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Update: 1440p Single GPU OCN Name: DJRamses CPU: 5960X GPU: 980 Ti 20th Gold Score:16091
yes.. She needs to many Volts on low Clocks.For 1490 Mhz she wants 1,43V. Without the Artmoney Hack , i cant clock over 1500Mhz. The ASICS was 59,9. After 1530 Mhz massive instability. Cant hold clocks.She clocks up and down from 768 to 1533Mhz.... Under very cold water ( -2 - +1C° ) , the Problems was not solved. I told the Problems MSI, and they say, send the Card back.
Hello Guys... After many Problems with my Lightning, i ve not buy a Lightning again. My choice is fallen on a Asus 980 Ti 20Th Anniversary Gold Edition. No Problems with this Card. Runs realy Nice :D:D:thumb:
I see.... it works...
I ve no lighting for make a little How To for you. I am not sure, but i mean, in the 680 Lightning Club is a How To... But following Tip i can give You: First Start Afterburner 4.2.0 Lightning Start Artmoney as Admin At Afterburner: Move the slider (for example Core Voltage) a bit (example 804mv). ONLY MOVE. Dont klick anything other!! Change to the Artmoney window... under select Process choose MSI Afterburner Click on the Search Button and in the Value Box, type the...
At Time i am with a Notebook online. You can change all. Mem , Core and Aux. i ve no Key for Artmoney. Gratis Version works. It is very important, you musst start Artmoney as ADMIN!!
Key? What for a key do you mean?
Oldschool...Artmoney Hack...It works..
I ve send my Card back. This card was a very bad Quality. All Tests had needs many times. Bit by bit in smal steps i had my card overclocked. till 1433Mhz she runs without any increase the Voltage. But the The multimeter shows 1,232V After a clock about 1453Mhz she need much many more Power. Okay... I do the same with Voltage... bit by bit.... At 1453Mhz she needs more then 1,29V..... Okay..Afterburner 4.2.0 for Lightnings Voltage is an End. I do unlocking the Afterburner...
I have a update too... 720p Single GPU OCN Name: DJRamses CPU: 5960X GPU: 980 Ti Lightning Score: 47210
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