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That's hard to believe... where did you read that?
How do you explain that?I personally see no reason to run fullscreen mode is borderless works as intended.
So what did you do to get your polling rate to be as stable as possible?
Good to see that you're taking Linux seriously. 'Tis exciting!
Yes, it doesn't matter.I tried the binds on an empty server and it was working fine, but then I joined a demolition server and it wasn't working. I joined that same empty server again after that and it wasn't working either. I guess it has something to do with the cfg being read-only, but I don't know why it behaves like that. I did check the console to see that the value was actually changing.
The demo does a good job. A demo is actual frame rate because it is actual game play. Dust2 DM is okay for testing purposes. I guess I'll try the binds anyway, why not.Yeah, since CS isn't a fast-paced shooter, it doesn't matter as much. I was just saying it as a general rule, although CS is affected as well, especially on non-competitive modes and maps.
Yeah, you're kind of right. But time and time again you see pros playing with sub-par peripherals, on non-optimized OS's with a bunch of crap installed and running, and sometimes even streaming on top of that, lol. If you ask me, what makes a pro a pro is that they invested more time and effort into the game than 95% of people. But there are other factors, ofc...
Yes, I know. I used this method: more pertinent problem with LCD's is motion blur. Removing it with a strobed backlight increases input lag. And then the difference is really noticeable.
~53% in my case, and the fps variability gets doubled. Disabling it always felt better to me.
Okay, you win.
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