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Ideally you want to have both. HPET makes a pretty significant difference.Improving DCP latency is not just about audio response, not to mention that a lot of the 'fixes' aren't DPC related (or at least not directly). That said, the difference between 2 and 60 microseconds is also significant.
Yeah, it's true. Or at least there's a much better chance that it performs better on an all black pad.
Peep's monitors need some urgent calibration...
Doesn't matter, m_rawinput 1 is still trash in GO.Just use this:
I never had any issues like that with my 7850, 7870, 7950 or 7970. And I think 14.12 is a great, great driver.
Buy it on eBay. From that link I posted.
Here you go: The only disadvantage is that it will take a fairly long time to get to you.
The Asus Xonar sound cards are still awful in terms of latency, though. I know because I used a DX for years, but not anymore.
Zero: click on 'Subscribed', and then 'unsubscribe'. Do it now and you will save a baby seal.
Saturation is AMD's version of DV (which is the correct term if you ask me).Never had that alt-tabbing issue using a batch file... tried both windowed mode and fullscreen.
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