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If DirectX and OpenGL get to integrate the same benefits as Mantle, will AMD have no reason to continue developing Mantle?
Can't say I'd call it an incident.
Exactly and this is worrying, websites have closed because of false-positive DMCA takedowns for instance. Just a small example of why a monopoly isn't good. I have yet to find a searche engine that's as accurate as Google, esp. in non-english languages.The EU has both since more than a decade, not sure what your point is. If anything UK should quit, they're just here to profit form the EU and disturb others discussions (Cameron). It's laughable when he treathens of leaving...
1. It’s obviously PR since they announced it simultaneously to other studios announcing paid on-release DLCs for games that are to come in a few months (do not recall which games exactly but people mentioned it on the official forum).2. They said the content itself is not done and will be made around/after release.
Trust me, a good game yields some good cash too. Also on their forums everyone’s like "I bought one physical copy and one on GoG" or "I bought a copy as a gift for a friend". Compare that to the DLC/downgraded games that a part of the audience will not really want to play, it makes a difference there. CD Projekt have said it themselves in the past that even for their sales numbers it was profitable to do a proper game.
Thanks – common sense wins.
Oh please, this is a one year-old news thread…
And this is how you necro’ed a news thread…
In France self-defense is authorized as a last-resort. And by last resort I mean that if someone is menacing me with his fist and I shoot him with a gun, it’s not self-defense. Otherwise, yeah.
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