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That's $30 USD for prime, that's def worth it if availability is as you say. For us it's $134 CAD a year or $67 CAD a year on a sale price/student discount (which usually doesn't include all services, like video). There's so many online shops offering as good/better prices and local stores (Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, and etc) that usually offer free shipping to local stores.Edit: For those curious, NE state tax was 5.5% last I remember. Then city and other taxes on top of...
Ever since amazon raised it's free shipping to $50 I've mostly stopped shopping from them unless there's a crazy deal going on. They rarely beat any competitor's prices on general items anymore anyways. Prime isn't worth it to me because I don't want to buy into a "eco-system" as so many content providers keep trying to push or pay the "prime tax" on prime eligible items.
For me when my appendix went it was a gradual build up that felt like a gut ache and hunger pain combined. At first I thought I was just having issues with my diet or lack of because when I switched to eating salads and non-greasy foods it seemed to get better. Eventually it got to the point where my stomach hurt (general constant hurt, no a sharp pain in the right side as is textbook) so much the only pain relief I had was to bend myself over the back of a chair (assuming...
Works perfect. Thanks for that.
So I'm building a computer for a friend and he went all White & Black themed. Everything has gone together great, no problems. Stable at stock and good to go. My problem is when I go into the BIOS to overclock the i5 4690k I get the list of options - but it won't let me change any of them. I can click MSI's OC genie and it auto-OCs to 4.0 ghz fine but that's short changing what this cpu can do with overly high voltage for that OC. I read this was a problem in early BIOS...
Exact same board I was thinking of. It's in my HTPC now along with the pathetic 140W 9950 BE I got with it. I'm amazed that piece of tripe never died because I was running pretty extreme voltages to get anything out of that CPU before it became a HTPC. I also remember the memory thing, I bought the board based on a review stating that ASUS said that it'd be updated in a bios revision.
Are those candles directly below the TV? Hope they haven't been burning them there or the dark areas could be from soot.
I read the title and immediately wondered how they fit all that stuff into a mouse and why you'd even want to carry a rodent around. Then I read it and was disappointed.
I'm not totally against the new look, but I agree about the search bar being rather fugly. I am a minimalist fan though, still rocking my Windows Classic UI. I don't want flashy tiles and windows. Fast easy to navigate bare bones menus are my favorite thing. Working on Windows 8 computers and having to deal with finding all the now buried management software is a burden.
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