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Ive been exploring option of getting a single widescreen monitor with 34", 3440x1400There may be better examples than that one. Acer, asus and I think phillips also making same format. I know the response time is not as good as a tn panel, (no ips panel is) but I thibk you gain in field of view.
Im looking at the newer 34" widescreen monitors with 3440x1440 res. Sonething like I think this format is a great balance for productivity and gaming and it avoids a lot of the scaling issue that UHD has.
What cpu cooler are you going to use. An AIO water cooler like corsair h60 or h80i may be a better option as moving case around with a heavy heatsink could damage mobo etc.
It may not be amall or light enough as carry on. Maybe a prodigy
At the same resolution the only difference is the pixels are a little bigger on 27. Id be more concerned about brand, type and quality of display panel, refresh rates etc. Some people would chose smaller physical sizes because of space particularly if they are goibg to use multiple monitors or a monitor arm. For multimonitor I try to stick to same panel type and res and size as differences can be a bit distracting.
Welcome. You have come to the right place.
Qnaps ts-253 pro is recently released and getting good reviews and sezens to have pretty good performance. Going to be a bit more expensive than what you wiah to spend. Cpus, memory and dual Gbe nics seem to contribute to better performance. The cheaper ones compromise that by having dual core low power atom, only 512mb ram and a single port. Not worth it in my opinion. Id also consider repurposing any old equipment you have as a NAS. As Hammong has suggested.
It would be better if you updated your OS. Xp runs too many security risks now and as Hammong has said it was plagued with compatibility issues and never gained much traction in the market. I would suggest if your OS is not listed then take that as no its not supported. If you have some software that needs xo, the win 7 professional or ultimate editions support xp as VMS. If you are more worried about performance because your gear is old win 8.1 runs pretty well on even...
Found this article on it.
Corsair 900d. Lots of water cooling options , about as big as they come and you can stick fans pretty much anywhere.
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