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I just got my kingpin today , but my boost clock is 1202mhz so is this mean I may have a decent one?
This is same as sky's bios
I dont think you need 1.212 to achieve 1250mhz ...
Thats too bad sc version cant use ........
Is this bios for classy only? can i use for my sc version?
I did unistall the 760 drivers before i install 780ti but still cause me no display...
I got new 780ti today but after i finished install and the monitor shows no display ..... i pull out the card and put in several times same thing but when i tried my gtx760 it works well , does anyone know the reason?
Does 4930k oc better than 3930k?
Hi guys i just notice 4390k came out since i am running 3930k now , should i upgrade to 4390k from 3930k? thanks
But if i use offset running prim95 so i will have the same temp as using manual mode?
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