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Thanks all , I just download the new version nvflash and it flash successfully
Thanks , it shows I need newer version of nvflash , which version do you guys using now ? cuz I am still using 5.118 and where can I download the new one? thanks
Hi here is the pic and I follow your step ''shift right click '' on nvflash folder but still wont let me flash , the screen pops out and disappear after I type nvflash -4 -5 -6 bios.rom . do you know anything wrong with it?
Ok what I did is first I typed c:\ 2. type nvflash --protectoff 3. type -4 -5 -6 780KPI_UnlockedBIOS.rom then I press enter and it pop out the screen like 2 secs and then it disappear , it shows something require but it disappear so fast I wont be able to see whats missing . but I can flash the XOC bios and rev5 bios use this method , so I don't know why rev6 didn't work for me , anyone has idea??
Does anyone know why I cant flash revision 6 but I was able to flash revision5?
Weird , I was able to flash rev5 and xoc bios , but when I tried to flash rev6 after I typed nvflash -4 -5 -6 bios name , the screen pop out and disappear , anyone whats goin on?
I just got my kingpin today , but my boost clock is 1202mhz so is this mean I may have a decent one?
This is same as sky's bios
I dont think you need 1.212 to achieve 1250mhz ...
Thats too bad sc version cant use ........
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