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BSOD code is 0x00000101 Temps never go over 68C
3.8GHz, stable 3.9GHz, stable 4.0GHz... I can't get it maintain without crashes. I've tried 19x, 21x, and 23x. I've tried a Vcore of 1.3 (can I go higher safely?). RAM is set to 2:6 (800mhz) and 9-9-9-24. VDIMM is 1.6. I'm after a 4.0GHz clock. No more. What's the trick? Idle, the vcore is 1.294, under load it is 1.24
Alright, 6870 vs 570?
Ok, so the question now is what does higher resolution demand more, GPU or Vram?
Currently, I have a EVGA GTX460 768mb. I am gaming on a 1680x1050 monitor now, but I will soon have a 1920x1200 (Xmas). So, I play MoH and CoD:BO. I want to play at max res, max settings (which I can do now). For the 1200p res, would I be better off getting another 460 and going SLI or selling the 460 and buying a 480/570? Also, can you SLI a 1GB and a 768mb card together? What are the requirements for SLI?
Hello everyone, I am new here but I am not new to building PCs. My current system: i7-950 @ 3.8GHz cooled by a push/pull H50 GTX 460 768mb EVGA GPU EVGA x58 SLI Motherboard 12GB Corsair XMS-3 RAM 64GB Corsair SSD 2TB (RAID 0 2x1TB) OCZ 600W PSU My question: So far with my current setup, I have not run into any power supply issues. However, I am pondering ordering a second 460 for an SLI setup. I'm curious as to how many watts I'm pulling now and if I could handle...
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