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GBA (play them on Android w “MyBoy!” emulator, best app in my experience) Zelda Advance Wars DBZ (haha) PC Empire Earth Civilization III The Godfather: The Game (on replays I just go straight to mansions whohoo, this game still has great combat animations and finishers + equipment upgradability which is nice which is why I got back to it couple of times) DeusEx: IW (yea not the first one I know, played it a couple of times and love the atmosphere – it’s cyberpunk but not...
I disagree. Not too long ago the UN deemed internet an essential resource which access to it is a human right, just like water and electricity. People are increasingly learning, communicating etc. using internet (in my country there are certain government formalities that you will soon be required to do through internet, also the other day my grandmother bought a reduction card for the rail and was asked an email address to receive offers which she doesn’t have… it’s...
Right, that is why you are actually posting on a forum.
People e.g. TV presentators and celebrities make much more money than scientists or engineers as well, so these YouTubers haven't uncovered anything that wasn't there before. It comes down to the value: in his case he is rather unique and the public is attached to the person. That is what determines the value of all of this.
Call me jealous but, I find awkward that this person has the most subscribers and makes that much money out of what he does. My little brother watches his videos and similar ones on YouTube rather frequently and I'm like why would you watch this all the time. Sure he presents fun stuff and all e.g. I played some "BeSiege" (indie game) with my bro but to become a daily watcher of this channel... Dunno what else to comment about this... well it's still "Video Game news".
Not everyone is American and using only ASCII chars, y'know.Anyway, it does not seem to be an issue with the game itself but with its Steam overlay?
Why so serious tho? The main game is Huge and they have to release it at some point. If they make additional regions available which were not in their sight for the initial release (which, again, is very ambitious – they're willing to provide cutting-edge graphics and story in a world that's significantly bigger than that of Skyrim) and charge the right price for it, I do not see any problem with that.As far as terminology goes, you have a point observed in practise though...
If you look at the OP, 25h being 'fastest' includes skipping cutscenes and dialogs.
Boring? This ain't Skyrim coming up again.They said there is no fetch quest in the game.
If DirectX and OpenGL get to integrate the same benefits as Mantle, will AMD have no reason to continue developing Mantle?
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