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welcome to OCN
THe question shoud be is it worth it to you. I dont know anything about that particular TIM but if it gives you a big overclock with reasonable temps then maybe it is worth it. If you get that without having to invest in expensive water cooling or something more exotic then Id say $32.00 is a good investment.
Welcome. Lots of people will over state the impact of having some older tech. if I had listened to everyone tell me My GPu will be hugely bottlenecked and wont perform and Id get stuttering etc etc Id have to have spent thousands more to fix something that never actually came to pass. thats not to say that there isnt some impact, its just not as big as some people like to make out. If you want to do some smallish but effective upgrades to it consider a SSD for boot drive,...
Get the 6300. While your overall CPU usage is low, if the game is single threaded then only the usage on the main thread/core counts. Im still not convinced your are bottlenecked by CPU given the graphs you have showed.While others are pointing out quality related issues with your PSU its not really relevant to @OP. It might become an issue for you later though.
In my experience 124 is usually lack of volts on an OC. What is your CPU Vcore and CPU/NB Vcore?
You might well get 5GHz out of it as is. Those temps are good. Instead of Automatic overclocking Id try a bit of manual OC in the bios and see what you can get out of your CPU
You will still get more performance out of a 770 over the 570 even with the older gear which is still capable. As you say the rig was still doing it for you so why change now. Just replace your GPU. You can still upgrade the rest later and reuse the 770 then.
If your CPU is 100% and your GPUs are 40% then Id say the issue was the CPU limiting your GPUs. Capping at 60FPS can sometimes be VSync. (Ie limit Frame output to match your monitor. you should be able to find a setting to turn that off in your video drivers.
Caps is considered yelling and yes you repeatedly told me nobody cares despite me telling you I did. Grow up!!
I go with the former given the use of Caps (yelling) and telling everyone what they do and don't care about. Thank God some people can see "whats possible" with technology instead of the impossible otherwise we would all be running around with sticks in our hands trying to club our food to death. Personally I look forward to the day that small PSUs are quiet enough, powerful enough and small enough to open up other possibilities with small case computers.
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