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I don't actually have a ton of space right now; besides my main system SSD, I only have a 1TB WD black and a 500GB Velociraptor inside the SG09 right now. I'm planning to add 2x2TB HDDs to get another 4TB of space for photos (RAW files take up a lot of room).I guess I could just remove the existing 1.5TB of HDDs and mount the 2x2TBs on the back, and save some headache of figuring out where to mount the new HDDs. Hopefully, in a few years, 1-2TB SSDs will be cheap and I can...
Yes, there are a ton of SATA data and power cables which are angled down, but so far I haven't found any that angle to the left/right like the Silverstone CP11.My case (silverstone SG09) has the HDDs mounted vertically behind the motherboard tray, so having a SATA power cable which angles to either the left or right would be quite useful for cable management. Or even better, a combined SATA data/power connector with a single cable coming out of the left side of the connector.
I've seen cables like the Silverstone CP11 which have the SATA cable coming out to the left/right of the connector, but I've so far not seen a SATA power cable with the same setup. Does anyone know if such a cable exists? Or, even better, if a combined SATA data/power cable with a connector angled to one side (not down) exists? Also, is the CP11 the only choice if I want a SATA data cable with this connector orientation, or are there other options from different...
I'm not using an internal optical drive, but it doesn't look like there is enough height in the optical bay to fit a 3.5" HDD since a slim optical is only 9mm thick and a 3.5" HDD is 26mm thick. There's also no airflow in that part of the case, whereas there is a lot of airflow from the side fans under the GPU.I guess I could put the 2 additional 3.5" HDDs in an external enclosure, but it would be a more elegant solution to have them inside the case.
I'm looking to add a couple more 3.5" hard drives inside my SG09. The two 3.5" HDD mounts behind the motherboard tray are already occupied. Any ideas as to how I could mount 2 more HDDs inside the case? I don't mind doing a bit of modding/drilling/cutting if necessary. I only have a single graphics card, so I'm thinking possibly in the space under the GPU?
Replace the fan and performance will go down. 80mm fans have a terrible noise to airflow ratio. They'd have to change the design entirely to accept 120 or 140mm fans to have any chance of fixing that issue.
I stopped reading at 4500 RPM, 80mm fan. That's gotta be what, 50-60 dBa when it's running at full load? Unacceptable.
Anandtech:So my 2700K @ 5.0 GHz is roughly the same performance as the stock i7-6770K?Not bad. Not bad at all for a chip that came out in 2011.
I think you need to brush up on your knowledge of Windows.The disk optimizer in Windows 8.1 runs the defragment command only on a mechanical hard drive. On an SSD, it runs the TRIM command, which is most definitely not the same as defragmenting. If you're like me and you have 2 SSDs in your system and 2 mechanical drives, it will run TRIM on the 2 SSDs and defrag the mechanical drives.Running defrag on a mechanical disk, or running TRIM on an SSD = optimizing the drive for...
Well, if they want to stop being thought of as the "cheap solution", then they better start making CPUs that don't suck. Go back to matching or beating Intel's best, as was the case back in the Athlon 64 days, and AMD will gain my respect back. Until then, good luck.
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