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Good point.
I have to agree with Techbyte on this one. The FT03 Mini is not a case for water cooling. It's not particularly small in my opinion but it's designed as an air cooled case. Other cases like the ones mentioned can do better & cheaper too. Other choice would be the Ncase M1. It's few bucks more than the FT03 mini but it's way better & smaller too.
Nice & clean set up.
I mean pull set up.
Try doing a Pull fan set up.
I like the way you did with the CPU cooler tube.
From what I read in your last post it's on planning stage so what we're seeing are Photoshopped images of the plan build. Just curious as to how you're going to accomplish this. You're water cooling this build but with the sleeve cables at the side that leaves you without any space for even a small 120 mm radiator as the front of the PSU is fully covered with a shroud. My experienced building with 250D is that it can be very trickly with cable management even when you...
Can't wait to see the inside.
It doesn't work on this cases. This cases were designed mainly for looks. You need to do some excessive modding to better fit a larger radiator that a traditional designed case has no problem fitting it in. Other problem also is the lack of ventilation holes on the back of case.
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