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Hadn't even thought about checking that, thanks man. Power's only at 59%, core clock 575MHz... Restarting FAH should fix it though.
Maybe Any thoughts?Just had a check through the log as I hadn't uploaded a wu for a while, only got to 4% and then that.
Catchin' yo up, chief!
Have you made sure the previous AMD drivers have been fully removed, and the latest Nvidia drivers installed? That would be my next course of action before concluding on the GPU being faulty. As for the overvolting, I'm not sure, I would think it makes the whine go to a higher pitch (overclocking certainly does this), but not remove it. vOP and vREL are to do with GPU Boost, I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you're overclocking to its limits. It's the limiting...
It's been said before that some PSU's can cause GPU's to give off coil whine, whereas others don't... As for the crashing, I very much doubt coil whine is the cause for that, the whine that you hear is just minuscule vibration caused by the ferrite chokes that have coils of wire around them. You can even fix coil whine by gluing up the choke itself to stop the ferrite core from vibrating. I don't believe you've actually mentioned what PSU you have? All it says is "850...
No worries! And thanks. I admit the composition is fairly off on that shot, I was fairly tired when I took it... I literally dropped about 20 minutes after haha.I take criticism seriously when it comes to something I need to improve upon, so thank you!
I'll post a photo in your stead , I also agree with the your rating. Here's mine, took at 4:30am this morning. 54 second exposure, F/11, ISO 100.
Setting the flags has sorted my problem, gotten 4 core 17's in a row now, each one around 10 hours to complete each
If your temps went down 16*c, then what's the point messing around again to possibly only get 1*c difference?
7/10 - I like it, but it could do with something extra..? Couldn't put my finger on what it was until I screen grabbed and tweaked it myself. It's more to do with personal preference but adding a little contrast, deepening on the darker areas, adding a little split toning on the redder side, and a very slight vignette improved on the appearance.But again, completely personal preference, the image itself is great, love the composition. Another one of Layla, was asked to...
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