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Gamecube's pump...
You're right. Been using the same kind of fans for a long time now. They barely put some airflow at slow speed but I set them to run on Turbo or full speed on my mobo setting & they work really well with minimal noise. I like the lightning red LED too.
Welcome to the club!Nice clean set up. I like the MSI gaming mobo you're using (got the mini version:)). I wish Asus ROG & Gigabyte Killer mobos look like this.
Added a small pump on my 250D today...
This is the reason I stayed away of Corsair PSU. I used to own (2) TX850Ms with one I sleeved the cables. The mismatched cabling was partly to blame I put the wrong pin terminal on one hole during sleeving which then destroyed my motherboard.
I'm looking for a good CPU waterblock to use on my mini-ITX build ( I narrowed it down to two choices. Which is the best of the two? Any other recommended CPU waterblock? 1) Bitspower Summit EF CPU Liquid Cooling Block 2) EK Supremacy Universal CPU Liquid Cooling Block
It's always good to sleeve cables on your own. I can compare it to someone miticulously planning what to use in his watercooling loop by individually sellecting components to install instead of just getting a drive bay combo setup. I've seen a lot of sleeved Corsair cables used by others but I'm not really impressed by it mainly because it's pretty obvious that's it's not done by the one showing it (cables too long). I rather see a "not so good" cable sleeving as long as...
Why you selling your 350D? You don't like the case anymore?
Those are dual 80 mm fans.
Very nice! Now you're doing it like a pro. Nice loop. You just need to remove that sticker though. Those Monsoon fitings look cool.
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