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From what I read in your last post it's on planning stage so what we're seeing are Photoshopped images of the plan build. Just curious as to how you're going to accomplish this. You're water cooling this build but with the sleeve cables at the side that leaves you without any space for even a small 120 mm radiator as the front of the PSU is fully covered with a shroud. My experienced building with 250D is that it can be very trickly with cable management even when you...
Can't wait to see the inside.
It doesn't work on this cases. This cases were designed mainly for looks. You need to do some excessive modding to better fit a larger radiator that a traditional designed case has no problem fitting it in. Other problem also is the lack of ventilation holes on the back of case.
Temps of this cases are not that good particularly the smaller one. I have regrets getting the bigger size case as I have hard time controlling the GPU temp (Radeon 290X) which can get as high as 90s during regular gaming. I have better temp with my smaller Corsair 250D than this. This case is not water cooling friendly either. Anyway, I'm giving this case 1 more shot in water cooling the GPU later on this year. I hope I'll get a better temp, if not I'll look for a better...
That's an anti-kink coil. I don't think it's needed for this build.
I have extra slot load drive bay cover that I made for the 250D. This is actually better than the Silverstone one which leaves a big gap on one side of the optical drive bay edge & is very flimsy. I no longer have any use for this. I'll give this to anyone as long as he/she pays for the shipping.
The fan cuts through the top border of motherboard. But it's OK I guess cuz your motherboard power socket is located at the side.
I'm curious as to how it fits as I own both H100i & H100i GTX (the H100i I RMA'd & was replaced by Corsair with H100i GTX). The regular H100i which I initially used fits but it's very tight already. My motherboard's 24 pin power socket is also situated at the top close to the radiator which makes it even harder to fit. I like to see some pictures of your very impressive build.
Change those (2) 120x25mm fans with (2) 120x20mm or slimmer fans (like the Yate Loon slim fan). The radiator on H100i GTX is thicker than the regular H100i. It's possible to fit it but you have to remove the lower radiator/fan mounting bracket of the 250D (piece of metal where you screw the radiator) if you're going to use those H100i GTX fans. It's not good in my opinion (ghetto mod).
Did some upgrade on my old Corsair 250D. I don't really wanna spend more money on this build as I'm short of cash so I decided to keep things simple - no complicated loop & bulky reservoir. I've used a cheap Corsair H50 hybrid CPU cooler as well as an old EVGA GTX 680 SC from by Power PC build to lower the cost. Other mods I did... cut a small hole on the optical drive bay cage for cable management as well as made my own sload load disc drive cover using the drive bay...
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