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Action 52. Cheetahmen II. Wat.
Thanks! Thank you kind sir. I sub to that sub but didn't notice that thread gg.
Is there a source link you can throw at me for some more info?I spent more time playing wariii than any other game in my life by probably 100 fold. Played it for close to 10 years up until I got Dota 2. Absolutely love td maps too.Nothing wrong with 3rd party hotkey programs once you get them setup. I used legacy keys back in those days though.
Dude I played FMF a TON back in the day. That was my game before I started playing Dota. Clan NoHu and Roof.
This was my understanding as well. Not positive though.
Isn't pudge wars already made and playable in Dota 2? IIRC you use a website to form a party and launch the game or something along those lines.
On and off as usual I guess I dunno.Unless you play against people that have brains inside of their skulls.
Luna imba
Sweet, thanks.
No problem
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