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Many thanks for this. Very useful, especially on the iasues with Ram stability and speeds Sent from my VIE-L09 using Tapatalk
FX isn't dead IMHO. I'm still happy with its performance and plan to keep until the full Ryzen range is released and a few stability and performance fixes come out. If I do upgrade I will give to my brother. It will be an upgrade for him and he will get good use from it for a while yet. FX is not dead. Sent from my VIE-L09 using Tapatalk
Have you got turbo boost on? Your screen shot show cores at diff frequencies. Turn that off and lock in your over clock to all cores permanently. Sent from my VIE-L09 using Tapatalk
I'm no expert on Ryzen, but plan to get one in a few months time after some patches, bios updates etc come through to improve it's stability. That vcore voltage is too high for 24x7. It's not like their older CPUs. Should be no higher than 1.35 to 1.40 if you want CPU to last. Memory compatibility is an issue right now. Drop the ram to 2133MHZ to begin with to remove that potential issue, while you work on the CPU overclock. Check for any other bios updates available...
I've been out of the overclocking game for a few years so don't know too much about overclocking newer CPUs etc however this thread may be of some assistance;
Exactly what I was thinking @imi4tth3w
You may wish to consider a Mobo like the Asus 970 pro/gaming aura. Has newer connection technologies like USB 3.1 and m.2 as well as RGB.
Yes it will. The crosshair formula z V CPU support list includes phenom CPUs including 1090.
Sapphire, Asus, gigabyte and power color. Gigabyte would be my favorite. Have had more of these than any other.
I used a NHD14 for several years before getting into custom liquid. It was very effective so I'm sure the D15 would be also. Very quiet as well. The d14 had 44mm of clearance over ram slots. The D15 has the ram issue covered as the pictures as crazyelf has shown. I have seen good reviews of the latest cooler master AIOs. Noise seems less of an issue than the H100.
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