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awfull case for those kinda shiny cool stuff inside , get something wth large acrylic window so u can watch on ur hardware all water cooled and LEDed with pride
maybe something like this : Case 40$ / 30$ after MIR shipped HDD 90$ shipped DVD 15$ shipped SSD 85$ shipped CPU+Mobo 275$ shipped / 265$ after MIR PSU+RAM 87$ shipped / 66$ after MIR GPU 160$ shipped totals : 806$ taxed/shipped , can get 40$ later on rebates so 766$ i think this is as close to future proof as u can get with this budget (can ad another card later for SLI or whatever , PSU will handle it)
i wouldn't go for anything less then this for future proof medium gaming pc : Case 45$ shipped CPU+Mobo 210$ shipped RAM 48$ shipped (known to overclock to over 2000Mhz or to 1600 with very low timings) PSU 45$ shipped , 25$ after rebate GPU 140$ shipped (best bang for the buck right now if u look at the performance charts it toping 550,560,6850 and even 6870 imho)
i was on a similar budget not long ago this is what i came up with , maybe it will help u : Case CPU+Mobo PSU GPU RAM was also buying a pc for diablo 3 , works like a charm
my type of 900$ build : i5-2500K+GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3 370$ Ram G.SKILL Ripjaws X 4GB 1600Mhz CL8 47$ after promo code Case Thermaltake V4 40$ after promo code 30$ after MIR HDD HITACHI 1TB 55$ PSU Antec EA650 60$ after promo code shipped HD 6950 2GB(unlockable) 260$/240$ after MIR shipped total 910$ shipped+taxed after promo codes , 880$ after MIRs
im not a fan of super combos , but this one looks preaty decent , all u have to do is add a GPU to that and ur set something like EVGA 550
read the guide in my sig , might help u out
preaty solid build man , except i would raise the GPU a bit to GTX 460\GTX 550TI it will cost u around 20-30$ more or 6850 which will cost around 60-70$ more
yup looks ok
A70 is amazing product for the money and with a 20$ rebate its no brainer
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