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In case you wonder how I managed to fit the slot load disc drive on top without hitting the rad/fan, I used a low profile right angle sata cable.
Hi guys! Its been awhile since I last posted on this forum thread. Lots of things happened then. Almost sold my 350D case as I was using all of its components for my other rig. Anyway, few weeks ago I decided to put things back inside the 350D & been modding the case on my spare time. Managed to put my slot load disc drive on top 5.25" drive bay & also put a single 3.5" HDD below it. The drive bay cover is now one big piece. Still have to finish connecting all the...
Different loop set up.
I was actually thinking about that. But with some other builds for ex. that use more than 1 video card (dual SLI/Crossfire or more) the waterblock bridge is running on both ports of the waterblock. Got me thinking it's possible this way.
There are actually 2 tubes above & below the GPU waterblock. Nothing is final yet on the loop as I'm still have some stuff to finish with my cable management on this build (still need to find a better way to put the 24 pin power cable). Might change the routing of the tube back to my initial plan routing method (image below). Just looking for a better, less complicated way of tube routing that is easy for me to make some changes later on in the inside of the case by just...
Not tested yet on this build but I've used a similar AIO pump on my Corsair 250D build for a year now & it works fine.
Preview of my Ncase M1 cable management.
I got a question on the 6+2 pci-e cable on SF600 psu. Is it possible to crimp additional wires as double 6+2 on a single pci-e cable? I like to use only a single pci-e cable to power an 8+6 video card rather than two.
I'm planning in selling mine as I'm not using it anymore. It's comes with (1) additional moded side panel besides the original. I also sleeved some cables. PM me know if you're interested.
Finally got my new M1 few days ago. What a huge difference in size compared with my other pc cases. While not as beautiful as my Obsidian 250D it's still a nice looking case & it's also very small & compact. I'll be using old components from my previous build on this one. Also going on the cheapest & easiest route water cooling both GPU & CPU on this one using Corsair H55 AIO cooler.
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