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BIOS beep codes. Brought to you by the venerable IBM PC.
That's very interesting. I had do some research to get what you were alluding to. One video I saw stated a 30C temp difference could be achieved, and the writeup on the digitalstorm PC talks about using a peltier to cool the liquid in the waterloop. I have seen no claims though on how well Peltier effect works on CPUs.
I just noticed this.I wouldn't have thought much of this but when I saw you're using an H100 to cool the chip, I have to ask what temps you had for the run you did.
Can you use HWINFO64 instead of HWMONITOR. Not sure why the NB temp is missing. Even with ambient of 30C, I would have expected better temps for the CPU.
OMG, how did I miss that!? I saw the fan and stopped looking. I've never seen that (fan on top of a water block) done and don't see the point. More energy (get it?) would be better spend debugging the heat transfer (or lack thereof) of the cooling water loop.
You misunderstood. Sandman has a WB on the NB.
Yeah, but you're cheating by using a water block. For the mere mortal that leaves the board alone in its default setup, the NB temp can reach 80C under load. BTDT.
If you look at my avatar, you'll see an 80mm fan blowing on the NB heatsink. Photo gallery has additional views.At idle, the NB will be about 45C and at load will reach into the low 50s. Given the VRMs share the same hearsink, your assertion is valid.And, Welcome!
Since you have Windows 7, you can use Power on by PME. This essentially allows you to use a magic packet and Wake on LAN.If you have this option enabled with Windows 7 as the OS, you should see the LAN port activity lights still working. If you have a smartphone, chances are there's an app for WoL. For iOS, I like Fing.
Seems so. I'll look for the Microsoft KB doc again, but essentially it says as of Windows 8, Power Off state means no power consumption. If you want to have hardware in listening mode, it only works in S3 or S4 state, that is, Sleep or Hibernation mode.
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