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U'll be O.K. with your current set up but you'll be putting restrictions for future water cooling upgrades as you wont be able to put a rad on the front.
Me too & still no word re: shipment. It's more than a month now.
You should be OK putting it at the top of the HDD tray as long as you don't plan adding a radiator in front in the future.
Must have confused the 620 with 920 which I also used before. Anyway, the 620 doesnt have a driver software I guess.
The ChillControll is only good for much newer Antec hybrids. The Kuhler 620 doesn't have USB connection. I'm wondering perhaps Antec doesn't want to use it's old driver software & instead wants users to use the motherboard fan controller.
Got an old Antec K├╝hler H2O 620 that I'm using again for my mini-ITX build. I've lost the box where I put the software disc containing the driver software for the hybrid cooler. Been looking & looking in the net (even at Antec website) without any luck. Anyone who can point me to the download link for the driver software?
Any m.2 that you can recommend so I can check the specs if its really that fast? SAMSUNG XP941 Series MZHPU512HCGL-00004 M.2 512GB seems fast but only slightly.
Looking at a compatible M.2 SSD (Plextor M6e PX-G512M6e M.2 2280 512GB PCI-Express 2.0 x2) with max seq read ( up to 770 MBps) & write (up to 625 MBps) it's not really that fast as I thought it would be. Even my 2 old Crucial M500 240 Gb standard SSDs running on Raid 0 is way faster at 1011 MBps seq read/532 seq write). Unless I'm missing something with this new M.2 technology, I don't think it's worth the price. I'll go with 2 standard SSDs then.
I'm building a new PC using an MSI Z97m Gaming micro-ATX motherboard with Core i-7 4790K CPU. Hence it got M.2 storage support I'm thinking of getting an M.2 SSD instead of single or a set of 240 Gb regular 2.5" SSDs. Looks nice going with M.2 as there will be less cables. The thing is I read that M.2 will use up part of PCI-E lanes slowing video cards. I'll be using either (2) GTX 980 or (2) Radeon R9 290X video cards. It should be running on (X8) speed on SLI or Xfire...
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