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Except for the stickers on the back of the case, you got a nice PC build.
It's been awhile since I've last did something on my 350D. Finally got time to sleeve some of the cables. Still needs to sleeve the 24 pin mobo power cable (I run out of pin terminals) . Will update later.
Finally got time to properly sleeve the cables of my old computer. This cables are the original sleeveless cables that comes with the PSU. I've cut short most of the cables rather than just hide them at the back. Still need to sleeve my 24 pin motherboard cable but I run out of pin terminals.
Not a good idea if you're planning to put a radiator in front. A 280 mm (140X2) radiator won't fit.
U'll be O.K. with your current set up but you'll be putting restrictions for future water cooling upgrades as you wont be able to put a rad on the front.
Me too & still no word re: shipment. It's more than a month now.
You should be OK putting it at the top of the HDD tray as long as you don't plan adding a radiator in front in the future.
Must have confused the 620 with 920 which I also used before. Anyway, the 620 doesnt have a driver software I guess.
The ChillControll is only good for much newer Antec hybrids. The Kuhler 620 doesn't have USB connection. I'm wondering perhaps Antec doesn't want to use it's old driver software & instead wants users to use the motherboard fan controller.
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