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Your CPU is running a tad faster than mine. But very nice.
Not so interested then in running stress tools like Prime or IBT. FWIW, I ran the Fire Strike test today to see what it would say and scored a 96%. Assume that's good.
Can you comment please about your selection of FSB=277MHz. Is it because that's the value you needed to solve for a particular CPU clock frequency? I've running at 300MHz myself because it was a convenient number for certain other frequency objectives. But perhaps it is not the optimal choice...
Define "long". Also what are the peak temps you are seeing for the CPU and core temp? I'm not at all surprised to see folks run Vcore that high for benchmarking, but in my limited testing, I was getting concerned about pushing limits too hard trying to get IBT AVX to survive a FSB @300 and NB #2700 run. I chickened out around 1.58V.
With the H100i as a cooler?!?
Thanks for sharing these test results.
Johan has big ones. You did notice his Vcore of 1.680V, right
I've played through Crysis 3, gosh 3 times. It's been a while though. There are a few game choices for sure to bog down GPUs.
I just ran Witcher 2 as another type of test. AB in my case with a 2 7970s in crossfile does report the 3GB of video ram correctly. Using 1080p res, about half of that RAM is consumed and the cards look like they're running up at 80% utilization.If I come across a title that consumes all the VRAM, I'll grab a screenshot. I want to say BF4 is one that does seem to tax the GPUs very hard, but I'm not playing it at the moment.
I got me a hankie. Please share voltage settings. So going faster than 2600 on HT is better and benefits multi-GPU setups. However voltage requirements also increase (makes sense).Once I get a sense of which ones to push, I will make some adjustments locally here.
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