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Gotta wear steel toe-caps as it's required, they're not too bad though. Must have walked 15 - 20 miles yesterday. Back in tomorrow haha.
My legs hurt... So. Much. Walking.Aww Gonna make me look that much more insignificant against the others, since GPU-E is just balling out the points at the moment lol.
Hahah Just finished induction! T'was pretty awesome, going in tomorrow to sign contracts and then do an 8 hour shift :3
Going for induction in less than an hour at the new job.... Totally bricking it hahah
I like to think it's about sharing mainly, but I do use the rating system to help improve on my photos. Sort of like a mini-critique.
Has anyone heard about the "proprietary" NFC?
I like it, 8/10.Would have liked a slower aperture and bump the ISO up a little to get the flowers on the table in focus too, while keeping the background out of DoF. But to get that effect you would most likely need a longer tele like a 70-200 to give good Bokeh.
That's called Depth of Field, your phone's camera could do it lol.Depends really, I have a Nikon D5200 (was around £500 UK when I bought it) and absolutely love it, it's by far no "professional" camera, though people tend to think "Holy cow" when I've got my battery grip on, it's freaking huge lol.
Not much activity here in the UK. Was hoping to see something down in the Midlands but it's fairly heavily polluted with street lighting.
It's fairly under-exposed for my liking, for that you get a 6.5/10 The shot itself though; composition, the feel and the quality, if the exposure was higher I wouldn't hesitate giving a 10/10. But saying that, I feel it's the style you're going for with the previous shots also, so I can't really influence anything with that. Another from my selfie session... *Not high ISO, I just love the grain effect on B/W*
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