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I see. Well, doesn't mean people shouldn't take note of this happening with Flash Player, since it's far more common than any other program that would trigger that.Doesn't really bother me that much anyway, now that I know what's up.
Sorry for the rebump, but I recently found out why this happens: Turns out it's Flash Player's hardware acceleration setting returning the GPU clocks to stock values. So if you have Flash Player open (YouTube is usually the culprit) watch out, you won't be able to play games or watch movies with madVR with your overclocked settings, unless you disable Flash Player's hardware acceleration or flash the GPU BIOS. Don't really know why Flash Player does that, but it does.
I have a friend who does graphic design and he loves his Kana v2. I've used a Kana v2 for gaming and it's good for that as well. Only think I don't like about it is the cable friction, which is significant. Oh, and since you work with OSX you might wanna take a look at SmoothMouse for OS X ( World of difference between having that and not having it.
What do you mean they don't sell them anymore?'m assuming you live in the US)
Basically for wireless gaming you're stuck with the G602, if you can find it for 60 bucks.
Yeah, definitely. After a few months of use the logo on mine has pretty much faded, and there are a few small bubbles that have formed. I don't really notice them, though.
Yeah, I'm on the fence. Dunno if I should get a box of G100s or a bunch of WMO's... or just stay with my Kana v2 and be happy with it...
Just wondering if anyone here has tried one of those G100s "Special Edition for PC Bang" that are super cheap on eBay. Here's a picture of it: There doesn't seem to be any differences at first sight, but who knows? Maybe someone who owns one could open them or at least do an Enotus test, and tell us if the build quality is different in any way?
Here you go:
Dunno, but you duped it...
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