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8/10 not bad Oh and here's the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Bootes and Corona Borealis Here's one from the other night watching the Perseids.Perseids Star Trail by Jamie Ryan, on Flickr
Passively cooled 3770k.
Skylake will be the same price, same as how Haswell was the same price as Ivy, and Ivy was to SandyBridge.
I'm pretty sure that says 16 cores / 32 threads... Unless I've missed something somewhere.
I'm happy to fold my 750Ti 24/7 at the moment, though I don't see a category for it. Is GPU-Wildcard open a spot? Oops, @DownshiftArtist currently has that spot Getting 88k PPD on the 750Ti at the moment. It's not much but it's a help. I'd fold on the 780 again but it's really hot and airflow to my system isn't that great anymore... If someones willing to donate me some WC hardware I'll fold it for sure.
Or just hit start and type "winver" and hit enter...
Much better, hell of a lot more stable too.
I'm using the Xonar DS with Windows 10, and I've been using the UNi drivers since windows 7. for all Xonar cards.
It's not day one bugs, just people don't know what they're doing and rushing things
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