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Yes, it's the same for Z87 Asus boards. We already knew that.
Abyssus 2014, but at 1800dpi only. Otherwise G100s.
That's just a regular piece of plastic, mayne.
Way to try to be the crowd pleaser with your "I don't know about you guys" cynically charged ignorant speech. You should get a medal.
The closest thing to what you want is a G100s, however it doesn't meet the side button criteria because it has no side buttons. And also there's the soon to be shipped Ninox Aurora, but that one is rubber coated.
The WMO and G100s are the only mice I know with 100% flat sides and ambidextrous shape. Yeah, and the Aurora too, but the first batch of those is still sitting in boxes unshipped.
Ok well, sounds like this is exactly what you want: Unless $16 is still too much... EDIT: It's even $9 on Amazon (the logo looks different for some reason, w/e):
Welp. I turn off my PSU every day, but I haven't noticed anything funky like this with my G100s... As far as the DPI switch thing goes, sometimes I press the DPI switch by accident and immediately set it back to the default 1000, and I haven't noticed anything there either, but Idk, since I'm playing I'm not concentrated on noticing small changes that seem unlikely, so it might be.Then again, my computer isn't as optimized as yours is. I don't think anyone's computer is,...
It was worse than that, my friend. But "kurwa" (or "kurva" like they wrote it) was in there with the other insults.
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