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You can rule out the CPU or Motherboard that's holding you back by decreasing the CPU multiplier, and ramping up your FSB... But, it doesn't look like you can adjust the ratio for some reason. Try going in to the BIOS and pressing ctrl+F1 at the first screen, it can sometimes unlock extra options. Now, being that you're using a G31 Chipset, you won't be getting much of an overclock I'm afraid, though it won't hurt to try. Another way to rule out other possible...
0x4f is usually a driver issue, if as stated above, you've moved from a different drive, it will be most likely you will need to re-install the disk drivers. If that doesn't sort anything, try doing a fresh install.
I'd say a GTX 780. If not only for performance benefits due to higher frame buffer, but also for lower power consumption, heat output and noise.
Sooo... The GTX 880 could potentially be up to 100% faster than my GTX 780 while maintaining the same TDP....Well, ****.Anyone want a GTX 780?
Oh I don't have money... I'm just throwing together hardware I can find on the real cheap
Thinking of gathering a load of hardware and just running f@h on them. Tempted to build a small rack box with old motherboards and netbook motherboards and such in, if it'll work.
I'm tired therefore I'm brain derping a lot.Why waste money now installing the 1Gbps line to newer customers, when they'll have to upgrade that to the newer 10Gbps standard within the next year or so?What I'm trying to say is, let them get the newer, faster 10Gbps milestone over and done with. The 1Gb thing was just a test anyway, just to say they can do it, and I don't doubt they could go much higher than that. Fibre cable is good for up to 270Gbps per channel over 100km...
Why waste money on giving new customers old tech and then waste more money upgrading the old tech to the newer standard? When they can upgrade now and then push out the new speeds to newer customers, saving time and money in the process.
I wondered where that 400Gbps DDoS was going...
Signed up! ^_^ Used to play ETS, and then played ETS2 for a while, but had other priorities. Started playing it again now I never even knew about mods... I've just installed a buttload.
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