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It's worth noting that the Creators Update provides builtin control of privacy settings and telemetry and it allows postponing updates. I think those were to proeminent complaints.See:
I don't see what's bad with the Store (apart that there's a lot of crappy apps in there that should just get removed). You're not forced to use it either.
They will reintroduce it as a DLC.
I don't think ARM is taking over, it's just strong on mobile whereas Intel is strong on desktop and struggles to really strengthen their position on mobile despite the huge investments they've made.But clearly, the challenge is to bridge desktop and mobile, perhaps much more with software than with hardware after all – this announcement perhaps means Intel will remain the big player on desktop and ARM on mobile, but the software will bridge the gap.Either way, good to see...
Patch 1.2 has landed and fixes a number of issues on PC: The new NVIDIA 375.95 driver also has fixes for the game.
They're asking for public funds from the Polish government; looks like some kind of cutting edge technology subsidy.
And this bill will probably boost investments in the area.
Same here, have a Thinkpad T450 and that's my first concern when considering the XPS 13.Also wondering if the touchpad compares with MacBook Pro's as they're the only laptops I found that have a really smooth and responsive touchpad, very pleasant to use.On the other end the Lenovo's trackpoint is nice as it lets your hands stay over the keyboard. Decisions decisions
Win10 has worked fine for me thus far.
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