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I hadn't even imagined such a situation, but yes, diamond is harder than metal. If proper procedure isn't followed, such things can happen. In a matter of speaking then, a product like AS5 is more idiot-proof, but 5 degrees C is not something to be left on the table performance-wise for OCN crowd.Congrats on the new card.
What about this?
While things are quiet here, I thought I'd ask about TIM again since we really need a non-controversial topic to banter about. The question is specific to those using AS5 today (I'm in this camp) and moving to IC Diamond. What are the measurable improvements you've been able to quantify.
Figures. As you are a proud papa, go ahead and show it off in your updated rig details.
Your sig says you have a Sapphire card. I think they have their own software.
Yes, Afterburner.I was unaware of the locking function. Suppose they're entitled to do as they choose. When I used EVGA cards, their software was pretty good and I didn't mind using Precision.DiamondMM does not offer any equivalent software I'm aware of, so glad AB works.I may have tried GPUTweak at one point but some function needed an Asus branded card IIRC so I stopped using it.
I'm not familiar with the limitations MSIA may or may not have. My cards use reference PCB.Using MSIA gives me flexibility to play with clock settings, but frankly once you find something you like, maybe that's not so important anymore. I'm considering the suggestion of writing the clock values to BIOS for the sole reason that MSIA seems to forget how to set the clocks and defaults to the BIOS values.But the most important reason for MSIA is setting voltages since CCC...
I use MSI Afterburner.
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