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I'm not doubting you saw what you noted, but I use a G9X and have no problems whatsoever using a USB 2.0 port. Difficult to imagine any mouse pulling a half amp of current unless it is defective (i.e. internal short). Even considering these high-end mice have display LEDs.
I had a long battle on this front, Lucky. You should be able to run SATA-2 no problem in IDE mode.Presumably running in RAID gets you an almost AHCI capability but I never ventured into it enough to know for sure. It would be nice to know if anyone is running a RAID 0 config with SSDs and has scores to publish.
There is no direct probe on the VRMs, but they track with NB temp. HWINFO is more useful IMO than HWMonitor.
Think about how much dust can accumulate in 2 hours. LoL JK.
But system is working properly now?
I'm sure you're not too lazy. The NB chip is where I described. Given your temps are already good, it is likely your ambient is fairly low which as I said helps a lot. Either way as you see, it already made a huge difference in the temps.
Here's a suggestion. Re-orient the hoses of the H80i so they're on the top, opposite of where they are. Then move the NB spot fan to the lower left of the CPU, This is where it will do the most good. 8 o'clock position. Make sure the airflow is hitting the heatsink. A fan that spins at 2500 RPM will give good cooling. Should drop temp to about 45C or less at idle depending on ambient.
System freeze is different, I agree. You may have more than one issue going on. There was a known problem in one of the recent AMD GPU drivers. I want to say 14.4, where using browser for streaming video would hang the system. I have not seen the problem on the latest beta drivers. As for the dust, that's just a matter of blockage where the optical receiver is just not getting signal to relay back upstream. It's not unique to Logitech optical mice. I've seen it...
The point of dust impacting function of a laser mouse is not a theory, but a fact. Some mouse pads are better about this than other, but I've seen a number of PC gamers that prefer cloth pads, and cloth traps dust which transfers to the mouse. You may not think about this in your day to day usage, but I've seen a clear-cut case where a mouse was not working, stuttering, and clearing dust made it work good as new. Sure you can switch the mouse out too to fix it. This...
Something changed. If Wiz didn't touch BIOS, it's possible the mouse itself is the problem, or there could be dust coating the lens, but something hardware. In fact, please blow some compressed air on the mouse to clean it up and report back.
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