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So what's the difference between HYK0 and HCK0? Anyone knows? I know that one is 1.35v and the other is 1.5v. But besides that?
Yeah, sorry, I meant the good one. I'm just looking for a good 4GB stick of DDR3 that I can buy today.
I'm talking strictly about DDR3.
My God, this guy knows a lot about numbers.
Hey, don't call me a troll!
I'm not the one pointing out page fault latency (technically it's the highest resolution time for a specific page fault but I'll give it a pass as potentially having an impact on overall latency under load situations) on a SS that literally shows 0 page faults, lol. A SS that was not trying to deceive anyone btw, like you seem to be suggesting. You're talking about page faults for no reason, most likely so that you can feel better about yourself:It's like several people...
So if another card gets a consistent 500 fps in a menu while the 1080 gets 900, assuming 100% load on both cards and same API, etc., there's no point in that data?500 fps = 2 ms frame latency900 fps = 1.1 ms frame latency -> Proves the 1080 is almost twice as fast as the other card, and that it isn't by 20%, in terms of the amount of frames it can display per second. We also know that there is an improvement in latency of 45%.That is absolutely relevant data. Otherwise...
We're measuring DPC latency. That screenshot you quoted was pointing out DPC latency, not page faults (the page faults were 0, so why are we even talking about this? It's a mystery to me). Do you not understand that? Everything in your computer causes latency. DPC latency is a good measurement for overall system/kernel latency, and it can be measured via software like LatencyMon and DPC Latency Checker in Windows.
Nothing "open" (running*) would be when the PC is off. Page faults are unrelated to latency. We use the tool to measure latency.But nice troll attempt.
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