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I say a new dual GPU card. Only reason I say this, is because there's apparently a GPU driver update scheduled around the same time.
I had my eye on Skylake before I got my Ivy build. Though I'm fearing for the rumours I've been seeing that only up to 10% increase in IPC over Ivy.I'm actually thinking of going Haswell-E with the 5820k just for the two extra cores, I do a bit in photography, and manipulating photos makes my 3770k sweat
Oooh looks like I might be upgrading the rig this year Been waiting for Skylake, the Ivy is three years old now!
I don't see how this will work? Each GPU has hardware assigned VRAM, so how is this possible without massive amounts of performance issues?
This would need it's own socket (UK), shouldn't use this on a multi-socket extension otherwise you would blow the 13A fuse. 240v @ 13A is ~3.1KW. I use 600w alone without the PC running on my extension just from my AV equipment Might keep this PSU in mind for when I get around to my monster *dream* rig
Boil, unboil, then hatch a chicken... That'll impress the common people.
*encrypts the everything* Come at me, bro.
After Rebuild
I've just cleaned my rig out, and done a whole lot to wire management and my lighting (involved intense soldering session for several hours, for example). Just done a reinstall of the OS too, pics to come of the hellish 6+ month build up of dust with a rig running 100% 24/7 . OH, and I've done the LED mod to my GTX 780, it's now sexy white instead of the green
Ivy is good up to 105*C before thermal throttling Kicks in, so you have plenty of room. Edit: My bad, loaded this page a while ago, hadn't seen the other responses. Plus I'm on the road so internet is intermittent at best...
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