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Yeah I will look into it, I called my isp yesterday and everything seems fine right now.
Yeah many of those have the same remote port for me so I guess I was wrong about that. What else can I troubleshoot though, I've pretty much went through everything i can think of, and nothing has helped. Could it be just my ISP?
About a week ago I started experiencing lag in csgo and after a while I noticed that there is always a lot of tcp connections with no name or pid going to different ips (see image) after giving up trying to find a solution i reinstalled windows 8.1 and that didnt do anything. Need some serious help here.
Alright well, I guess i will have to contact evga. I'll either send them an email tonight or call them tomorrow. Thank you all for your help.
Just an update on what I've done so far, with nothing being successful: -tried 5 different drivers including 2 beta -reseated gpu -tried a different pci slot -tried different psu -reset bios and all possible setting that i can think of to default -tried raising the voltage in msi afterburner -tried killing myself with the video card (lol jk) If anyone has any other ideas please post them here, cause I am getting pretty sad and I am probably gonna enter deep depression soon.
So what do I do now? Send it back?
A few weeks ago I sent my gtx 480 to evga for a rma and today I got the replacement, which is also a gtx 480 but it doesn't look like its new, probably refurbished. I installed it with all the drivers and I get nvlddmkm.sys bsods all the time. After I installed the drivers everything was fine but as soon as I ran something thats gpu intensive like msi kombustor or a game the drivers would stop responding after about 30 secs and they would keep crashing until the computer...
Well it is official now, my gtx 480 is dead. RIP. It was such a good card. Thank you everyone who helped.
So I guess this is it, I will send it to Evga if they dont accept it well its christmas soon so no worries btw when i put back the stock heatsink do i need to apply thermal paste, since the card is already dead?
I bought this card a long time ago before the summer but I did register it with evga, dont they have 1 year warranty or something. And do you really think they wont accept it because of the flashed bios?
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