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I mean not even have ower club for TITAN Z user , is it this card really bad?
Just wondering why no one mention TITAN Z??
Because I know my titan x throttle after pass 65c with overlcock , BUT after I flash the 425BIOS , my titan was able to stay at clock what I have settled for it even pass 65c with power target increase to 121%(stock is 110%) , I really think power target has something to do with less throttle .
Your 980ti throttle when temp pass 65c? because I know titan x has this problem .
Yea I think you are right , its hard to believe single titan x run 60-70fps with 4k + no AA , because I watch a guy on youtube with 4k GTA V , only get around 35-40fps the best I can see is 60 that with car is moving on the street.
Weird , how come my titan x cant push further than 1450mhz? I had bios flash to GM200SC - 425.ROM and AB I tweak +140mhz core clock and +200mhz , 121%PT and voltage to 112mv , but when I tried to play game , video card crash immediately , does anyone know why? thanks
.. Hi thanks for the information , i actually solve the problem i just reinstall the driver and AB in safe mode , then i reinstall the driver back and install precision x first then it works !!!! thanks guys
Hi, thanks I actually follow your step and it works , but now I have issue with open MSI AB , I already flash back to the original bios but when I open MSI AB my pc gets freeze immediately and need to go back safe mode to uninstall driver again , how can I solve this issue? thanks
Thank you , how do i get in the safe mode? Yes i actually forgot to close AB while flashing
Guys!!! I need help i just tryin to flash bios for my titan but when i restart my pc , screen suddenly freeze so i dont whats goin now, seems like i fail the flash but the screen shows flash success , then i restart my pc screen gets freeze, anybody know how to fix this ? I am really appreciate for the help
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