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Saturation is AMD's version of DV (which is the correct term if you ask me).Never had that alt-tabbing issue using a batch file... tried both windowed mode and fullscreen.
Hm, I had to reinstall W8 again because of problems with the license, and now Windows maintenance has been running for 1 hour and is still in progress... wth? nvm, it finished just after I posted this... (Total time: 1hr 5mts, lol).
I've got very good news: the ASRock H87 Pro4 lets you disable HPET and it actually does it. So I don't know what's wrong with r0ach's Z87 Extreme4, could be just that specific board. Oh, and also, 19.5 works fine for me on W7 and W8, so again I don't know why it's bad for r0ach. But anyway, I'm really really happy.
Anyway, my first impression is that the Sound Blaster Z is definitely better with my mobo. The X-Fi makes the cursor feel "heavier". But of course I have other underlying problems such as HPET, and tbh my mousepad has become pretty stale and I don't have a good way to manage cable drag. I'll try to get rid of those hindrances and then test again with the new ASRock mobo that I bought on eBay (fingers crossed that it lets me turn HPET off).
But why are you telling me this? What I meant was that both were awful in terms of mouse response, in response to metal saying that he noticed no difference between the two. This is the 'Mice' forum, after all.
Well, yeah, but the dude wrote it correctly: '┬Ás'. So I assumed he meant microseconds with "MS".Anyway, I guess clearing it up doesn't hurt.
Yes... so?
What? DPC latency is measured in microseconds.
Crap. Thanks for the update, I'm gonna be doing a fresh install of 8.1 next week.
wut? I said that both the DXG and the onboard audio are awful... how is that not clear?Feel free to say it ain't true because I don't have numbers, and apparently cursor feel is now comparable to 'chakras' and religion, lol.
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