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IMO you should try the FK with the Goliathus... assuming it's the Speed version.
It's a v1.
Free shipping too... For that price it's a no-brainer IMO.
Sadly this makes sense.
... Which is only relevant when talking about how a specific sensor implements specific CPI steps... theoretically 800dpi with a sensitivity factor of 2 is the same as 1600dpi with a factor of 1.Not to mention that 800dpi is the native resolution of the A3090/S3095... so it's better than 1600dpi in this case.
ALL of those mice are cheaper than 82€ where I live... and I do not think that 80€ is an acceptable price for a wired mouse, doesn't matter how "premium" it is.
I'm gonna quote you on this one...
Really? Why is that?Enlighten me...
It is what it is... a bit outdated & cheap, but obviously one of the best mice that many pros use and have been using for years. You can't go wrong with it.
Then it's easy... just double the in-game sensitivity value and voilà, same sensitivity with native DPI, so no need for a driver.
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