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That's the only problem with Macro...Just taken this photo for example. That pen mark is 1mm long. Notice how at both ends of the mark it starts to lose focus? That's how small the focal area was when taking the spider photo, and it was hand held... 8/10. Reminds of when I camped up in Pickering/Thornton Le Dale a couple of years ago, Loved the scenery and the old style buildings built with bricks from the old castle there. Have a one eyed Kuro Neko sunning in the three...
6/10 - The picture itself is okay, but I just don't see it as a composed photo, more of a snapshot (sorry!)Jumping Spider! (Zebra Spider), This little bugger is literally the size of the width of a shoe lace, probably not even 4mm in size.DSC_0026 by Jamie Ryan, on Flickr [[SPOILER]]
9/10 I love this! I wish I was lucky enough to find wildlife to take photo's of here. Another from the RC Collection. Hard to get focus on an object flying through the air towards you at 30MPH. Still couldn't get it perfect, but this was the best I got at the time. DSC_0076 by Jamie Ryan, on Flickr
8/10 Whites look slightly blown out (that could be this crappy monitor though, my U21412m died ) Looks good otherwise, nice shot! Sifting through older photos, one of my RC ones from September last year: DSC_0062 by Jamie Ryan, on Flickr
7.5/10 I like lizards. As for the photo itself, try diffusing the flash or pointing it up away from the subject to bounce the light around more, there's a few harsh shadows from the branches that are kinda nagging at me, also would probably have framed it a bit more to the right, so you get the whole lizard in, which would also help with the rule of thirds with the subject focus being at the left "third" of the frame. Other than that, great little subject you have there...
I've spent 0 in GTA Online.... Don't pool me in with the rest
7/10 Prom-0023 by Jamie Ryan, on Flickr
Keep the 2600k, wait for next gen. Plus you could also end up seeing the whole "bendgate 2.0" issue with the Skylake substrates bending under intense pressure, I have pretty much the identical cooler (Except I'm running passive) and they're a huge and heavy hunk of metal.
8/10 not bad Oh and here's the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Bootes and Corona Borealis Here's one from the other night watching the Perseids.Perseids Star Trail by Jamie Ryan, on Flickr
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