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Thanks, here is a picture i took of my machines:I will eventually have the genesis/sega-cd cobo modified to be region free but until then i just buy and play pal games!
Thanks Schmuckley!
Can I join? I have a model 1 Genesis with a model 1 Sega CD, two model 1 mega drives with one model 1 Mega CD! I also have about 15 game gears, most Beyond repair. I used to own a Saturn but it never used so I sold it, same story with a Mega CD 2. I also had a power base converter which I really regret selling! I have also always wanted a Nomad, the other day I got to have a go on one for the first time! I will put some photos up soon!
Had a terrible generic 750w, upgraded to a gold 850w (super overkill) as I thought I would need it oneday.
Thanks for the welcome!
I always like computer building even when i was younger then most, i have one pc which i build many years ago and just slap upgrades on here and there. there are obvious bottlenecks now which are due to a lack of willingness to part with my money! I have always like talking and getting involved with pc's (does not even have to be new, i like old ones too) recently i have lost interests in keeping up with news. After having a look around again and seeing all the new things...
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