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CheckCheck background programs and services.
Don't do this. It will lock your Windows down and it won't be able to start up, even in safe mode.
Nice. This is what I've been waiting for.
QFT.A comparison with the real thing would be nice.
Anything but another Inferno... hands down the worst mouse I've ever used in my entire life. How you lasted 5-6 years with it I do not know. I'd go for a G602 if I were you.
Why would you want a braided cable attached to something as perfect as that... God. And the G100s already has Omrons. The G303 simply has a different clicking mechanism, which would increase the mouse's weight for sure. 70g wouldn't be possible, and arguably 70g might not work so well with the G100s shell anyway.
Network latency isn't comparable to input lag. Input lag always happens locally and isn't just affected by milliseconds: microseconds make a difference too, and also how the computer's hardware interacts with each other, interrupt and DPC latency, stability, etc. I'm not saying that network latency isn't important, or doesn't have it's peculiarities outside of raw latency, it's just that it's a different beast, and most of the time you can't do anything, or much at all, to...
I like my Windows 8.1 with DWM disabled. I just don't like a lot of other stuff about it... A OS tailored specifically for gaming and nothing else should be a thing, there aren't even any real questions about it in my mind.
That's hard to believe... where did you read that?
How do you explain that?I personally see no reason to run fullscreen mode is borderless works as intended.
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