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2x 970s will be a massive performance jump over 2x 670s.If your 670s aren't cutting it for you, then now would be the time to upgrade to SLI 970s.
2x 970s is much better than a single 980. I'd go that route.
Definitely switch. AM3 platform is a dead-end and it is almost impossible for AMD to release a chip that's competitive with Intel's best anytime soon.
I'm gonna be realistic's what your stuff is worth used: FX-8350 is worth about $100 used 290X is worth about $300 used now that the GTX 970 is out and beats it in performance at half the TDP, while costing $329 MSRP RAM: $40 used PSU: Not a great PSU, maybe worth $20-30 Motherboard: Worth maybe $100 used HDDs: worth $50-60 combined SSD: worth $50 So, add in a case and all the parts are worth maybe $700-750. Asking $1170 is unrealistic unless you get lucky... Anandtech Browser Faceoff: Battery Life Explored 2014 /thread
Still waiting on AMD to make a processor that is faster than a 3.5-year old 2600K. Seriously, the lack of innovation from AMD is stunning.
Glad to see 5.25" drive bays are on their way out. I have a USB optical drive for those few times when I need a DVD drive. I've used it maybe 3 times in the past year.
Great, so AMD systems will have even more driver problems in the future than they do now.
That's why I'm glad that I picked up 24GB (6x4gb sticks) back in the day!
Still not as good as the legendary Samsung Greens, which overclock better, don't have the gimmicky heatspreader, and are low profile so they never have clearance issues. And they first came out more than 2 years ago.
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