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I’ve yet to understand why they show USD on the article’s pic.
I’m pretty sure we can expect more, they have only shown one quest and they don’t want to spoil too much, or rather, they just show what they want to show of the story so as to appeal and I think they did that very well.
#4 is a clear winner imo.It’s DSA so, yeah.
Think assembly analysis is enough in order to crack a game, I don’t see anyone intruding into the studio just for that.
2 and 3 were good games but they lacked in comparison to 1. It felt more like corridors while 1 gave a lot of freedom.
You said that two times in this thread but you did not say why.
It's not just about additions, it's a new iteration of their engine. New renderer, new everything. There were leaked internal documents couple months ago and amongst the checklist there were things like "implement this engine feature like in W2 but with the new AI system (or whatever)", it looks like it's more than an incremental change. Most likely they had to rethink everything for largescale open-world content.Yeah they work closely with slavic group "Percival".
Honestly things like tree lods around the moment where Geralts goes to the village in the swamps is clearly console-level graphics.That being said:People compare a trailer with a 35-min gameplay demo of a game in alpha stage so whatever.
100/5 here, 28€ gets me that and unlimited calls. If you want 200 download you have to take the full TV channels pack which I don't care of (free or paid, TV is mostly crap anyways).
It's called HairWorks and based on DirectCompute for optimal interoperability.
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