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If you no longer have the owner's manual, you can download it from the Asus site.
Control Panel --> SoundScroll down until you see Speakers. It should say Realtek High Definition Audio. Pick that one and all should be well. If it's not set as Default., then pick the option to make it so.Welcome and good luck.
1703. If trying to run 1600MHz RAM with FSB = 300MHz, BIOS incorrectly assigns key values and consequently the system won't boot. Eventually I got faster RAM and this became a non issue for me. Supposedly one of the stud members on the ROG boards was going to take the issue directly to ASUS but I never followed up with him.
Here is the promised screenshot. I have found bugs in Asus BIOS too, so I'm not at all surprised with your findings.
I don't see the problem on my 1703 BIOS for the base V Formula. I'll post a screenshot for you later, Johan.And, AFAIK, that board didn't officially support 2400MHz RAM.
I'm not doubting you saw what you noted, but I use a G9X and have no problems whatsoever using a USB 2.0 port. Difficult to imagine any mouse pulling a half amp of current unless it is defective (i.e. internal short). Even considering these high-end mice have display LEDs.
I had a long battle on this front, Lucky. You should be able to run SATA-2 no problem in IDE mode.Presumably running in RAID gets you an almost AHCI capability but I never ventured into it enough to know for sure. It would be nice to know if anyone is running a RAID 0 config with SSDs and has scores to publish.
There is no direct probe on the VRMs, but they track with NB temp. HWINFO is more useful IMO than HWMonitor.
Think about how much dust can accumulate in 2 hours. LoL JK.
But system is working properly now?
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