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Nah, that's because you installed W10. Everybody knows W10 is le superior OS for teh gamez.
And again, it's not.
No, it's not.
If you steal it it's $0. Point being, that's not its price point.
Of course. Take it from a guy who bought three. At that price point you can buy the G100s. Sounds like you're confusing the numbers.
CS:GO got these modern kids too spoiled...
CS:GO -> Runs at a playable frame rate on a freaking 2 watt Atom SOC on a tablet at near-HD resolution. Runs at like 300+ fps on mid-range desktops at HD resolutions. Overall flawless game, technically speaking.Every other game out there (except the obvious ones) -> Struggles to run at playable frame rates on high-end desktop systems many years after its release. Has multiple other technical problems.Recent AAA example:CS:GO "poorly optimized", my ass on a bike.
Pure gold.
So I guess by your logic, you only play it because all the kids play it? Which in turn would make you a kid yourself, or a fool. Judging by the way you type in not only this one, but all of your posts that I've had the delight of reading, I'd have to say both is more likely to be the case.Damn, that's pretty smart and original. You just destroyed me, along with everyone else who made that joke before you. I see you took some inspiration from one of the infamous trolls here...
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