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Okay, set it to stock and currently getting 56k PPD. Seems to have been an unstable OC.
Oh yeah, derp... mybad
I may have read it wrong, but wouldn't that be too easy to just sneakily install F@H on peoples machines (using their resources) and then profit off of it yourself? Not sure how well it would take off. Also, think my X4 slot on my motherboard is limiting my 750Ti on the core19's, only getting 9k PPD, that and it keeps failing... I need to look into the stability of the overclock more it seems. According to ExtremeSystemsOverclocking I'm kicking out 9 WU's at a time with 0...
Wasn't Zodac (still?) running a Q6600 back then? That's all I seem to remember...
The dude I'm on about won $100k worth of "Google cloud credit" in a hackathon event, he's putting it all towards F@H.
Holy balls... LinusTechTips team has like over 600 active users now... And one of their users has just started folding on a "cloud credit" based system netting him 1.4m PPD, which he's got for the next 11 months... But he can apparently add more nodes at will sooo... Damn I wish I had some cash, I'd go out and buy a ton of hardware just for folding, seriously. .-. Screw electricity bills
8/10 Not bad Wish I could visit nice places like that! Been doing a few Macro's lately... DSC_0122 by Jamie Ryan, on Flickr
Is the Windows 7 install USB the Service Pack 1 version? If not you'll get that error for using the wrong version. Other than that, I can't think of anything else other than to re-install
10/10, I love that! Very nice. Took this in what is usually very polluted with street light, but last night was incredibly clear for our area, could see the Andromeda galaxy without the use of optics This is 62 shots stacked with ~20 dark frames subtracting all the sensor noise and hot pixels and all that nasty stuff. 6 second exposures ISO 3200 F/2.0 (Samyang 85mm f/1.4)
Haha I've gotten used to memorising what went where 0 screws left over!
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