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For the amp, an SMSL SA98E $115 Fronts, Dayton Audio B652 Air $60 Sub, Dayton Sub 1000 $120 Comes to $295 with shipping, and it WILL thump a small office. If you are looking for something smaller, I'd suggest the SMSL SA50 paired with BIC DV32B Venturis and a BIC V-80. Still pretty damn loud for an office. You aren't going to find any sort of quality for a 5.1 at that price range. Maybe a crappy HTIAB.
What case are you running? My current case has room for 4x230mm fans and its the exception. It can actually run 11 fans if I use all open mounts and count my H100 (Azza Hurrican).Once again, a good 120mm at a high CFM is going to outclass a 200mm fan, while also improving performance. I had 2 Scythe Ultra Kaze's in P/P on an H50 and, while it sounded like a leaf blower, kept my CPU at close to ambient. Also cut a chunk off my thumb, but I digress.I'm actually thinking of...
I'd honestly go for a pair of Dayton Audio B652 Airs paired with an SMSL50, then add a Polk Sw10 down the road. It's going to be better than 90% of PC setups for around $250. Foe even cheaper, you could pair the SMSL with a pair of BIC DV32Bs, which are smaller, but still quite good sounding.
"Except i do not want AIO cooling, like me. And i've geared my system towards air cooling with taking up all fan slots and thus, no more space to mount an AIO cooler. Neither do i want to sacrifice performance at the price i am paying by accepting a cut down Fury X/Vega X for some infinitely stupid reason to lock the cooling solution to AIO only. AIO only is just going to lock out potential sales and an untapped market out there." (sorry for the odd quoting) You DO...
My BW Ultimate has been a real workhorse for years now. I'm fairly tough on my hardware, and it been through many baptisms. Keeps on working after all this time.
I got a 290X in Dec. Totally worth it, and I'll buy another.
1. Has this guy never heard of 2. We haven't even mapped or explored most of the Earth, as in the oceans. I would agree that if we found intelligent life outside of our planet, it COULD be the catalyst to unite humanity in explor...nah, we'd just fight about it like we do everything else.
I'm sure it is pretty, but when the ticket price is at least a 7970 3GB, for 60fps, you are kind of alienating a big chunk of gamers.
I bought the CE, and then, for like the fifth time, had my BNet account hacked. I even got an authenticator and Blizz keeps telling me it's not their fault, I need better security...blah, blah, blah. How about you don't tie everything into one of the most hacked MMO's ever? Then maybe I can play my SINGLE player games of SC2 and D3 without a message every month telling me I'm exploiting fraudulent activities on a game I quit years ago? I regret the day I ever even bought...
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