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Oh, God... What is Razer thinking?
Blasphemy!j/k, I use it as my main mouse, but also have another two as backup.
Maybe, maybe not. Depends on play style, game mode, map, surface the mouse is tracking on, etc.
I was worrying about that one. That, plus the click latency issue, makes this mouse very problematic.
Since no one answered at the time, I'm bumping this cause I'm interested. It sure is expensive, but I guess that depends on how durable it is.
Your house has its own microclimate, so weather humidity is not really applicable. Just make sure you keep it well ventilated... and that's about it.So I guess it's still too early to tell if this one's worth it? I really need a new mouse pad.
Small European company, that's why.Oh, and why not Amazon?
I lol'd. My school had WMO's for everyone, in spite of the crappy computers. I guess I forgot to "borrow" one indefinitely, though.
This video has been removed by the user. They're onto us! They know we know!
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