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Did Xbit labs shut down? Their last review seems to be from 2014.
I can't remember the name anymore, tried to Google around but nothing came up. This was a hardware review site which did a bunch of fan roundups and also several good cooler reviews that paired the Silver Arrow against the D14, etc. They tested not only the stock fans for each cooler, but also other fan setups and at different speeds. They had very detailed rpm vs noise graphs towards the end of their reviews which was nice. Not sure if the site is still around; the last...
CM Quickfire Rapid is the best bet if you want to spend under $80. It's very similar to the Filco Majestouch 2, as both are made by Costar in Taiwan. And, of course, both use genuine Cherry switches.CM:Filco:See here for a comparison of the 2. Keep in mind the Filco costs almost twice as much and is very, very similar to the Quckfire Rapid.
Cherry Clones, you mean like Kalih?If so I'd definitely say they are inferior, and I am susprised that Das is doing this considering that they are more of a premium keyboard brand. Why pay more for a Das with an unknown OEM and Greetech switches when you could have a Quickfire Rapid which is made by Costar with real Cherry switches?
European MPG is not the same as US MPG!The EPA test cycle is more strict than the European test cycle, and also 1 US Gallon = 0.83 Imp. Gallon. So 70 MPG in Europe is only like 40-50 MPG by US standards.
Last I heard, Elio Motors was trying to get this vehicle categorized as a motorcycle and not as a car so that they could avoid the safety regulations normally applied to cars with 4 wheels.Sounds like a fishy company to me...
Not sure if you can check as I don't own a Das keyboard myself, but GeekHack (a mech keyboard enthusiast site) has more info about OEMs.
I doubt this thing will actually come to market, and if it does, it most likely will cost more than $6800.The company has already pushed back the release date several times, and people are pretty pissed about the latest delay.
Sold to Shadow_Foxx
Who is the OEM for this keyboard? I know the older Das keyboards used to be made by Costar in Taiwan (similar to Filco keyboards and the CM Quickfire Rapid), but I've heard that Das has changed OEMs to cut costs.
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