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Works perfect. Thanks for that.
So I'm building a computer for a friend and he went all White & Black themed. Everything has gone together great, no problems. Stable at stock and good to go. My problem is when I go into the BIOS to overclock the i5 4690k I get the list of options - but it won't let me change any of them. I can click MSI's OC genie and it auto-OCs to 4.0 ghz fine but that's short changing what this cpu can do with overly high voltage for that OC. I read this was a problem in early BIOS...
Exact same board I was thinking of. It's in my HTPC now along with the pathetic 140W 9950 BE I got with it. I'm amazed that piece of tripe never died because I was running pretty extreme voltages to get anything out of that CPU before it became a HTPC. I also remember the memory thing, I bought the board based on a review stating that ASUS said that it'd be updated in a bios revision.
Are those candles directly below the TV? Hope they haven't been burning them there or the dark areas could be from soot.
I read the title and immediately wondered how they fit all that stuff into a mouse and why you'd even want to carry a rodent around. Then I read it and was disappointed.
I'm not totally against the new look, but I agree about the search bar being rather fugly. I am a minimalist fan though, still rocking my Windows Classic UI. I don't want flashy tiles and windows. Fast easy to navigate bare bones menus are my favorite thing. Working on Windows 8 computers and having to deal with finding all the now buried management software is a burden.
I wouldn't mind seeing it on PC. Just because I hate the whole exclusives-for-no-real-reason that so many game developers like doing. It won't be worth MS's time though. I highly doubt it will attract a competitive following like on consoles, playing on a PC adds nothing to the game really. (Beyond slightly expanding the user base)
Could you play the second without the first? If you're playing for story you'd miss a good chunk of background but I think they briefly sum up the events of 2033 in the start of the game.I'd suggest the first one over the second. I found the first one to be more challenging (and thus more fun) since in the second they made sneaking and sneak kills too easy (I wasn't on normal difficulty, however I played the standard edition, not redux)Differences are here...
I'm not too big into data hoarding any more but I am glad to see these showing up. A single one of these would take care of my HTPC storage needs for years so maybe when i rebuild the HTPC I'll nab one. Not to fan the fires of seagate hate but their drive models tend to be hit or miss. I've had nothing but good times with their 1 TB and 3 TB m001 drives (4+ drives) for years but their 500 GB ENTERPRISE drives I ran in RAID5 died on me left and right. 4 drives, 3 deaths in...
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