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Nothing on the AMD side is a worthwhile upgrade. Better to cut your losses now and switch over to Intel instead of upgrading to another dead-end AMD CPU.
With a decent budget like the $1200 one you've got, there is no reason to use an AMD CPU. Get an i5 or i7 in that rig.
2x 970s will be a massive performance jump over 2x 670s.If your 670s aren't cutting it for you, then now would be the time to upgrade to SLI 970s.
2x 970s is much better than a single 980. I'd go that route.
Definitely switch. AM3 platform is a dead-end and it is almost impossible for AMD to release a chip that's competitive with Intel's best anytime soon.
I'm gonna be realistic's what your stuff is worth used: FX-8350 is worth about $100 used 290X is worth about $300 used now that the GTX 970 is out and beats it in performance at half the TDP, while costing $329 MSRP RAM: $40 used PSU: Not a great PSU, maybe worth $20-30 Motherboard: Worth maybe $100 used HDDs: worth $50-60 combined SSD: worth $50 So, add in a case and all the parts are worth maybe $700-750. Asking $1170 is unrealistic unless you get lucky... Anandtech Browser Faceoff: Battery Life Explored 2014 /thread
Still waiting on AMD to make a processor that is faster than a 3.5-year old 2600K. Seriously, the lack of innovation from AMD is stunning.
Glad to see 5.25" drive bays are on their way out. I have a USB optical drive for those few times when I need a DVD drive. I've used it maybe 3 times in the past year.
Great, so AMD systems will have even more driver problems in the future than they do now.
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