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Whatever you say.
Well, for display drivers I actually use Display Driver Uninstaller. It's specifically made for that purpose. Revo doesn't go as deep as DDU in that case.
Revo Uninstaller is the only one I've used and it works as intended (I do have the Pro version, though). I don't know about the other programs.
Welp, with the poster's english being that bad (no offense), I thought he meant he didn't want any extra buttons, and I'm still not sure if he wants them or not.Regardless of what he said, this isn't about you, lol.
16ms seems ridiculously bad to me, even the XL2720Z was tested to be ~10ms. BTW, didn't the burn-in effect get pretty much fixed with the latest generation of plasma panels?
I also used the XL2411T for over a year, until I got the IBM. What you said is the reason I use two monitors, my general use monitor is a 27 inch LCD @75Hz, I only use the CRT for multiplayer games.Just like mice, the perfect monitor doesn't exist... at least not yet.
It's always better to monitor changes with the program before you install anything, but scanning for leftover works well (depends on what exactly you're trying to get rid of).
An IBM P275, it's on the specifications in my signature.
I concur. Everyone who owns this mouse should do that.If you have already installed Steelseries Engine, the only thing I'd trust to uninstall it completely would be Revo Uninstaller.
I wouldn't bother with the Kones unless you absolutely have to have one and don't care about burning money. If that's not the case, just get a G100s.
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