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Sapphire, Asus, gigabyte and power color. Gigabyte would be my favorite. Have had more of these than any other.
I used a NHD14 for several years before getting into custom liquid. It was very effective so I'm sure the D15 would be also. Very quiet as well. The d14 had 44mm of clearance over ram slots. The D15 has the ram issue covered as the pictures as crazyelf has shown. I have seen good reviews of the latest cooler master AIOs. Noise seems less of an issue than the H100.
I have a powrcolour 7990 and its beastly to look at ;-)
the more recent Nvidia GPUs look really nice.
Noctua NH-T1 is my preferred paste. Having said that I dont think the stock paste is particularly bad ether. Application is more important than the paste.
You missed point about quality...Cheap is exactly that in IT even though there is suh a thing as over priced hype (Alien Machines for instance) Lower price points come at a cost of overall quality and performace. I suspect your customer will know quality when they see it. I certainly do and so have my customers in the past. Id be looking at used but better overall as you sugested.
GTs are fantastic fans.
I tried both push exhaust and pull exhaust and did not notice any appreciable difference. Good static preessure fans are required in either case.
Lenovo isnt garbage but at that budget you are bringing in a lot of compromises no matter what the brand. Its customer facing but you are making a compromise in quality and capability right of the bat. I dont think will be good for you or the impresion you make with the customer.
I'd go with Haswell EP and a decent x99 mobo. Your gaming won't benefit over Z97 but the connectivity options, ddr4 (will improve over time), pcie lanes and extra CPU cores will benefit your other uses like running multiple VMS.
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