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I see. This set seems to come with the center leg, which is like 4$ anyways. I'm planning on using 2x 27" monitors soon, and the setup looks better without the leg, unless it doesn't get in the way at all, not sure how far back it is or if it's actually in the center. You gonna pick one up? (you said you had a very heavy monitor!)
ReaSweet stuff man. How sturdy is the setup, does it move at all if say you move your mouse a lot or use an eraser against a paper?As for the installation, how exactly is it all being held together? And no table legs correct?Really want to grab the same lol.
It worked!
I'm getting a M.2 SSD from a friend who no longer needs it. My motherboard doesn't support M.2 so I ordered this adapter to make it work under SATA. I tried doing some research and came up with bricked PCIe M.2 SSDs after Secure Erasing, but I wasn't sure if that will be the case with this one since it should be SATA based. Is it safe to do with something like Parted Magic? Should I do a “Secure” and “Enhanced” erase?
Yep2011 in August
Don't forget Valve is also throwing people 1 million dollars for 1st place at The International (DotA 2) and some more for 2nd/3rd etc place. Plus what it costs them to organize the whole event, etc. Money is not an issue for them.
Price drops on Intel CPUs? hmm
Overview and detail are two different things though.
I believe this is based on the FoV, not the resolution.
What AV do you suggest XAslanX/chinesekiwi?
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