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What do you mean they don't sell them anymore?'m assuming you live in the US)
Basically for wireless gaming you're stuck with the G602, if you can find it for 60 bucks.
Yeah, definitely. After a few months of use the logo on mine has pretty much faded, and there are a few small bubbles that have formed. I don't really notice them, though.
Yeah, I'm on the fence. Dunno if I should get a box of G100s or a bunch of WMO's... or just stay with my Kana v2 and be happy with it...
Just wondering if anyone here has tried one of those G100s "Special Edition for PC Bang" that are super cheap on eBay. Here's a picture of it: There doesn't seem to be any differences at first sight, but who knows? Maybe someone who owns one could open them or at least do an Enotus test, and tell us if the build quality is different in any way?
Here you go:
Dunno, but you duped it...
My favorite Tt eSPORTSĀ® mouse is 8 bucks on Amazon and it even features a ground-breaking talk system coupled with a great switch:
I tried Outlast, BF3 and QL.
Only offline 1st person 3D games.
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