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Just stick with a thicker 120 mm radiator hybrid cooler (you gonna remove the HDD bay anyway). A 140 mm radiator run the risk of hitting the video card & it will also prevent you from cutting a hole at the bottom if you decide to mod it to fit a much longer video card.
You need to wait longer for your build to be fully operational. I don't even think this renamed U.2 format is gonna fly in the long run. M.2 or the standard SSD seem to be the logical choice here.Not to discourage you but your intended build is handicapped by your motherboard & case of choice. Think it hard before you start putting the pieces & while there's still time to return this items. You might end up doing a ghetto mod if you're not careful.
Get rid of the motherboard. I don't think SFF-8639 to m.2 connector even exist. There's an m.2 to mini-SAS/u.2 connector (comes in a kit) - that you can find in newer motherboards but you also need a u.2 SSD drive for it.
Nice kabayan.
Soaked the modder's mesh with lacquer tinner, put some primer, sprayed it with paint & glued it. Finally almost done with my side panel mod. Still needs to add a dust filter. Looking good so far but my LG G3 phone camera sucks in taking pics at night.
Wow! Absolutely beautiful. This build makes me wanna hide my build. Totally a different level.
It's gonna get very hot on the GPU. With the bottom intake fan air blocked from getting into the right chamber & some amount of warm air from the PSU going up as the small metal piece covering the space in between the CPU & side panel on the top of the PSU is removed it's gonna get hot on the CPU too. The fan on top of the optical drive bay is taking the hot air from the PSU.
You don't even have to open the PSU I guess. I think you can unscrew the socket from the outside & turn it around.
Just checked a close image of your PSU. You can actually open the PSU, unscrew the PSU electrical socket & turn it around so your PSU cable is going the opposite (down).
Or you can also do it another way...
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