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Yep2011 in August
Don't forget Valve is also throwing people 1 million dollars for 1st place at The International (DotA 2) and some more for 2nd/3rd etc place. Plus what it costs them to organize the whole event, etc. Money is not an issue for them.
Price drops on Intel CPUs? hmm
Overview and detail are two different things though.
I believe this is based on the FoV, not the resolution.
What AV do you suggest XAslanX/chinesekiwi?
Nice! Share wallpaper please
^ both are exactly the same panel/model. both are IPS.
Funny part to me is, Microsoft thinks this encourages people to buy Windows 8. Stupid people maybe, why would you buy a product from a company that refuses to give its previous iteration proper support? Somewhere down the line, it's going to happen again with Windows 8. Fool me once, shame on me, you know the rest
I'm not surprised you came up with that idea
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