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I'm not too big into data hoarding any more but I am glad to see these showing up. A single one of these would take care of my HTPC storage needs for years so maybe when i rebuild the HTPC I'll nab one. Not to fan the fires of seagate hate but their drive models tend to be hit or miss. I've had nothing but good times with their 1 TB and 3 TB m001 drives (4+ drives) for years but their 500 GB ENTERPRISE drives I ran in RAID5 died on me left and right. 4 drives, 3 deaths in...
Information you should provide, -Receiver model # -Monitor model # In the mean time, things to try. -ensure the receiver is set to HDMI pass through mode. A lot of modern receivers will automatically upscale to 1080p. -Nvidia CP will detect the receiver as the display device, make sure it's actually outputting 1440x900. -Try outputting at 720p just to see if it works. (You say it works at below native, the receiver may not support non-standard TV resolutions for output....
They all come pretty craptasticly set for color and over bright from the factory. Turn down your brightness and follow the setup in the FAQ and try some of the profiles. If you tune it in the "pls glow" is nothing compared to tn panels. These models are also known for back light bleed, generally on the bottom of the screen like you described, solutions are listed in the FAQ if you want to try them. Not really sure why you're knocking the size. it's a monitor not a TV,...
I use Hoppe's oil, can get it at any Walmart in the gun cleaning section. Pretty sure it's a synthetic but I can't find anything on the bottle. Usually runs about $3
Amazon Appstore Credit. Can't use it on PC games only Android ones.
Amusingly, I use my data-vac as a a mattress pump when needed.
He's referring to this. RMA's may be iffy in the future, they do appear to be trying to maintain service for now.
Here's what it takes to get $5 from TD over a mis-advertised item. And also why I'll never shop there again.
680 = 1430 cpm3570k @ 4.5 = 150 cpm (guide to setup is on ypool) Santorini, but when i bought mine ages ago it was Z-Lines.But it doesn't exactly match the dimensions someone gave in the first page of posts @ 19.333x36 (Someone said 24x36 on first page) so maybe it isn't the exact same model. Same stock photo though. Oh, and the "Santorini" model doesn't have a keyboard tray.
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