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They're asking for public funds from the Polish government; looks like some kind of cutting edge technology subsidy.
And this bill will probably boost investments in the area.
Same here, have a Thinkpad T450 and that's my first concern when considering the XPS 13.Also wondering if the touchpad compares with MacBook Pro's as they're the only laptops I found that have a really smooth and responsive touchpad, very pleasant to use.On the other end the Lenovo's trackpoint is nice as it lets your hands stay over the keyboard. Decisions decisions
Win10 has worked fine for me thus far.
Ireland's tax rate isn't the point; the government made a secret deal with Apple where they cut their (already low) tax rate to around 0.005% instead of 12.5%. This amounts to state aid to a corporation which is illegal and anticompetitive, similar to what happened with Huawei getting massive state aid from China which allowed them to cut prices below market rate. This is what's being investigated by antitrust authorities.LOL.
"Excessive" data.This guy gets it.
The Irish double will only be shutdown by 2020 (but tbh I'm sure they'll come up with sth else in the meantime I mean countries like Luxembourg etc. depend too much on leeching to let go).But moreso, Google is alledgedly abusing the French-Irish tax agreement which allows a French subsidiary of an Irish company to be taxed at Irish rate (~3x lower) if it's only doing minor business e.g. marketing/advertising/support. Google argues that their office in France falls under...
I think they're looking for proof that they route taxes to Ireland for activity that happened in France, in which case they will get fined.
It's a free speech lawsuit, it's not about seller/customer relationship.
GBA (play them on Android w “MyBoy!” emulator, best app in my experience) Zelda Advance Wars DBZ (haha) PC Empire Earth Civilization III The Godfather: The Game (on replays I just go straight to mansions whohoo, this game still has great combat animations and finishers + equipment upgradability which is nice which is why I got back to it couple of times) DeusEx: IW (yea not the first one I know, played it a couple of times and love the atmosphere – it’s cyberpunk but not...
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