side, as it's more direct on to the components.
7/10 - Feels too distracting. Another with the Samyang: Layla by Jlryan - Buzzin92, on Flickr
We had a Vulcan fly over us, several years ago. I'm soo jealous I'd be out with my camera all the time trying to snag them as they fly over
7/10 not bad for hand held New lens arrived, already loving it First shot with it:
8/10, foreground looks a bit too dark imo. Not got a photo to show yet, just ordered a new lens so hopefully you'll be seeing some more from me next week This is the lens I've ordered
The term you're looking for is composition
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