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It's simply cheap Chinese Omrons failing, as always. Has nothing to do with the mouse.
Not an assertion. So I guess you fail, random person on the internet trying to be clever.
Yup. Reminds me of this:lmao
Well, you nerds clearly like him, so there's that.
"Leading" engineer? Source? Meaning? All I know is that he's Logitech's appointed engineer for explaining basics to journalists/visitors/outsiders = PR.Probably only selected for the job for his looks, for all we know. Wouldn't be surprised if the real engineers working BTS are unheard of/unseen.There is no hatred. The perception of it exists only in your mind.
UE isn't Logitech.
It doesn't.Lucky for them they got good engineers who actually give a f. Not sure how that relates to Logitech as a whole, though.It's pretty obvious at this point that they've got some kind of deal going with Pixart, which also tells you why they're not gonna bother messing with something foreign like PTE.On top of that, you've got nerds here thinking that Logitech's PR engineer Moriere is some kind of god, and eating from his hand no matter what, so they're pretty much...
Since when are good audio products powered through USB, come with on-cable sound controls and advertise 7.1 virtual surround as a selling point? plz.And what do you know, their most expensive headset is
Beats waiting for it to fall from the sky...
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