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2x E5-2699 V3 CPU's. Just because.
Just... WHY?! There's no need for it, manufacturers should be investing in regular computer displays, where it'll actually matter. Not on mobile phones where you won't be able to tell the difference in clarity from a 1080p display, and so the consumers can complain further that battery life is the worst it can possibly be, and where the performance is incredible sluggish!
It's not the kids' fault for playing games that's beyond their age, it's the parents fault for authorizing payment and letting the kids buy such games, but what makes me laugh is this was all over the news this morning in the UK, it's the parents that are complaining that kids are getting violent and blaming the games.
I suddenly have the urge to watch Stargate again now...
I say a new dual GPU card. Only reason I say this, is because there's apparently a GPU driver update scheduled around the same time.
I had my eye on Skylake before I got my Ivy build. Though I'm fearing for the rumours I've been seeing that only up to 10% increase in IPC over Ivy.I'm actually thinking of going Haswell-E with the 5820k just for the two extra cores, I do a bit in photography, and manipulating photos makes my 3770k sweat
Oooh looks like I might be upgrading the rig this year Been waiting for Skylake, the Ivy is three years old now!
I don't see how this will work? Each GPU has hardware assigned VRAM, so how is this possible without massive amounts of performance issues?
This would need it's own socket (UK), shouldn't use this on a multi-socket extension otherwise you would blow the 13A fuse. 240v @ 13A is ~3.1KW. I use 600w alone without the PC running on my extension just from my AV equipment Might keep this PSU in mind for when I get around to my monster *dream* rig
Boil, unboil, then hatch a chicken... That'll impress the common people.
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