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Boil, unboil, then hatch a chicken... That'll impress the common people.
*encrypts the everything* Come at me, bro.
After Rebuild
I've just cleaned my rig out, and done a whole lot to wire management and my lighting (involved intense soldering session for several hours, for example). Just done a reinstall of the OS too, pics to come of the hellish 6+ month build up of dust with a rig running 100% 24/7 . OH, and I've done the LED mod to my GTX 780, it's now sexy white instead of the green
Ivy is good up to 105*C before thermal throttling Kicks in, so you have plenty of room. Edit: My bad, loaded this page a while ago, hadn't seen the other responses. Plus I'm on the road so internet is intermittent at best...
Huh?I need some new legs
I think I need to clean up a little, maybe sort some extra cooling... Heck, might even go water, actually been thinking of doing that, just wondering if I should keep to this case or go to another with better compatibility for a water loop running 24/7 under load.
Thanks guys, really means a lot. Still not heard anything about the Biopsy date yet. Also, no 980 just yet Gonna have another crack at getting it on black friday tho.
May or may not have a GTX 980 ACX 2.0 on the way... Still waiting for things to process Will probably find out tomorrow after work. Also gonna be a complete bummer now, my mum has the cancer, found out last wednesday. She's got to go back for a biopsy when they can be arsed to send a letter out (don't see why they couldn't do it there and then like). They think it's the type that doesn't spread but not sure yet.
That's exactly how I meant.Also yeah I know Just been so busy at work, not had much time to play with the camera. Day off tomorrow so we shall see what comes of that (or not). hah
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