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The Mac gets Helvetica Neue... revolutionary mind you.
Play the second one but the third... did not even look at it.
Or they could have put different endings based on previous choices – that's what CDProjekt is doing with The Witcher 3.
It's a bare ARM with their own modem. There hasn't been anything wrong with MediaTek's hardware lately. The GPS slowness on some of their MT65xx was a configuration issue.Now that they're part of Linaro, I hope they will do consistent and quality open-source kernel release. This is the domain in which they're lacking compared to Qualcomm. They have repeatedly violated GPL in the past and asked manufacters to pay for their source code, as a result of which lots of MediaTek...
That wasn't unexpected...
They said it would be added as an option to the current 1.2a standard.
The problem that a french website outlined is that they diminished the size of pixels to fit a QHD screen, but couldn't diminish the size of the border between pixels. This is why the G2 screen is sharper (1330:1 vs 830:1). Anyways, I wonder if the need for a 1440p screen on a 5" phone is justified at all.
They say they will get the best experience on each platform, they also spoke against the current wave of downgrading that's been happening in various interviews.
"Gaming Scientist"... fancy
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