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Yeah you can do automated stretching in software but it'll look bad, that's why they made the custom glyphs. Usually you would start by compressing the glyphs then you correct the curves/resculpt them a little. Also the more condensed you get the more you have to open-up sharp corners (ink traps) and correct the overall weight of the letter to stay inline with the rest (auto-compressing makes them lighter).These days though with Variable Fonts you can have multiple weights...
SourceI work in typography/type technology, so when I saw this case study on keyboard type I thought it could interesting to share it here.
Are they actually removing forced updates completely? I thought the Fall Creators Update "merely" allows you to snooze for 35 days. The article is pretty vague about the details...
I just got the 24 inch (24UD58) a few days back... man that thing is amazing! I use it with 175% scaling, Windows defaults to 150% but that was kinda small. Also, the joystick for changing the monitor options is really effective, no more struggles with monitors that have multiple buttons on the side.
It's worth noting that the Creators Update provides builtin control of privacy settings and telemetry and it allows postponing updates. I think those were to proeminent complaints.See:
I don't see what's bad with the Store (apart that there's a lot of crappy apps in there that should just get removed). You're not forced to use it either.
They will reintroduce it as a DLC.
I don't think ARM is taking over, it's just strong on mobile whereas Intel is strong on desktop and struggles to really strengthen their position on mobile despite the huge investments they've made.But clearly, the challenge is to bridge desktop and mobile, perhaps much more with software than with hardware after all – this announcement perhaps means Intel will remain the big player on desktop and ARM on mobile, but the software will bridge the gap.Either way, good to see...
Patch 1.2 has landed and fixes a number of issues on PC: The new NVIDIA 375.95 driver also has fixes for the game.
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