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Although not an entirely precise analogy, one can think of the CPU question similar to the DRAM situation as the product marketing material doesn't specifically say that 2400MHz memory is supported, but many of us use it and BIOS mostly works.
Thank you.
I also experience the same problem of not being able to wake up the machine. Keep in mind the other folks are talking about their Z boards and the 1503 BIOS will likely not apply to us.
Black Friday was eons ago. Geesh! Very interesting post. In a way this shouldn't be earth shattering news unless AMD was standing still. Fab and yield improvements in 2 years (from our first production run parts) should be normal, even though the chip's logic design didn't change.And yes, I know how finicky you were just to claim 4.8GHz on the 8350, so the initial 300MHz increase wouldn't have been a fair apples to apples comparison.Since you're in there playing...
I had to read this a few times to realize you "upgraded" to a 9590. So the new chip is worth 300MHz more for you? To clarify my question, all things being equal, the new chip allows you 300MHz more headroom.Also, it looks like you were never able to solve the 300MHz FSB base frequency problem?
There may be a switch on the board or a setting in BIOS to control the function.
+1 Big congrats. You must be super excited.I think you have 2 rads in that loop, yes? Is one blowing into the case and the top one blowing out?
So I'm curious now. You've had the Crosshair for so long, and now you moved to the Z. Any first impressions?
Did you also recently upgrade to the Z? I don't remember.
Bravo!!! You are both IBT and P95 stable at that speed and voltage?
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