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Since LoL isn't CS:GO and he can't cheat there, he rages...... Or maybe he cheats by removing the fog of war or something and still rages because he's bad and can't play without an aimbot.
Just a quick reminder: After recommending this mouse to everyone and his aunt, Mr. metal571 doesn't even use the mouse anymore. It's also (afaik) the most expensive wired mouse available, btw. Feel free to compare me with male genitalia (whatever that means, lol), see if I care.
It's not a claim. If you don't see it there's either something wrong with you or with your PC.Simple as that.
And why is that? What I said can be seen by anyone by eye, there's no need for a high speed camera.
What a ridiculous statement.... that's all I'm gonna say.And yeah, I was talking about how the mouse feels, I didn't say anything about input lag.Both are true, but I'm not a fan of capping frames to match the refresh rate. IMO you should be getting double (or triple, etc.) the frames minimum before you consider capping them. It all depends on what kind of frame rate you get and how consistent it is. Personally, I have the frame rate unlocked because I can compensate for...
So it can't...
The problem is AMD's UVD clocks, which ties in directly with Adoble Flash (frequencies get underclocked). The only way to fix this is by flashing your card's BIOS, which I would recommend doing anyway to increase its TDP (from 20% to 50%).On top of that, there's also the fact that CS:GO uses a buffered/processed raw input that causes the mouse to feel "smoothed".Something is very wrong with your system, then. With CS:GO it should be the exact opposite: raw input makes the...
Almost 100% sure that it can't, unfortunately.
Brick = comfort? Don't think so.I already said that there are pros use sub-par mice. But I don't know anyone that uses a G502, that's for sure.
Which is fine, but I said what most of us here think.
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