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But that means socialising! I probably would, but I've just not had the time to for the last few weeks. Yesterday and today are just chill days for me so I might pop in and say hi.
I... But...I.... I need all of those...
It's all done now! No more talk of painting rooms! I hope...Folding rig should be back up soon hopefully, next couple of days.
I feel I killed the thread
=update= Room's almost finished painted, just got to do final coat. New carpet fitted tomorrow hopefully! Still got to prepare the wood for building my new desk... difficult without proper tools
Shutting down folding rig, not sure how long for though, redecorating lol.
Truthfully, if I had money to blow away, I would build a climate controlled room with several dedicated Titan black and Intel Xeon E7 15 core rigs for F@H... I can dream though. And for reference to 15 core xeons, since they don't actually exist yet...
Dual Titan Z or nothin' bro
So, does Nvidia GPU folding work in linux now then, or...? Thinking of doing a video guide as like a side project, building an open bench folding rig out of spare components, and just wondering what OS to run. I've got a Q8400 and a GTX 560 Ti lying about doing nothing, so gonna set them up folding.
That looks like the North Yorkshire Moors... or could it be the Yorkshire Dales? awesome shot though. I'll be getting a few shots in the Moors within the next couple of weeks when I pass through on my way on holiday, going to Whitby for a week Actually thinking about it, could be the Peak district... Or Derbyshire Dales... They're all so similar!
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