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FS: Fiio E10K Olympus 2 USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier In like-new condition. Only used a few times since it was purchased from HeadRoom (a Fiio authorized reseller). Includes everything that it came with new, including original box, paperwork, and USB cable. Asking $65 shipped.
You could just hook up your amp to the line-out on your motherboard According to Tom's, the ALC889 in your motherboard and mine is apparently pretty good and better than most of their newer implementations. Their conclusion only holds true with high0impedance headphones like the HD800, but it's still pretty surprising that their experienced listeners could not tell the difference between onboard and a $2000 DAC in blinded tests.
Besides the fact that the Fiio E10K may very well be better than this Schiit, I also wonder how necessary it is to have a USB DAC in the first place.Tom's hardware did a comprenhensive test of various DACs with $1500 Senneheiser HD800s and here was their conclusion:,3733-19.htmlGranted, the HD800s are 300-ohm headphones, so it may be possible to notice a difference with lower-impedance headphones given the high output...
How does this compare to the highly rated Fiio E10K, which is also a DAC+Amp for under $80?I'm honestly curious. I have heard some horror stories about Schiit's products in the past. For example, their high-end amps being improperly designed and killing mega-expensive headphones due to power spikes.See here for an example: reference, the Schiit Lyr is a $350 amp. There is absolutely no excuse for it to be...
Agreed, but the GTX 970 is a newly released card and the OP will not really save much money by buying a used one on the forums.Plus, there were some recent sales on new GTX 970s bringing them down into the $310-320 range.
FS: Asus Xonar DX 7.1 PCI-Express Sound card Card is in great working condition and will come with the manual, half-height PCI-E bracket, and cables. Asking $35 shipped via Paypal. PM if interested. SOLD Feel free to check my feedback on here or on heatware (link in sig).
Nothing on the AMD side is a worthwhile upgrade. Better to cut your losses now and switch over to Intel instead of upgrading to another dead-end AMD CPU.
With a decent budget like the $1200 one you've got, there is no reason to use an AMD CPU. Get an i5 or i7 in that rig.
2x 970s will be a massive performance jump over 2x 670s.If your 670s aren't cutting it for you, then now would be the time to upgrade to SLI 970s.
2x 970s is much better than a single 980. I'd go that route.
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