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Hmm, are you using a USB drive to install windows or from disc? If USB, maybe it's corrupt/faulty. Try putting the installation back on to the USB drive and try again. I'm starting to fire blanks now lol, everything you've tried is what I would have suggested. Just going for anything now.
How recent is the laptop? Could be UEFI settings in BIOS causing issues
Just re-install windows on the new hard drive again, instead of letting it do the auto config for the drive, go into manual, delete all partitions, create new partition and continue. When the laptop reboots for the first time during the windows install, unplug or remove the Windows Installation media so it doesn't try to load the windows installer again.
Why not just update the 840 Evo firmware to the latest one? Would have saved all the hassle in the first place.
He means people will think the higher the model number, the faster the CPU.
PC illiterate guys usually go with "oooh! 'X' has 8 cores but 'Y' only has 4, we should get the 8 cores because that's definitely going to be faster in every single way".In all seriousness though, I had a guy tell me his 8 core mobile phone is faster than my 4.5GHz 3770k. I could have sworn I cracked a rib from laughter.
Because a 5930k is a hex-core and the 6700k is a quad core...The 5930k will also have more PCI-E lanes, and quad-channel memory...
Can't be, unless they're deciding to add the i5's to the enthusiast class.HQ is usually mobile platform.
That's their editing room, with 5 employees working in there...I know right?! I remember watching my old E5200 overclocked to 4.4GHz run that and thinking "Dang that's fast". This just takes the cake.
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