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Finally got my new M1 few days ago. What a huge difference in size compared with my other pc cases. While not as beautiful as my Obsidian 250D it's still a nice looking case & it's also very small & compact. I'll be using old components from my previous build on this one. Also going on the cheapest & easiest route water cooling both GPU & CPU on this one using Corsair H55 AIO cooler.
You don't necessarily need a drive bay for SSD. You can use a velcro or double sided adhesive tape & stick it anywhere inside the case. As for fan controller, why not use the mobos fan controller instead hence its only a m-ITX build.
Mind telling us the reason why the need of multiple drive support. Typical builds nowadays only use 1 or 2 HDDs for storage. Some even only use a network NAS cloud storage (by setting up iSCSI LUN) & completely eliminated internal HDD storage on their builds. With most pc case manufacturers getting rid of 5.25" drive bays, it's gonna be hard finding a m-ITX case with a particular specs that you're looking for.
An NZXT H440 case if you need something tough. You can probably get something smaller in size (M-ITX case) too hence you only plan to put a single GPU in it & it's for work. An Ncase m1 case perhaps but you might have to wait for awhile to get it.
Been using ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+Firewall for months now & is OK with it. Only drawback being free is that you have to update the antivirus definitions & run a scan manually. ZoneAlarm is very simple to use with no ads, etc. Used F-Secure Internet Security before which I got free from my internet provider but grown tired of it. F-Secure uses Windows Firewall (which I think is extremely sensitive) it often blocks a game (Rainbow Six Siege) I'm playing from opening though...
It's been a long time since I'm last active on this thread. Glad to see the 250D club still going strong. I still have my 250D & loving it.
I'll get the Corsair PSU then. Thanks.
Just ordered this case today. No response yet from Ncase as to when they're going to ship the case. Can't hardy wait to get my hand on it. Still can't decide whether I'll get a Corsair or Silverstone SFX psu. Leaning towards Corsair. What do you think?
Good point.
I have to agree with Techbyte on this one. The FT03 Mini is not a case for water cooling. It's not particularly small in my opinion but it's designed as an air cooled case. Other cases like the ones mentioned can do better & cheaper too. Other choice would be the Ncase M1. It's few bucks more than the FT03 mini but it's way better & smaller too.
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