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Thanks – common sense wins.
Oh please, this is a one year-old news thread…
And this is how you necro’ed a news thread…
In France self-defense is authorized as a last-resort. And by last resort I mean that if someone is menacing me with his fist and I shoot him with a gun, it’s not self-defense. Otherwise, yeah.
UK → CCTVUS → GunsSo now I know how to tell you guys apart.
Right, we all know it.
I’ve yet to understand why they show USD on the article’s pic.
I’m pretty sure we can expect more, they have only shown one quest and they don’t want to spoil too much, or rather, they just show what they want to show of the story so as to appeal and I think they did that very well.
#4 is a clear winner imo.It’s DSA so, yeah.
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