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Guru 3D has posted today, a special SE Edition of Afterburner for Lightnings (680/770)... for a little more"boom boom" Link Forum I ve not tested it....
DJRamses -- Core i7 980 @ 4954Mhz -- GTX680 Lightning @ 1580Mhz / 7328Mhz -- 9048 -- and for the statistics FireStrike Extreme DJRamses -- Core i7 980 @ 4954Mhz -- GTX680 Lightning @ 1594Mhz / 7328Mhz -- 4518 --
I am testing a other (mod)Bios: Tcharged.rom ( you read me, if i ready with some tests
The "low" Physics Scoring damaged my graphic score. The Pointsystem is a little bit Crazy. It is a Videocard Benchmark. But you loose any challenge if you have a low Physicsscore.
Not Chiller... Mother Nature.. Radis are outside at -5°C . (balcony Mod)Idle Temp of Lightning : around 0°C.Wanna make a new run to night.. with more cpu clock
14K graphic score cracked..
DJRamses----i7 980@ 4934Mhz --- 1xGTX680 Lightning @ 1594Mhz / 7328Mhz --- P13359
Yes... condencing is under control. Do that the 4th jear..
For the startpost: Username: DJRamses Max. tested Clock: 1581Mhz 1598Mhz possible. Full run later! Max Mem : 7328Mhz
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