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8/10, foreground looks a bit too dark imo. Not got a photo to show yet, just ordered a new lens so hopefully you'll be seeing some more from me next week This is the lens I've ordered
The term you're looking for is composition
7/10, face is too dark imo. Been a while since I've busted the camera out, since I've started work anyways, just no time. Got it out last night though, my brother's just bought a Celestron Advanced GT Computerised mount and we've got a dovetail plate so we can use both our cameras on it. Took this last night, just finished stacking/post. M31 and M32 - Andromeda
Sooo then... What's going on? Since I am no longer elegible for GPU-E
That looks like coollabs liquid pro. Oh and Happy Birthday Fir3!
I don't even know
What the wat?
Pretty much, was dead on Sunday.The steelies are actually quite comfortable! Besides, just passed my LLOP/Pallet truck test so not much walking for me now Gonna be flying around the warehouse doing 12KPH on one of those suckers
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