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1. It’s obviously PR since they announced it simultaneously to other studios announcing paid on-release DLCs for games that are to come in a few months (do not recall which games exactly but people mentioned it on the official forum).2. They said the content itself is not done and will be made around/after release.
Trust me, a good game yields some good cash too. Also on their forums everyone’s like "I bought one physical copy and one on GoG" or "I bought a copy as a gift for a friend". Compare that to the DLC/downgraded games that a part of the audience will not really want to play, it makes a difference there. CD Projekt have said it themselves in the past that even for their sales numbers it was profitable to do a proper game.
Thanks – common sense wins.
Oh please, this is a one year-old news thread…
And this is how you necro’ed a news thread…
In France self-defense is authorized as a last-resort. And by last resort I mean that if someone is menacing me with his fist and I shoot him with a gun, it’s not self-defense. Otherwise, yeah.
UK → CCTVUS → GunsSo now I know how to tell you guys apart.
Right, we all know it.
I’ve yet to understand why they show USD on the article’s pic.
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