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Sooo then... What's going on? Since I am no longer elegible for GPU-E
That looks like coollabs liquid pro. Oh and Happy Birthday Fir3!
I don't even know
What the wat?
Pretty much, was dead on Sunday.The steelies are actually quite comfortable! Besides, just passed my LLOP/Pallet truck test so not much walking for me now Gonna be flying around the warehouse doing 12KPH on one of those suckers
Ooh I see, thanks!
I've got 23 million points, but my sig sticker says 10 million Also no work today... clocked in and waited for shift to start, just before I started everyone got told to go home. .-.
Gotta wear steel toe-caps as it's required, they're not too bad though. Must have walked 15 - 20 miles yesterday. Back in tomorrow haha.
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