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Amusingly, I use my data-vac as a a mattress pump when needed.
He's referring to this. RMA's may be iffy in the future, they do appear to be trying to maintain service for now.
Here's what it takes to get $5 from TD over a mis-advertised item. And also why I'll never shop there again.
680 = 1430 cpm3570k @ 4.5 = 150 cpm (guide to setup is on ypool) Santorini, but when i bought mine ages ago it was Z-Lines.But it doesn't exactly match the dimensions someone gave in the first page of posts @ 19.333x36 (Someone said 24x36 on first page) so maybe it isn't the exact same model. Same stock photo though. Oh, and the "Santorini" model doesn't have a keyboard tray.
I love Miners. Rather than coins, I own AMD stock. So many coins anymore. Makes it all so pointless.
I liked the old design more. Then again, I mainly wanted the steam controller to use as touch pad with other uses for my HTPC.
Except that the original UPC is required and failure to include it = rebate rejected. It just comes down to who processes the rebates, and like you said - follow up. I only do rebates if the price before rebate is good.However dealing with TD is just a horrible experience all around. I haven't bought a thing from them since last year.
Unless you're running on un-metered electricity, don't do it for a profit. You're pretty much betting on that crypto currency to increase in value later on to see any real returns.
Made my brother bring his PC over (since i'm building this for him). Been running flawless with a Corsair 650w PSU for over 15 minutes now. Longest it's gone without freezing
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